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  1. I contacted the guy a long time ago now and mentioned the order numbers I had and that they would also fit these other bikes, increasing the order size, and never heard back.
  2. You have my attention... Is there going to be an initial bulk/group order or will they be listed on their site for individual order?
  3. Different shapes and different mounting. Not interchangeable at all.
  4. And I submit my retort. You need a Stahlbus drain valve. Comes with hose attached to the mating part, solving the biggest issue of controlling where all that oil goes. Available with safety wire drilled cap. https://www.stahlbus.com/info/en/products/oil-drain-valves
  5. I've never seen that before. Lucky it wasn't stripped threads. I'd probably replace all the plugs. Rears are easy. The fronts, you remove the lower radiator bolt, loosen the top, and you can hinge it forward towards the forks to get your hand in there. I usually take the fan off too, or at least 2/3 bolts and swing it out of the way. Makes life much easier.
  6. Flying in Thursday night. Camping trackside Fri-Sat, and catching the flight back home Sunday.
  7. YoshiHNS

    bike night

    That's also a Benelli TNT dead center. Rare as hens teeth.
  8. What exactly are you looking for? Plenty of 8th gens should be available somewhere in a dealership. CBR650F Suzuki Katana Triumph Speed Triple MV Turismo Veloce
  9. I don't see ticket options for the go kart track. What's up with that?
  10. Status is Billy C found that the CBR piston assembly matches with the VFR one. That's about it. I'm working extra this week and hope to get back with him on getting one of this destroyed diaphragms into the hands of Paul, so he can give a final ya/nae on making them and how he would make them. Pretty sure with opening the group buy to CBR600, 900, 1000, we would have no problem breaking 30. We're only a few short now anyways.
  11. Update. Been discussing with Billy C (V4 carb rebuilder). He is in for 10 sets if he can be convinced that the replacements will work. We've been looking at different things, and think we've found that CBR900RR and CBR600F3 (among others) share the same diaphragm. We are going to see how close F3 pistons are to the VFR ones. If they are similar, this opens up a bigger market for JBM industries to serve. We are just on the borderline of making the 30 minimum order, so this might be a reality after all!
  12. AFAIK, they are not the same. These pistons are only used in the 4th gen VFR. That is by going off of part numbers in the parts catalog. He might have one that fits. that might be the same as the VF700C, which he has listed. K-68. Send an email, pictures, and dimensions, and he should be able to let you know. http://jbmindustries.com/Dimensions.html
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