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  1. Your ability to maintain that fleet of motorcycles without a garage or shed leaves me only one excuse - laziness Thank goodness you have a nice glass to enjoy when the work is done.
  2. It was paved back in 2005 when I last rode Sherman Pass, 2-lanes but no centre line and decent pavement. No idea how it's fared over the past decade+.
  3. Your wish is my command. This map is from Streets & Trips, which offers more control over the route than Apple or Google maps. Easily seen on most California road maps, too. I should note that I haven't ridden this route since 2005. It was in great shape for a rural highway but a lot can change in 15+ years.
  4. Kernville Inn, you say? I spent a night there back in 2004, and rode Sherman Pass over to Hwy 395. I don't imagine that it'll be on your agenda given that you are cage-bound. Kinda looks like Mars, doncha think?
  5. Heading down from Sherman Pass to Hwy 395, homeward bound form my trip toe the 2004 WSB at Laguna Seca. Looks like Mars.
  6. I mentioned there was a video from American Honda showing how to eliminate/reduce the buzzing from some 3rd Gen fuel tanks. A baffle spot welded under the top front of the tank might be just a little too close to the tank and ~5k rpm could create a hell of a racket. This is a dupe of a dupe of an old VHS tape so the quality is terrible, but it should give you a good idea of the problem. Btw, the tool would hard to find nowadays but you can access from the bottom of the tank thru by removing the fuel level sensor. Be careful so as not to dent the tank with your efforts. VFR750 tank buzz fix
  7. Great shot, slo1. You're definitely pointed in the right direction 'cause those clouds look quite unfriendly.
  8. Forgot to note 2: if you want slightly higher handlebars but still want them to look factory and option is to fit a set of '98-'01 VFR800 'bars. They are about 16mm / ⅝ " taller, but require a little trimming as the locating pin is in a different location. The bars from VTec VFR800s can fit but require a 1mm shim as they use 43mm forks. Lastly, if you find that your gas tank makes a buzzing sound when the fuel level is low there is a way to fix that. There is a spot welded brace just ahead of the filler opening that can vibrate. If I find the Honda maintenance video I'll post a link.
  9. Forgot to note that your VFR is missing the stalk-style signals. I assume the signals are now either side of the brake light, but their red lenses can be swapped for the amber ones used on 4th gen VFR750s.
  10. Graphics without the purple, eh? There are two other graphics that Honda used on black 3rd gens that both look better than the purple set you have. I changed to this VFR graphic on mine a few years ago, and have a spare set if you decide on black. then I used some red pinstripe tape to cover the purple on the swish stripe under the seat. I also painted the wheels pearl white, and stripped the fork lowers then polished 'em by hand with emery paper/scotchbrite & Solvol Autosol. Two years and 20K km later the forks still glistened. Swapped on an old Supertrapp muffler and a set of Y2K VFFR800 mirrors, too. I should have kept this VFR - ah the impatience of youth.
  11. Here are a couple of options for you. Cheapest is to raise your stock 'bars up the fork about ½ to ¾ inches. Be careful that the clamping bolt is not above the fire tube. If you require more then an LSL Superbike kit might suit you. Note that this kit is for the 6th Gen VTec VFR800 which uses 43 mm forks, but a shim could be fashioned out of 1 mm sheet and curved to fill the gap. A number of sites list the kit for the 5th Gen VFR800. Availability is unclear but worth a Google search to find out. This photo shows what the kit looks like on my 6th gen, and here is my write-up of the install: Yet Another Lsl Handlebar Install
  12. Harrumph, it's about time somebody stood up for that small French upstart, Michelin 😉 Since Y2K I've gone through a number of tires but keep returning to Michelins. First pair were Pilot Sport, then Pilot Power, and most recently Pilot Roads 4 & 5. During this time I've also used Bridgestone 020, 010, and 014, as well as Dunlop D208 and D207(oe on my '09 VFR800), and one set of Pirelli Angel ST. My favourites have been the Michelins, their combination of ride, grip, and longevity suit me to a T. All of the others were adequate, but lacked something by comparison. Fwiw, only one track day and most of my mileage is on trips in the American West. Plenty of heat, grippy pavement - esp. in California, but also cold & rain. You have an abundance of choice but nowadays,all of 'em are good.
  13. Lorne


    Glad you like it, Cogs, I was pleased that it came out so well, myself.
  14. A slight correction: not all ABS VFR800s had gold calipers, my '09 has black ones.
  15. Looks a lot drier on your ride, so much greener on my trip. Funny thing is that for me the tar strips were hardly noticeable. Maybe at 10/10ths they could catch you out, but with such large radius curves you're not leaned over far enough to matter - unless you're really motoring. The view at the summit is pretty damned amazing, eh?
  16. Congratulations on the resurrection of your lovely VFR. Now you've got me thinking that I ought to paint my callipers gold. They'll still be the standard 3-pot linked ones, but it'd perk up the front of my VFR nicely. After all, it is white/black much like yours.
  17. As I recall, there are a number of green ground leads bundled together in the harness above the engine. Some owners have found corrosion at this junction to be the cause of electrical troubles. If you haven't opened up the wiring in this area it is worth doing so to find out.
  18. Well, for a multi-day trip the current price of gasoline will have zero impact on my plans - thought not on my wallet, unfortunately. For instance, on my 3500 mile / 13 day trip to Laguna Seca in 2019 fuel cost $307, meals another $450, and motels (split 2 ways) were $710. So fuel was about 25% of my trip costs. Mind you, even 3 years ago my average cost was $3.78/gallon - California commands a high price for motoring 😉, but oh the roads... Otoh, prices of everything else will be higher, too. So for those on a tight budget it would make more sense to consider a shorter trip than to cancel altogether.
  19. First, glad you enjoyed the video. You are correct about how good a road it is, especially on a beautiful day like I had and with sparse traffic. Also, some of those curves go on for ever. Sure, the song is Dreams by Irish band The Cranberries from back in 1993, sung by the terrific Dolores O'Riordan who was sadly taken from us a few years ago. You might also like two more of their songs: Linger - The Cranberries Zombie - The Cranberries ps. I did list the songs at the very end of the video but forgot to include it in the YT description.
  20. A sunny weekend got me motivated to pull the cover off the VFR and dust it off. Checked the air filter - getting dirty enough to replace but not crammed full of rodent refuse, thank goodness. As an aside, the Honda engineer who designed the 6th gen's fuel tank could spent a little more time and made it tip back far enough to get in and change the air filter without fear of amputation. Installed the *new* battery I got in Delta, Colorado back in 2015. It’s the one I use riding around near home. For long trips I install the oe Yuasa because it seems to better hold a charge. Lots more deferred mtce to come in preparation for riding season: chain, tires, repaint wheels, etc. Time will tell just much work this A1 procrastinator completes 😉
  21. Indeed it is, and Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks are nearby. Highly recommended if you ever get the chance to visit.
  22. I used to be terrified of tar snakes but eventually learned to relax my grip on the bars and let the bike wriggle about. Perhaps riding at 10/10ths it could lead to trouble, but not at 'reasonable & prudent' speeds.
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