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  1. Hold up. You've known his name and had new pictures, and you never added it to the thread? What else are you holding back on us?? I've been trying for over a year to get those camshafts ordered, but I guess they don't want to deal with non-Germans. The Belgians don't want to deal with me either. Maybe it's because I work for a French company now..
  2. So the 600RR was actually a 5th gen, and the pictures and whatnot for the R1 were purged from the crash way back I guess.
  3. Because the SSSA is a friggin boat anchor compared to conventional swingarms.
  4. I think someone here fit a 2007 CBR600RR swingarm, and an 2004 R1 maybe? I don't think any of them were bolt-on minimal work jobs. I remember the German guy RV4, he had to weld on new shock mounts on the frame to get the R1 swingarm to work.
  5. Honda missed their window to reclaim their V4 glory when the RSV4 came out a decade ago, and has no chance now that Ducati has their own V4. Honda is an accountant group with a hobby of making motor vehicles.
  6. That fork fluid looks like it would have left some solid behind. Yummy.
  7. Is it worth replacing the tires rather than have the new owner decide what rubber they want to run?
  8. I'd keep the GIVI rack if you could. I have a similar rack on my 5th gen, and it is awesome, but more importantly, irreplaceable.
  9. Just saw that they have the 520 steel sprockets back in stock at drive system usa and Sprocket Center. Not sure how long they've been in stock, but it sure seems like I had to remind them to ship my order.
  10. Had to take a look around. Absolutely stupid. Vortex makes and aluminum rear. I have a used one. You can buy off their site. If you do the individual sprocket, they say they don't do a steel sprocket. BUT...Go to SportbikeTrackGear, and right there, you can get a complete Vortex sprocket kit, with a STEEL rear 520 sprocket. What a scam. I know its an uncommon bike and all, but somehow you're only able to offer a steel sprocket if it's paired with a front sprocket. This isn't Noah's ark. https://www.vortexracing.com/builder/# https://www.sportbiketrackgear.com/vortex-honda-vfr750f-90-97-v3-chain-and-sprocket-kit/ Anyways, its PBI sprockets, not PBM. Blank steel sprockets or custom aluminum ones. https://shop.pbisprockets.com/product.sc?productId=548&categoryId=56 https://shop.pbisprockets.com/product.sc?productId=551&categoryId=56
  11. I have been waiting since OCTOBER for a 520 Steel VFR sprocket. Last I heard it was supposed to ship in April. I should have just machined it myself from a PBM sprocket blank. I can get Aluminum, but I want Steel. So if you are really in a pinch and want a steel sprocket, that might push me over to making a batch of them.
  12. You can always send a message over to Iconic Motorbikes. They would have the clientele who would be looking for these parts.
  13. There's nothing worthwhile you are going to swap from a 90-97 onto a 2000+ VFR. Forks, wheels, engine, frame, swingarm, shock, all different. Maybe if you can ID the rear shock you can see if it's adjustable to match the 5th gen shock length, but that's about it. Sounds more like you found a good 95 VFR to build a project from. Project or part out is all it sounds like you have.
  14. https://www.sportbiketrackgear.com/pirelli-diablo-rosso-ii-rear-tires/
  15. I have the wingrack II on my 5th gen. Highly recommend it. It's built like a rock, and can take 3 big bags no issues.
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