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  1. Thank you for this reply. I am a EMT and i work for 60 hours straight, so i could not get home to get my manual. Now do i confront my local power sports dealer with this and tell him that he is wrong and to read the manual ? I don't mean to be a know it all but it should not idle at 14.2 and 13.2 at 5000 RPM. i am angry because i am paying him for his knowledge and expertise. thank you Lawnmower man
  2. hello im not a home for a couple of days does any one have the actual numbers that the manual says the voltage should be on a 1998 honda vfr 800 fi , my honda mechanic told me the voltage should drop while the bike is running , from like 14.2 to like 13.2 at 5000 rpms , i dont believe that i think he just cant figure out the problem. than lawnmower man
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