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  2. I have one sitting downstairs, haven't installed it yet but hoping for the same. Will post when I do and let you know!
  3. What city? What's wrong with Florida except for the heat and humidity in the summer?
  4. Hi everyone, I have a 5gen ('98) and I love it madly. I wouldn't trade my VFR for anything in the world! Unfortunately I am suffering from rhizoarthrosis, driving position and clutch are making it more and more difficult for me to use it for long journeys. I would like to know if the Oberon slave cylinder can make the clutch of my '98 really lighter, or if the gain is negligible. Thank you!
  5. The govt quotes 900+ people moving into FL, everyday. Housing is 2-3 times the cost it used to be, a couple years ago. Property taxes are through the roof. Congestion is so bad I regularly sit through 3 stoplight cycles, just to get to the next stoplight and do the same. Congestion in retail stores is the same, coupled with the shelves being wiped out (which is another topic). People seem to have the attitude of “I’m not from here. I don’t know you. Fuck you!”. That attitude is in workplaces, in businesses, and on the roadways.
  6. What's wrong with Florida except for the heat and humidity in the summer?
  7. Thanks for checking in on this for us. I'm pretty sure I can speak for everyone when I say , we wish Wade a successful surgery and a speedy recovery.
  8. Adding JudgeanJury to the list: Ziffer Skids DivisibleRex CornPoweredV4 JZH vfrcapn RC51Nick jkboyd MikeOConner PearlBlueSoul SEBSPEED Oregonian Blessingshawn zinsern Duste Flya750 davidkohli JudgeanJury We're up to 18!
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  10. This ad shows up in Bakersfield or up here in the SF Bay Area every few months and has been around for a few years. The very first time I saw it years ago I figured it was a Nigerian Prince* but I still reached out cause you never know and got no response. Subsequently I ignored it. A few weeks ago it was back and posted it here in an attempt at? * Nigerian-prince definition A cheat who seeks to obtain money through advance fee scams. noun.
  11. I wrote to the guy a while back. No answer. Seems like another scam from Columbia.
  12. The ad is active around the country, a few examples https://columbia.craigslist.org/mpo/d/columbia-excellent-honda-vfr-sport/7517971783.html https://philadelphia.craigslist.org/mpo/d/philadelphia-1991-honda-vfr-sport-bike/7517968847.html
  13. Fork brace for 94-97 4th Gen $40 shipped to lower 48
  14. Thanks, smoke from fire changes the landscape by the hour. I have others later in the afternoon from Bodie with a deep sepian tone. I'll block off Sat Oct 1. North Bay is fine, I've ridden my bike from San Jose to Mines/San Antonio and back but have not done Mines from Livermore. Anyone else?
  15. Unfortunately, I live too far down the coast of Floriduh and quit my job, 5wks ago. If I’m loading my trailer, it’ll be loading it out of this shithole.
  16. Lightly apply fork oil to the tube and inside the seal, during assembly, so they’re not dry. You’ll have hella’ stiction, otherwise.
  17. PVC pipe is all I have ever used. I have a piece of Marley uPVC 50mm Electrical Conduit about 600mm long; 50.0mm OD and 44.0mm ID. This has been great for the 41mm forks on the 99 and also worked fine on 43mm forks. I have put some longitudinal cuts in and can even use the same piece for the 45mm forks on my ST1300.
  18. Great shot of Mono Lake Tirso. Jeff might be in Morocco, where he resides the majority of the time as far as I know. Haven't heard from him for a while, but he may pop up at any moment! OK I guess it's time to stop talking and plan a ride. I am available at least 50% of weekdays but most are not. So, weekend. I propose Saturday October 1st for a single day ride. North Bay because I'm selfish, but hey, Mines Road to Mt. Hamilton works too. If I hear four yes responses I will post it on the USA - West Ride Planning forum here. Who's in? All you Hog Tie folks feel free to head west in October. 😎
  19. Last week
  20. Wow. Great diagram. My rebuild kits were from All Balls Racing. Always better to ask the experts. Thanks again. I'm waiting for a 41mm driver from Motion Pro. Started out thinking I could fashion something out of PVC. Done the cobble route too many times.
  21. With the seal is installed you should always be able to see/read the text.
  22. Feel the seal lips on the inside, and aim the sharper side downwards. The seal needs to scrape oil downwards. If the seal is inverted it will appear to seal initially but will weep fluid in use. DAMHIK. In general there should be some label info like a part number or similar and that is usually on the dry side of the seal i.e. uppermost. I've seen seals with springs on both sides, but one side has a deeper gap between the inner and outer parts and the other a shallow gap; the deep side should be downwards. The diagram below from AllBalls illustrates this nicely.
  23. Hey Judge - thanks for your interest in a set of the headers. Two Brothers Racing [TBR] slipons work well with the headers - most of the TBR midpipes we've come across have a large inside diameter [id] receiver because they use the OEM 'donut' gasket between the headers and the midpipe. Having a midpipe made to fit perfectly between the muffler and headers is definitely an excellent way to go. As an alternative, a number of folks who have the headers and TBR slipons have used adhesive backed aluminium foil tape and wrapped it around the header's collector exit pipe, adding layer after layer of tape until it facilitates a very close fit with the midpipe. Then they clamp the TBR midpipe's receiver end down over the layers of aluminium foil tape to get a good seal.
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      December 2020 Southwest
      The second week of December I went down to the Southwest to see a bunch of big rocks.
      Read all about it on my blog: https://crotchrocketeer.blogspot.com/2020/12/snowbird-december-2020.html
      (I'm really too lazy to copy it all and pictures and stuff into a post here)

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      Money Shots:  Your beautiful picture of your beautiful VFR in action.
      Deals Gap?
      Just a great shot one of your buddies captured for you that you really like?
      Let's see your glamour shot of your vfr doing vfr stuff.  
      This has always been one of my favorites.  Everybody knows you don't have to go fast at Deal's Gap for the amazing photographers to make you look good.  This is no exception.
      Fairly clean run on a rainy weekday with my buddy on a far superior machine (he thinks so, anyway 😉  ) giving chase. 
      I know a lot of guys are way faster than me.  I'm not pretending to be anything special.  But damn, talk about lipstick on a pig...

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    1. med_gallery_491_3463_298783.jpg

      Juniper Pass

      I took a day off from work and also from my bicycle training to take out the Veefalo one last time before the weather turns ugly, supposed to snow the rest of the week and possibly start sticking to the ground along the Colorado Front Range. I took a leisurely pace up hwy 105 toward Morrison and got reacquainted with the bike since its been over a month since I took any sort of twisties on it at all, hwy 105 is a scenic ride along the front range between Denver and Colorado Springs, its mostly easy fast sweepers and lite traffic so its a favorite road of mine when going north. Then I have to negotiate a bit of traffic near Highlands ranch and up hwy 470 into the mountains. I decided to take the Morrison Exit and try either Lookout Mountain or head up Golden Gate Canyon - this time it was Lookout Mountain, I was sort of making it up on the fly as I went along. Lookout Mountain is my old bicycling haunt from my days while I was working at Coors, its a killer ride and all uphill - I don't think I could do it today If I had to, not quite there yet! I saw a whole bunch of riders doing it though and wished I was in shape enough to be there doing it as well. 30 more lbs and I will be able to do it! On this day I would do it on the Veefalo instead.





      I took a video from the gateway to the top at the Lookout Mountain State Park, getting past riders, the guy in the green jacket actually pretty much astounded me with how far he had gotten in the short time it took me to set up my camera, some 3 miles at least and up to the gateway from the turn off at hwy 6! Amazing I thought. I took the first two turns slow then got more comfortable as I went up further, till I was doing well, I made some gearing mistakes and took the tight 15mph marked hairpins in the wrong gear so I lugged it a bit on one or two. Still enjoyed it though and then got off at the top and hiked over a rock outcropping for an overview of the road for the pictures below.




      Lookout Mountain - Golden Colorado


      Zoomed in


      Lookout Mountain Park top of the mountain

      From there I headed up interstate 70 to Idaho Springs for a beer at the Tommy-knockers brewery, I was the only customer in the joint - slow day for them so they treated me like a king! I got a nice tour of the place sort of impromptu, they made me a nice Pastrami sandwich on rye and with the brown ale it was fantastic. I must say the beer is much better there than in the bottles - its always good at the brewery. I am glad I stopped


      Tommy-knockers Brewpub Idaho Springs


      Idaho Springs Colorado


      Mashtuns and fermenters


      Rows of fermenters

      I finished my lunch and since the road to Mount Evans is right there I headed up Squaw pass hoping to get in some nice pictures I wasn't expecting what I found, ICE IN ALL THE SHADY PARTS


      Icy patches on Squaw Pass definitely taking it easy on that road

      There were some section where the ice covered the whole road for 300 yards or so I had to roll through it with my legs out to help keep the bike from sliding and falling over, I took it real slow. A Ford pickup was right behind me so I pulled over to let him pass but the guy was going slower then even I was so I pressed on - in places where I could see I just cut over to the oncoming lane and out of the ice where the sun was shining on the road more, but some places there was not alternative so I just had to go slow, good thing it wasn't slick but rather they tossed some gravel over the worst parts so I had some traction!

      I did stop for pictures in all the best spots


      Echo Lake at Mount Evans showing off my new plate


      Elephant Butte Park and Denver


      Close up


      Veefalo on Squaw Pass


      Juniper Pass


      Juniper Pass


      Mount Evans

      My route A is home B is Tommy-knockers


    2. martinkap
      Latest Entry


      Not that it matters and not that I expect anyone had noticed, but to those who sent me "where are you?" I would like to say I am back. Not only that I am officially returning to VFRD after nearly 2 months break but I have also ridden my Hawk last weekend and had FUN! Let me restate that; I had major fun riding! Something I have almost given up on.

      Most of you have been riding your whole adult lives and riding is not only a hobby to you, it is part of you. But I started riding three years ago and even though I have encounter some setbacks, till this spring I loved riding with whole my heart. However, I have always considered riding as my hobby. As a hobby which suppose to make my life better, more fun and more rich. Life is too short to do something which we don't fully love.

      My love of riding received a first major scar this spring: I lost a friend on the racetrack. He was a total stranger who offered me his help after I lowsided at CMP track last year. I still remember hearing his "Hi, my name is Todd, do you need help?" while I was duct-taping my roadrash from ripped jacket. He helped me straighten up the shifter and we kept in touch. The next time we saw each other was the day he died.

      With 9 months delay, I can say that Todd's death shook me more than I have realized. It rooted fear in me which was fueled by seeing and hearing about others getting hurt over and over again. If I was to summarize this year - it would be one big accident report. I became sensitive to every broken bone, every roadrash, every lowside. And even though I did 10 track days this year, I became slower and slower and slower. Suddenly, I have acquired this 'grandma' riding style on the road, frozen with fear that behind every corner there is car standing in my lane, or major sand trap or deer staring at me ... I was crippled with fear not only for me about also for my fellow rider.

      So, at the end of this year, I rode more and more by myself. I could not bear the feelings of responsibility for others on the road and my lines were crippled by my own fears. It all culminated this fall at WDGAH. In a freaky accident Love2rideh82crash was taken down by a truck crossing into our lane. I was done. I finished the weekend, locked the VFR into a garage and took a break.

      Until the last weekend, I pretended that motorcycles do not exists. As a last instance after 2 months break from riding, I decided to go to CMP track to see if I can still have fun. I also felt like I should go for the memory of Todd. I went and I had fun! I had much more fun than I expected and the most fun on track I can remember. Suddenly the whole track connected into an uninterupted line of turns and I felt one with the bike riding around! I was giggling like a little girl in my helmet and keep on giggling ever since smile.gif

      Granted I was not the fastest one and through out the weekend, I have never exceeded about 60% of my riding abilities, but I had no "oh-shit" nor 'blond' moments. I could have maybe go faster, I could have brake later for the turns and I could have lean further, but I am no Rossi nor Stoner. I decided to ride for fun and I had amazing blast riding well within my comfort zone.

      I was proud of myself when, after bandaging Ricks arm, I was able to distance myself and go back to riding without the year-long fear. I did feel bad for him but the feelings were not crippling my lines nor my mind. And when a total stranger came to me and said "Hi, my name is Todd", my heart stopped for a minute though but I suddenly knew that my life went a full circle. I probably will never win MotoGP :idea3: , but I am back! :wheel:

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