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  1. Looks like a great place for a ride. Amazing how much it resembles so much of the terrain in BC, Washington, Oregon, and California where I've toured.
  2. Lorne

    Genoa Bay VFRD

    From the album: my VFRs

    This is near Genoa Bay, BC, about 40 minutes from home. Yes, the rear wheel is very dirty.

    © Lorne Black

  3. Terrific scenery, Dutchy, thanks for the photos. Sad to hear you've sold your SP2, though.
  4. 2006 VFRs were available in all-white - was yours? Did you go with gloss white or is there some pearl in it as well? It looks great as-is so no need for the '06's oe graphics.
  5. VFR800s run happily on 89 octane (North America) pump gasoline. There is no more power available from higher octane fuel than Honda recommend - with a stock engine.
  6. I'd not recommend lowering footpegs on a 3rd gen VFR750 as ground clearance isn't generous. The cheapest handlebar option is to raise the existing 'bars higher on the fork tubes. As I recall you can probably go about 18mm / 3/4" . Do ensure that the bars are no higher than flush with the top of the fork, and that the bolts are properly torqued. Also, you'll need to remove the thin circlip just above the bars. Second cheapest is to fit a set of 5th gen VFR800 handlebars. Btw, 6th gen might also fit but require a 1mm shim as they use 43mm fork tubes. They too are about 18mm / 3/4" higher than VFR750 ones. You may need to trim a locating tab. Thankfully, the locating holes for the switchgear & throttle ass'y are in the same position (90% confident of my memory). Do note that 'bar end weights of VFR750 and VFR800 are different. Raising them may affect steering lock. Check that there is still clearance with the fuel tank and upper fairing with the 'bars turned full left & right.
  7. The 5-spoke and 8-spoke rears weigh the same - 12 pounds according to my old bathroom scale. Neither had tires, weights, or valve stems. Dunno about aftermarket, but they'd be unlikely to be less expensive than an old oe 8-spoke. And they do make a 5th gen look its best.
  8. As usual, more awesome goodness from Kel. It's a great storage idea that I'll pass along to my pals.
  9. Some of you guys are way overthinking this in your replies. Redbike notes this has been an ongoing issue for him since buying his VFR. My 2009 VFR800 (89K km) also has a buzzy motor, especially noticeable in the right handlebar and both footpegs. I came close to selling it during my first year but talked myself into believing it would smooth out as time passed. Fwiw, I've owned a two 3rd gen VFR750s (total 145K km) and also a pair of 5th gen VFR800 (total 116K km). All of them had smoother engines, especially the 750s. As Larry says, VFR engines are not the smoothest in existence but something about the 6th gen VTec VFRs makes them the roughest. Then there's the twitchy throttle and the dubious value of the VTec system. Hmm, need to come up with an excuse for keeping mine these last 10 years 🤔
  10. I hadn't noticed this thread and think its a great idea. When I saw this post about Oregon's covered bridges I dug up these shots from my first bike trip to the USA back in 1993. I'd only bought this low miles '91 VFR750 a few months earlier. Little did I know it's be the first of a nearly three decade string of trips to the US west, usually including a visit to Laguna Seca. Anyhow, the first photo is of Crawfordsville bridge near Sweet Home, Oregon, and the second shows some really large kites on the beach at Lincoln City, Oregon.
  11. Well, here's a new vee engined, sssa equipped sport tourer whose styling puts to shame the Honda NT1100. Imsho, it is the nicest looking bike in the sport tourer category since the '02 VTec VFR. Hell, the Paris Dakar is better looking than the NT1100. Having owned a series of VFRs and VTR100Fs I was unimpressed by the '09 VFR1200 and '14 VFR800. How the Guzzi will perform remains to be seen. For more info google Moto Guzzi V100.
  12. Lorne


    Lovely photo with great colour. The bike ain't half bad either.
  13. From the album: my VFRs

    © Lorne Black

  14. Lorne


    Great evening light during the summer solstice, dramatic clues behind, and a shiny red bike in the foreground - what's not to like. Well done
  15. Hi Lorne, Thank you for your donation of --. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  16. Kbear, you didn't say if this occurs during acceleration, deceleration, or steady speed, or if it happens with hands off the bars, on the bars, or either. If it only happens slowing down with hands off then it is, as Larry noted, a fact of life with motorcycles. In any case, it is far more important that you to throw a little white paint (preferably with a touch of pearl) onto those wheels. Like this rob for example:
  17. Lorne

    My current Honda

    Oh my, what a lovely scene - the bike ain't half bad either. With luck, and an end to the pandemic restrictions I hope to return to Cali next summer
  18. Lorne

    November Ride

    Like so many places along PCH this is one at which I've never stopped. Added to my 2022 wish list. The road can't be worse than Santa Rosa Creek or the west end of Nacimiento-Fergusson roads - can it?
  19. When I installed an LSL Superbike kit on my 2009 VTec I used a set of ST1300 throttle cables, p/n# 17910-MCS-G00 + 17920-MCS-G00, which are about 4" / 100mm longer. I just couldn't reroute the stock cables and make them work. I'll try linking to my original post from 2016: Yet another LSL Superbike install
  20. Great light and a lovely bike, but with a full moon you'd best keep an eye out for werewolves.
  21. Scenes like this remind me of why I love long road trips.
  22. Lorne


    Cool pairing. My 1st VFR was a red '91 VFR750 and my 2nd a red VFR800. I'm partial to gold ('91) or white ('98) wheels, tho
  23. To add to Grum's reply, if Fuse E is indeed faulty then the tail lights and license light will no illuminate. And as DannoXYZ points out, you cannot tell by looking if a fuse is healthy. If you don't have a test meter or a known good spare, you could swap it for Fuse A (clock) or Fuse B (turn signals & horn) As many on the forum have been advised over the years, do the simple, inexpensive testing before dropping a bundle on pricey replacements. Good luck
  24. There's only a few race-rep paint schemes that, to my eye, look good. Took me awhile, but I've come round on the Castrol graphics of your SP-2. And I always enjoy reading about your adventures aboard it.
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