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  1. 10 years ago, kenny (foreground), douglasthecook (background) and yours truly rode to Mugello to watch the MotoGP and the Dolomites. Good memories! Our first stop was in the smallest village possible with only three houses and a chapel.
  2. ? The NT has an USD with more travel.
  3. I was surprised too but checked local prices and yes,over €1000 a pair 😬 EBC is fine, so is TRW Lucas that are in the same price range: <$400 a pair.
  4. It is! Second best:: "2 - Honda VFR750/800 [1987-2013]"
  5. Third or fourth gen I reckon. Could be dirt that sits in the middle between the cassette and swingarm. The dirt may prevent the swingarm from clamping the cassette in the right place (on the outer sides)
  6. Maybe it's just me but I only get audio.
  7. Yes, so it may not be fully seated into the pressure plate.
  8. You should hear the fuel pump make sort of a rattling noise after turnnig on ignition until floatbowls are filled and fuel lines are pressurised. The sound you diescribed as "Brrrrp" sounds like the starter motor relay in conjunction with a bad/not fully charged battery. The bike runs on gravity feed without problem.
  9. Taken last week during our yearly motorcycle trip to the land of twisties.
  10. V4 Rosso


  11. From the album: Rides

  12. Posted two pics showing the air ducts' position. JZH is right, the bottom right duct (19137-MT4-000) sits below the top air duct (19136-MT4-670 ) Bottom left on your pic sits on the right side, hanging from the right front cowl stay
  13. V4 Rosso

    bits 'n pieces

    Pics used in topics describing mods and other stuff done to my bike.
  14. Top air duct sits between the frame and engine on the left side.Throttle/speedo cables running through the inside. 19136-MT4-670 Bottom right is the radiator air guide hanging from the bottom right frame tube. 19137-MT4-000 The air duct bottom left Ion the picture I am not sure. I think it sits behind the radiator air guide..
  15. Looks like it was shot in a studio. Nicely done!
  16. So it takes you two cold starts to do an oil change? That's why I have never done hot oil changes: a lot of wear occurs during cold starts.
  17. https://www.louis.de/artikel/kern-stabi-rangierhilfe/10007794?list=24f329c9d6a5f171dcf8404bc3664d13 With these simple movers I can turn a bike on the spot. If the COG of the bike is way in front of the centerstand you can get an attachment for it that puts rollers beneath the front wheel.
  18. When performing a bleed test on a first generation BMW Integral ABS system you have to keep the brake pressure within a certain range for a couple of seconds. That's 7-10 MPa for the front and 4-6MPa for the rear. With the VFR having a smaller diameter front brake MC the pressure will easily reach those figures. Hydraulic brake pressure test equipment is rated up to about 20MPa/3000 PSI
  19. IIRC it's a Lamborghini orange
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