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  1. I also had this problem when installing new sprockets. The piston slowly protruded and I had to use a small c- clamp to push the piston back in. Then everything fit and I was able to get the housing flush with the engine case. Sent from my SM-G975U using Tapatalk
  2. Same here. Just a little golden hue. Did you have yours passivated?
  3. They are the real deal and if they ever run another batch you should consider buying a set.
  4. Will check the jug for silicates. Fuel pump? If I had a brain I'd be dangerous-don't know why I typed that. I also read about flushing with vinegar and water then a soda solution so will do that as well. Curious to see what comes out!
  5. Thanks Duc-will order them directly off their website. Thanks much for all the info. Btw I may have inadvertently put a bit (less than 1/2 cup) of Prestone antifreeze in yesterday-will that screw up my fuel pump gasket? I diluted it w/ distilled water so <1/2 cup antifreeze and 1/2 cup water. I hope I don't need to drain all the fluid out prior to the fall when I empty it out for the hose replacement. I didn't know one couldn't use typical car antifreeze w/ silicates. Learn something new every day.
  6. I've seen posts where guys ordered the hoses from AS3 off eBay. I can't find the VFR hoses on eBay so will probably have to order directly from them-they appear to be in GB. Are they available cheaper on eBay?
  7. Thanks-will order the clamps as well.
  8. That was the image I saw.
  9. Thanks Duc for all the info. I have the new fan in the cart and will add these o rings to it. I believe I'm going to order a hose kit from AS3. Should I order all new clamps as well? Or will they be reusable? I'm worried about how much crud will be in/over them. Also I was looking through a few other threads relating to replacing the hoses/thermostat and noticed 2 gaskets that were completely disentegrated. They didn't appear to be rubber but not sure. I was wondering if you knew which ones I'm referring to and if so are they in the above list? Sorry for so many questions but this will be the only time these hoses will be replaced (hopefully) and I want to do it right.
  10. Same. I use the cowl and it's never moved and I'm 245 lbs. I too, wondered how it was going to stay on when I first bought it but it works just fine.
  11. Are these the O rings I need? O-RING (13.5X1.4) 91307-611-000
  12. Thanks-great advice. My hoses are original (I know-they should have been replaced long ago) so I plan on taking the tank off this fall, send the injectors to be cleaned and replace all the hoses and the thermostat. I've already replaced the radiator cap w/ OEM. How do you have that fan secured? clever.
  13. Took a long ride-hotter today than yesterday and never saw temps higher than 187 when moving. Got home and let it sit on the driveway and idle and when it reached 220 the fans came on. I could only feel air exiting on the L side-does the R fan pull outside air onto the engine?
  14. Well, it appears it was the simplest of problems-low coolant. couldn't see it when opening the radiator cap. Filled it and "burped" the system and going for a ride. Hope this solves my problem. I think I may have lost some coolant when routing the wiring for the PC3 USB which required taking the overflow tank off-some must have leaked out.
  15. That's fascinating-the fans actually make the bike hotter. Brilliant engineering! I wouldn't know as I ride w/ earplugs in and can't hear much. I'm going to take the fairings off this morning and check everything.
  16. Finally figured it out-found a YT vid of a guy who mounted one on his R6. It isn't the most stable mount-spins like crazy when touched so may need to further tighten the screw but afraid to strip it. All-in-all it's a nice mount but the glare can be difficult in full sun. When using Waze have you guys used dark mode or light? I'm using dark mode for the battery savings but I believe I could see better w/ light mode. Also I discovered my speedo is about 4 mph optimistic.
  17. What type/brand of "ice" coolant did/do you use?
  18. My bike, even when new never ran over 177 degrees when moving at a normal speed.
  19. Duh-it was supposed to be 240, not 140 F. Temps hover around 176/177 almost all the time despite the season when moving. In the city, especially in stop and go traffic it will hit 240 easily and stay there until I begin moving over 40 mph or so then slowly drop back to 176/177. Pretty sure the coolant level in the reservoir is ok but will check again today before my ride. I got stuck in downtown Nashville yesterday-wasn't hot but warm in the mid 80's-and that's when it hit 240 or so. In the past when I'd pull up at my driveway and stop the bike with anything above 220 the fan would be on so knew something was amiss. I'll check the things mentioned above and let you guys know what I find. Thanks for all the great advice and tips. This forum in invaluable.
  20. I have a '98 VFR and have noticed lately the fans never come on, despite the rather high engine temps. Saw 142 F today and the fans didn't come on. Is there a set temp where they're supposed to come on? I know I've heard them in the past after a hot day-stopping the bike and the fans were running at around 128 to 134 degrees.
  21. Watching the MotoAmerica races and there's a view of Mt Ranier in the background-said it was gonna be over 100 degrees today and tomorrow. Glad you got out early. Beautiful view.
  22. Got the mount but not sure if it's gonna work. The rubber expansion plug drops all the way into the hole when inserting the smaller diameter end 1st and won't insert at all w/ the larger diameter end. Can't see the Youtube video of the install-not sure what's wrong on that end. Instructions say to insert the plug then measure 1/8" above the opening but the plug is flush with the stem. Did they give me the wrong part? Or am I not understanding the instructions? Any help would be appreciated.
  23. Thanks for all the advice. I just ordered this: RAM® X-Grip® Large Phone Mount with Motorcycle Fork Stem Base. Wasn't cheap but looks well made so look fwd to getting in and mounting it.
  24. Thanks for all the suggestions. I need to check out the ram mount system-sounds like what I'm looking for. What secures the ball in the stem? Friction?
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