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  1. V4 Rosso

    Minor flooding

    From the album: RC36

    Lots of rain caused some minor flooding. The river Lek is about three times as wide as it normally is. The dykes on both sides protect the villages and farms from being flooded. Looking southwest with the small village of Everdingen in the background. google maps location

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  2. V4 Rosso

    Minor flooding

    What Lorne said: '00-'01 VFR800Fi mirrors.
  3. V4 Rosso

    Windmill Groot-Ammers

    From the album: RC36

  4. V4 Rosso

    Minor flooding

    Correct, it is a '93. Nothing to worry about the bike tipping over in the sand as it is parked on a (partly flooded) agricultural road that is made of concrete.
  5. Also on the north side of the river
  6. V4 Rosso


  7. V4 Rosso

    Sluis Amerongen

    From the album: RC36

  8. V4 Rosso

    Noah's Ark

    From the album: RC36

    Stumbled upon Noah's Ark today near the Port of Rotterdam. Well, not the real one but a (full scale?) replica.
  9. V4 Rosso

    Culemborg railroad bridge

    From the album: RC36

  10. V4 Rosso

    Big engine repair!

    Not in this case as your engine has not run since you worked on it. A compression loss can indicate valve damage and it should be visible on the pics that a valve is not properly seated flush against the valve seat when closed. Also you should be able to see, on both the valve and piston, where they have made contact. As you said, nowhere in the manual does it say to put the piston in TDC. Also the question is which one as when you have one at TDC the adjacent piston is at BDC. Looking at the pics in the service manual I too wonder how the chain can jump a tooth with the chain guides still in place.
  11. V4 Rosso

    Big engine repair!

    By using a borescope it only takes a few minutes to inspect the valves and seats. He only needs to remove the spark plugs.
  12. There is a mile long concert hall a few minutes riding from his home. I agree with keny, these pipes will look better without decals.
  13. Most buy a helmet that matches their bike. You, off course, do it the other way 'round. Congrats on the new ride
  14. V4 Rosso

    Motogp 2016 Season....with Spoilers

    Maybe the gulls changed tactics and shitted on some strategic spots shortly before the race. It looked to have worked in Moto3.
  15. V4 Rosso

    Motogp 2016 Season....with Spoilers

    Nicky will take Dani's spot at the Australian GP coming weekend. Let's hope he can fight for the podium.
  16. V4 Rosso

    Motogp 2016 Season....with Spoilers

    They picked Jorge.
  17. V4 Rosso

    Ace of Spades Baltic Tour in pictures

    Beautifull pics of a trip to remember
  18. V4 Rosso

    bits 'n pieces

    Pics used in topics describing mods and other stuff done to my bike.
  19. V4 Rosso


    From the album: bits 'n pieces

    But after some polishing....
  20. V4 Rosso


    From the album: bits 'n pieces

    They looked pitted.
  21. V4 Rosso


    From the album: bits 'n pieces

    As new.
  22. V4 Rosso

    Must Have Mods

    A couple of eyelet bolts to hook the bike to a VFR swing
  23. V4 Rosso

    Motogp 2016 Season....with Spoilers

    You did not offer Randy to take the pillion seat?

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