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  1. For those in Europe looking for trim clps: Würth is a good source. Bought a few boxes of different sizes years ago. At that time they were €8 for a box of 50. https://eshop.wuerth.de/Product-categories/Plastic-expanding-rivet/140165020219.cyid/1401.cgid/en/US/EUR/
  2. Not Putoline. Putoline only makes lubricants and coolants for motorcycles, scooters and quads.
  3. It may not be as hot here (>35C days are rare) but I have experienced my right leg getting hot when stopped at a traffic light and the fan kicks in.
  4. I have a hugger on my third gen and haven't noticed any difference. Never paid special attention to it either but if the difference in heat was substantial I think I would have noticed.
  5. MRA makes quality windshields, and for the third gen they have four models including a touring screen: https://www.mrashop.de/com/model-based-products/honda/vfr-750-f/bj-90-93/6864/vfr-750-f-rc-36-touring-windshield-t-1990-1993?c=90004763
  6. It is not the key that is worn a bit? Have you tried the spare key?
  7. I hope to visit Scotland too for some riding and hiking, as from what I've seen the views are amazing.
  8. On the 800's you can´t gain ride height by flipping the excentric as the axle is already in the lower position. This only works on the 750s where you can gain about 3cm ride height.
  9. Doesn´t look abandoned to me. It may have been parked there for some time and looks a little rough. But these 3rd gens are cheap and so is parking as you can park a motorcyle anywhere as long as it does not obstruct other traffic (including pedestrians). "Private" indoor parking spaces are scarce in Amsterdam and sometimes go for a crazy amount of money
  10. Regarding the gallery pic, I guess it depends on the screen you are using. The current gallery pic takes almost one page on my screen. There is a button in the bottom right corner that says "mark site read".
  11. I guess you can't go wrong with this stuff: 🤓
  12. This will definately make a difference. Hard to tell by how much without knowing what diameter the oberon slave cilinder has.
  13. I use the same procedure as mohawk descibes. Never fails.
  14. I remember those being very popular around here during the eighties. Lots of fun to ride, and to make them go faster.
  15. With the seal is installed you should always be able to see/read the text.
  16. Coming together nicely 👍👌
  17. The service manual only mentions the thickness of the friction plates: 2.92-3.08 (0.115- 0. 121)
  18. Less practical? You can travel the world on an R1 😁 Nice addition to the stable.
  19. Sounds like the cam chain tensioner needs adjusting/replacement.
  20. Thanks for the tip on how to clean the inside of the expansion tank. I've one that needs some cleaning too. 👌
  21. You can find even better diagrams & more in the factory service manual:
  22. You are sure you installed the friction plates in the right order, starting with the one with the larger ID that fits over the friction spring? And the outer friction plate one slot offset to the other friction plates?
  23. Because of the three way joint at the lower end of the brake hose.
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