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  1. Cool! Not the best location for constant use, but could be nice for a charge while at a stop. Which I suppose isn't really nice cuz the bike's not on.
  2. The only mention of a 12V 3A power socket I can find is on the X (2018+). Have you seen this F in person? Maybe somebody retrofitted one from the X. I believe it is a cigarette style socket, as I read mention of somebody trying to use a mini air compressor and blowing the fuse.
  3. So, you are going to buy a VFR800X Crossrunner?
  4. Agreed. Plus it can sit with the rear apart up against a wall and/or off to the side while things get prepped/refurbished.
  5. And then back to duty weighting the crab pot at the bottom of the bay. 😉
  6. (B)usy (L)ittle (S)hop https://www.vfrdiscussion.com/index.php?/profile/3131-busylittleshop/
  7. I might have a line on one that needs a little repair around the mount holes. That's no problem, as it would be painted anyway. Fingers crossed. We have a scanner at work. I might be able to get the raw data if I ever get my hands on one.
  8. Correction: Custom Sudco Slip On Sounds better and the bike runs better with this larger muffler. Sudco Video Clip
  9. It's off of a Honda CH150 Elite scooter. I think I was trying to declutter a bit and reduce some bulk. Didn't think I needed a huge reservoir tank for what the bike was originally being built for. Hasn't been an issue on the street. Think I overflowed once, but an old radiator cap was to blame. No problems since. Started off as this: I would always save them when we disassembled totalled or abandoned scooters at the Honda Shop. Plus got a Fucke-Tonne of original Honda bolts and hardware.
  10. Two round headlights were a requirement for an "RC" tribute.
  11. I just can't cross-pollinate like that. The only reason I even went down the CBR900RR path is because I got the upper with OEM headlights and bracket and the L & R mids for free.
  12. Thank you. Started as a Track Bike. Came out so good, I finished the build with the street equipment and then later swapped in a frame with a title. Getting ready. Titled bike on the lift with another engine. It actually made the swap easier and now I have the original engine completely restored as a spare.
  13. There's always decisions and compromises to be made in doing something like this. Most importantly, the headlights need to be at the right height (low enough), and far enough forward, and still allow room for the front fender, gauges and clip ons.. Most custom attempts I see, the cowl is way too high and back and looks off. After that making sure the sides match the the angle of the frame. Everything else is what it is. The rad openings are not terribly off to vent. The lowers? make adjustments and hope it looks decent. Lines look good, cowl mounts are in reasonable places. Pretty fucking hard to take Blade fairings made for a super short bike with clipons under the top clamp, and fit to an old, tall bike.
  14. I looked at all the styles from the place I've been ordering from. Didn't want 93 style and I didn't want anything close to my 95. It is listed as 1991 and I thought the style worked great in this application. And then I did something similar to the rear of the US 93.
  15. To my trained eye...they look the same. Like he said, unless you can read the VIN or see the cc on the engine, the only visual cue on a stock bike is the "750" graphic.
  16. Killer!! Sounds like a very satisfying test ride! Glad it worked out, but it pretty much had to.
  17. Hah! It's the only trim piece the bike was missing. The screws were still in the stand with some plastic underneath. Maybe someday one will come along. It came with the accessory center stand (currently off) and it has the accessory clock installed.
  18. Test ride yesterday!! A little purple to pay homage to the original graphics... Ran perfect. Starts and idles nicely. Pulls strong, no clutch slip. All instruments and gauges work. Need to pull the crankcase covers and refinish this winter. Chain guard is next. It's finally clean, need to remove the stickers and give it a matte or satin finish. Instantly felt like a VFR I've ridden for years. Not perfect, but a real nice budget survivor refresh. Oh, sounds great too.
  19. I had to take the clutch cover off of my Hawk GT after installing a new gasket the season prior. It tore in a couple places. I didn't touch a thing, but gave both sides a gentle wipe with some contact cleaner on a rag, and put a nice, thin even smear of Hondabond 4 around the whole cover side (cuz that was the easiest on the bench), perhaps giving a little extra attention at the breaks. Let it dry overnight before adding oil (and not tilting it vertical) and not one leak all Summer long.
  20. Can the pickups/pulser coils be transferred over to the 86 brackets?
  21. Look good. Weird about the fuel tubes. I've installed 2 sets now and didn't have any fitment issues. Did you take a little out of both tubs at that spot? EDIT: I see that you did. You seemed to have missed some corrosion on the vacuum slide caps. {wink} I sandblasted the exteriors before and gave them a ceramic paint finish... that no one ever sees, but looks good in progress pics. I can't tell for sure, but I think you need to swap your float bowl locations so the limiting tab is on the other side and doesn't impede adjusting your pilot screws more than one revolution either direction. Oh... and that was one hour back running. {double wink}
  22. By the frame, it has to be a 94 - 97. And... does the bike have a left side? And a rear? 😉📷
  23. Every now and then I look for some CB1000 "Big One" forks in case somebody doesn't know what they have. The killer look for a conventional front end swap, and long enough to accommodate the "old" bikes I want to put them on.
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