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  1. With the seal is installed you should always be able to see/read the text.
  2. Coming together nicely 👍👌
  3. The service manual only mentions the thickness of the friction plates: 2.92-3.08 (0.115- 0. 121)
  4. Less practical? You can travel the world on an R1 😁 Nice addition to the stable.
  5. Sounds like the cam chain tensioner needs adjusting/replacement.
  6. Thanks for the tip on how to clean the inside of the expansion tank. I've one that needs some cleaning too. 👌
  7. You can find even better diagrams & more in the factory service manual:
  8. You are sure you installed the friction plates in the right order, starting with the one with the larger ID that fits over the friction spring? And the outer friction plate one slot offset to the other friction plates?
  9. Because of the three way joint at the lower end of the brake hose.
  10. It's a simple and inexpensive but visualy not very pleasing solution.
  11. It looks like he is in a hurry to get somewhere 😄 It looks so effortless, absolute legendary racer 👍
  12. Maybe the clutch pushrod got misaligned when you installed the pressure plate. The zip tie method puts the system under pressure making the air bubbles smaller. Smaller air bubbles can travel around tighter corners (inside banjo bolts) and smaller orifices. The bubbles will accumulate just in front of the master cilinder and travel further up to the reservoir as soon as the zip tie is removed. Make sure the steerer is turned to the right
  13. Looks to me you can use a regular allen key to install the one way bolts.
  14. Why the RS3 and not the RS4? When I had to choose it would be between Pirelli Angel GT, Conti Road Attack and Dunlop Roadsmart.
  15. Have a week of riding planned for june. 1l is currently €,250 and who know how much it will be in three months. But whatever the cost of fuel i don't think it will keep me from going.
  16. I wonder if these are genuine NGK plugs or fakes. 🤔
  17. 21 is what you need. It includes the oil seal & the dust seal (#28) Also get the washer #26 (and fork oil).
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