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  1. Where are these files? What do these things look like? If round spacers, why not aluminum? If not round spacers, why not aluminum? Otherwise either a Nylon or PETG.
  2. That seems like a lot of money for a stock VFR with paint, seat, and an exhaust. Over here a nice 4th gen is only $3k (USD), maybe $4k if really clean. A normal condition one more in the $2k+ range. Tyga exhaust is $1100. It does look pretty nice.
  3. Hole is there by design. Drain for water. There should be another hole closer to the swingarm pivot. Did the PO just spray paint the rear caliper? Everything being hard to come apart is pretty normal for a bike that hasn't had it done before. I had to use a hydraulic press to get my axle out.
  4. Keep it stock? I thought the idea was to fix and sell? I think you've fallen in love again... To be young again...
  5. I think you got me beat easy on most ruined VFR. Poor 3 & 5.
  6. Hi YoshiHNS, Thank you for your donation of 50.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  7. Tyga makes a nice looking full exhaust system. Maybe one day I'll get to see one...
  8. I go right to the triple tree stand. Then I can pull the wheel/forks if I need to. Front stand that lifts from the forks/calipers aren't great if you need to work on something.
  9. Riveted vs Linked. From ANSI roller chain tech documents, a slip fit chain is 20% weaker than the riveted chain. Some chain designs it's less. Have to look at technical details from the MFG.
  10. The unofficial offical claim about the Regina/BMW no-lube chain is that you DO still need to clean your chain, but don't need to lube it, and should get 30k+ miles from it. But if someone is interested in a Scottoiler, I think I still have one that's never been installed.
  11. You say without the problems. But they share a lot of the same parts, and mine had the same failure my 500 had.
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