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  1. Hi YoshiHNS, Thank you for your donation of 50.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  2. Tyga makes a nice looking full exhaust system. Maybe one day I'll get to see one...
  3. I go right to the triple tree stand. Then I can pull the wheel/forks if I need to. Front stand that lifts from the forks/calipers aren't great if you need to work on something.
  4. Riveted vs Linked. From ANSI roller chain tech documents, a slip fit chain is 20% weaker than the riveted chain. Some chain designs it's less. Have to look at technical details from the MFG.
  5. The unofficial offical claim about the Regina/BMW no-lube chain is that you DO still need to clean your chain, but don't need to lube it, and should get 30k+ miles from it. But if someone is interested in a Scottoiler, I think I still have one that's never been installed.
  6. You say without the problems. But they share a lot of the same parts, and mine had the same failure my 500 had.
  7. Don't worry about gaskets yet. Do a valve check. Inspect the cams. Look into the spark plugs to get an idea of the piston condition. Do a compression check. Change the oil. The cam springs are an issue. Somewhere I have a picture of my rebuild process, and there was a noticeable variance in spring length. Also 86 engine is different than 84/85, so be careful when looking up or swapping parts. It took me about 5 months to find NOS OEM gaskets for my 85 rebuild. But if I had to risk it, I'd try the Vesrah set.
  8. Tyga makes them http://tyga-performance.com/index.php?cPath=72_1036_1819_1820&osCsid=b7idpp9sek9oe95eoctppdh7h7
  9. You can jump the ignition out at the harness connector if you want to save the effort of drilling it out. But you seem to be a long way from worrying about the key working. Good luck. I'd be real curious how much of that dirt got it's way into the engine. Did you check the oil? Is that dirty with dirt too?
  10. Those mirrors look nicer than the stock condom mirrors. Must have missed what they are in the thread.
  11. Your chance to own a bit of unobtainium. Pretty much brand new. I've never mounted it. Uses the stock front down pipes IIRC. $500 + shipping. For a 94-97 VFR, think they will fit a 3rd gen as well.
  12. It's not easy to use, but HTTrack Website Copier can do it.
  13. Salvaged title. 51k miles. I went through the carbs and had it running fine. Plastics are rough all around. Levers and foot controls should be replaced. Matching red mirrors are damaged, but I have a set of stock black mirrors for it. Will go through it again to get it running before sale. Has bar risers. Good start for your custom build.$600Cleveland, OH More Pictures
  14. Honda ST1100 for sale. 15k miles. Clear title. Bought it from someone who dropped it. Rebuilt it and cleaned it up for my Uncle to ride. Rode it twice in 10 years and complained about it. Time to GO! Comes with OEM side bags that match the super manly paint job on the side panels. Runs and rides fine. Paint has a few marks. Still pulls faster than you'd think. Can ride as is, but suggest doing the full maintenance routine (fork/engine/diff oil, tires, brake/clutch bleed).New OEM Yuasa batteryNew carb bootsCarbs cleanedK&N air filterI'll even show the new owner the super secret trick to dra
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