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  1. I would say that something is still off with the carb cleaning. I don't think I've ever had to pull the mixture screws out on any carb to get it working right. Are you sure your floats and needles are sealing? Absolutely sure the pilot jets are clean? Are your coils grounded properly? Does it run if you give it throttle. Off subject, but did you check quality and quantity of oil and coolant?
  2. Just saw someone sell an RC45 for $35k.
  3. @BusyLittleShop
  4. Need advice on purchase of 86 VF1000R

    There is a guy on the WERA forum selling a pristine 1986 VF1000R for $6k or thereabouts. He seems to have been a serious collector, but is selling off his collection of 100 bikes.
  5. 96 VFR750 Carb Problem

    @mcrwt644 might be a bit closer to you if you want someone to work on them. Agree that it sounds like a float or needle valve issue. Once upon a time I had a service guy install the floats upsidedown/backwards, so they never closed right.
  6. RC30 Arai, who's gonna buy it?

    That's a good looking helmet
  7. Time to sell

    I don't blame you. Finding a green one AND the 4 cylinder version is pretty special. The 3 cylinder one sounded better but wasn't as fast.
  8. Complete brake failure on a VFR800 5Gen

    Funny enough. Harley recalling a TON of bikes for brake fluid. https://www.asphaltandrubber.com/recall/harley-davidson-brake-bleeding-recall/ I think part of it is that they use two different grades of brake fluid for the clutch and brake, or the front is different than the rear, and that perhaps even some dealerships may have mixed them up. If that's true, then you will have some serious consequences. But it's pretty stupid from the start to require two different grades of fluid that aren't compatible on the same bike.
  9. Why a red Guzzi?

    There is a V1000 convert project with full touring set f/s in the cleveland craigslist if you need more guzzi in your life.
  10. I could not ride today because ...

    Most of them are rotting away, awaiting the decade when I'll get to work on and enjoy them
  11. Rebuilding 94 VFR carb tips ?

    When in doubt...ServiceHonda.com P# 99103-MT2-0400 $7.20 ea, #40 slow jet https://www.servicehonda.com/oemparts/a/hon/50540fa6f870021c54bedcb9/carburetor-comp
  12. Keef is right. 848 and 1098 dont swap. Linky to site, but follows what I remember finding out when I did my search. I have a S4RS. 1098/1198 (maybe 1199) are their own thing. I think you can check by the axle part number to be sure. https://www.ducatiforum.co.uk/threads/compatible-wheels.19065/
  13. That's a good chunk of money for some shim stock and a small waterjet/milled part.

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