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  2. PRB 4th Annual Fall Ride

    Sweet. I plan to ride out Sunday and will be in Marion that night to join you mature hooligans. Is TheGirl staying with us?
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  4. So much to learn in this thread... I've learned how to deal with speeding tickets... (I'm in my 40's and I've had two... mostly luck). I've learned that British people take great joy in being pedantic at each other (actually, I knew that... it's their national pastime) and I've learned (yet again) that Americans will take any excuse to roll out their political agenda and fight over it. I've been to both Texas and California, and there are too many people in either one for me. Actually, there are too many people in Oregon for me at this point, but I don't want to leave the coast and I'm not sure I can handle Alaska's winter...
  5. Awesome Capt! Can you link me to the details of the lane splitting on CHP's site? I looked up the 2016 AB-51 but it doesnt have what you stated. I never really understood what is legal and whats not legal. Thanks!
  6. Congrats, even with the little sting of $100, beats a mark on the license and the $800 ticket!
  7. Ensuring you re-torque every bolt

    I keep a notepad [spiral bound] on my workbench with a section [back pages] devoted only to torque. I put torque non-completion data at the back and work forward so I don't have to start at the beginning of the notes and sift through other project info, measurements, part numbers, etc. to find scattered torque status. Follow your 'torque everything to spec at install' guideline religiously, and if you install any part of a system that shouldn't or can't be torqued to spec immediately upon installation, write the exact nut/bolt/position in the notebook w time and day. Review the notebook periodically and again at completion of project. After verifying that you've finished all necessary torque tasks, you can tear out the back pages and start clean on the next project. Doing this has made me comfortable leaving even something as vital as the rear axle nut snug, but not torqued and not staked. I had the brakes off for caliper rebuild/stainless hose install, and without the rear brake, had no way to hold the rear wheel assembly against the 148 ft/lb torque required for the axle nut. Later, after installing the brakes, my notebook reminded me to torque and stake the axle nut, just in case I got caught up in finish line fever and thought about a premature test ride. Of course, I end up rechecking many torques after final tightening - safe still being significantly better than sorry. The story of how the rear wheel came off is way better when heard about someone else's snafu than when told about your own.
  8. I just found out today I won my case against the LA Sheriffs. Not guilty. Car pool lane splitting ticket from a motorcycle officer who was basically being a grumpy guy on a bike toward me and out to show me who was boss. I have been riding to work everyday for the last ten years. This was the first time I have ever been hassled for sharing the carpool lane. I never crossed over the double yellows but he said that I drove on them and that is the same thing. The law is more specific. Crossing over the unbroken double yellow lines to enter or exit the carpool lane. I drove partially and momentarily on the inside yellow line while only sharing the carpool lane. No cross over. Not riding right down the middle of them like my own special bike lane. I won't deride the officer. But he was not just doing his job. CHP have the professionalism and expertise to make these decisions on the high ways and are traffic enforcement specialist. Many times I have done as much or more in the presence of CHP officers who have even on occasion moved over and waved me by in the carpool lane if I ended up behind them. In my entire life I can honestly say I have never received a ticket I didn't deserve from the CHP. On the California Highway Patrol web site they state very clearly: Motorcycles may not drive on the double yellow lines of the carpool lane. So don't push your luck in their presence or you can be cited. You may still be able to fight it and win but it is $800 bet you don't want to make. Also they are keeping $100 for court processing fees so no clean victory to be had. I did the written Trial By Declaration. On the political side. I try my best to keep it polite and light hearted. No ill will what so ever guys.
  9. So I'm SOL on selling my bike? Lol
  10. Bike trip 2017 (192)b.jpg

    Lovely shot of Monitor Pass, one of my favourite roads in NorCal.
  11. Fuel pumps

    The pump in the 5th Gen appears to be the same as in the 6th Gen. The problem seems to be that with the 6th Gen VFR Honda stopped selling the fuel pump separately, you can only buy it as part of the Fuel Pump Assembly. So if you've got a fuel pump that was taken from a 6th Gen VFR it should fit and work in the 5th Gen Fuel Pump Assembly.
  12. That pic is a deal killer right there! Lol!
  13. PRB 4th Annual Fall Ride

    Bummer! Looks like its going to be a good turnout and great weather. So good that I'm heading out in the morning!
  14. Just thought I'd add this additional pic from his ad. WOOOOHOOOO!
  15. Yesterday
  16. <sigh> I miss California, in some ways... One of which being the ability to "play" the traffic infraction system to my advantage (three years of post-graduate education have to be of some use!). Nolo Press books are good legal resources, and they can help you "win". But don't try those tricks here in the UK: all traffic offenses are considered "criminal" (albeit non-recordable), but the system is rigged in the opposite direction such that the motorist is very much discouraged from "fighting" it. Ciao,
  17. Fan switch oring

    If you lived in the UK (and wanted 10 o-rings!) you could order from Polymax. 1.5mm cross section is (IMHO) close enough... Ciao,
  18. Bummer. I recall going through a similar obsession with the original Yamaha R1 ad (1998?) I used to see on Eurosport during the WSB broadcasts, which had a sound track I really wanted to find, but ever after years of trying I was never able to. I don't even remember what it sounded like anymore, just the fact that I wanted to hear it again! Ciao,
  19. I was installing an aftermarket shock. Near the end of the process, this required me to torque down five bolts/nuts: 1 top bracket bolt (under the tank) 3 linkage plate bolts ('A', 'B', & 'C' above) 1 dogbone allen bolt (left of 'A' in diagram above) Normally, my personal protocol for torque-assurance is: Never do any "temporary" installs of fasteners. If the fastener is put in the bike, it should immediately be fully torqued to spec. What my simple rule doesn't account for is that sometimes (usually, in fact) one is installing a small *assembly* of some sort which requires that the various fasteners be torqued down in phases (e.g. lug nuts). That was the case with the shock. I didn't want to torque anything fully until everything was properly aligned, situated, and finger tight. Then I completely forgot to torque the dogbone allen bolt. Eventually, maybe thirty minutes later, some bit of worry bubbled up from my subconscious and I corrected the oversight. But it would have been very easy for it to have slipped my mind entirely. How do other members prevent this? A better system? A better memory? I know you will occasionally see pen-paint marks from the factory, which I assume serve such a purpose, but marking the fastener would be impractical for me as I often need to reassemble the same components multiple times, which of course the factory never does.
  20. Bungs are what the brits call crash sliders
  21. By "bungs" are you referring to the nuts? You'll need someone to hold one side (or clamp it down somehow) and ratchet the other. Definitely why you must get your QS at the same time (life is all about rationalizing lol)
  22. Interesting. Thankfully we don't experience winters out here :P Sorry had to rub it in :D
  23. Make sure you grease the R&G bar and check it moves freely periodically, otherwise it will 'weld' itself into place after a couple of winters. I had to use an angle grinder to cut the one attached to my old engine to get it out.
  24. Bike Wash at Ace Cafe Orlando

    Yeah I noticed the gear shifter felt very stiff on the ride home - LOL They were charging $10 for a wash so I got them both for $20. Check out the look on the black guy's face in this pic when she was blowing my bike - priceless
  25. Thank you for posting this. You made my morning!
  26. I had to take off my dealer fitted R&G bungs to remove the plastics to install my quickshifter, it was not an easy job as you have to hold one bung whilst removing the other. I actually called R&G to make sure I was not missing anything. Once these are on, they are solid and I firmly believe the design of them makes them the best on the market. The T rex no cut look prettier, but are not as well attached to the bike.
  27. Bike Wash at Ace Cafe Orlando

    The happiest white VFR on the planet, your bike will be forever grateful. Cool video Greg, got to ask, how much did you pay em ??? And do they come to Australia?
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