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  2. The tyres won't generate enough heat with such high pressures on the street. You will get great mileage, but less grip. For track days I drop to 30/30.
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  4. *Bike info at the bottom* I'm wondering about a possible upcoming problem here. I live in Arizona, and lately the late night/early morning temps have been in the mid 40's (F). I still ride everyday as it warms up into the mid 60's (F), but lately that first start in the morning is resetting my trip meter and clock on the bike. Strangest part, is I use a battery tender and every morning the light is green like it is fully charged. Bike starts fine after that initial start even after an 8 hr work day when I go home in the evening. Any ideas as to what is going on here? 100% stock 2006 VFR (other than the windscreen)
  5. I'm a fan of the bridgestones. Wasn't going for them but was talked into them by the tyre fitter . My first ride was in the rain and I must say was impressed, then after a few hundred km I went for a decent run through the twisties . That's when I found the problem with my bikes handling , the foot pegs are obviously to low scraping on lots of corners . Pressures for the record 38F 42R always have run like that . Will get them again
  6. Cogswell bought my spare ToroCharger kit not long ago. I'm waiting for him to install it.
  7. Not anymore totally out of the question , too much time and money, had enough paid grief to last me unless I'm back in British Columbia then it's ok, I got spoiled by the Canadian babes but by the time they get done spending your money you could have had a new 2017 Fireblade 🐱
  8. That's why I'm at 80% power with the Restrictor in just testing the smartphone mount will get it better tomorrow plus there's a GearX on the dash
  9. Here we go, I repeat, I do not repeat myself, I...... Sent from my HTC_PN071 using Tapatalk
  10. That is one hell of a score!!!
  11. May I inquire as to what you're trying to show with the videos? Other than your current mount allows a lot of vibration?
  12. I have spoken at length with Michelin regarding pressures. They are adamant that you run 36/42. I asked them about going to the track, what pressures should I run and the only answer they would give me is 36/42. If you want, feel free to call Norman Frye at Michelin 864-458-5931. He'll explain all the reasons why, etc. I ran PR4 tires at Chuckwalla about a year ago. They work pretty well, but they did slide the rear out on certain turns and I did almost highside on one. I also had this happen on the street as well. I am now running Bridgestone T30 EVO and they have worked very well. I've only had the rear slide a little in very hard straight braking and that's on cold streets. Never in a turn, regardless of how hard I was on them. I've had zero issues with grip regardless of how hard I push them. Hard braking and the front tracks true. Even hard braking in the rain, coming back from the International Motorcycle Show in Long Beach a couple of weeks ago, with almost 6k miles on them and the tread low on the rear.. I used to be a total PR3/4 fan boy and I never thought I would run anything different, but when I needed tires last April, the T30 EVO was on sale and I'm hooked. Turn in is effortless and the grip is excellent. I guess that's why Ron Haslam runs them on his track bikes at his school in the UK. I weigh more than both of those listed above and I am not kind to my tires and I got a little over 6100 miles out of my rear and It was about .5mm over the wear bars. My rear was 2-3mm tread left, the front has 4+ mm tread left. As the PR4 tires wear faster than the PR3 and they lose grip as they age, I'll not be going back. True, I got about 1000 miles more out of my PR4, the difference in profile, grip in all conditions along with the lower price makes this a no brainer for me. FWIW, I had a 2005 that I had raised the forks in the triples about 12 mm and I shimmed the shock 4mm (total effect of about 12mm with the rear suspension geometry) as well. I now have a 5th gen and the combo of the bike and the tires made it more nimble than the 6th gen with all of the suspension changes. I have since shimmed my shock roughly 4mm on this bike too. Very nimble bike now. I really think that the T30 EVO is a great tire. Yes, there may be better tires out there, such as a sport tire, but even with as hard as I ride, the 'Stones have never let me down. I get sport tire wear and touring tire miles.
  13. Disregard, Youtube to the rescue!
  14. I would love to have MAP, ECT and GPS inputs. Then start working on mounting a gt15 under the tail lol. Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
  15. Lol it was a joke. I have no clue how many were made. Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
  16. Thanks That's fine but that was not at full power ,that was jusr testing the smartphone mount and testing the video upload Here is 15 min version at 80% power on my routine backroad 🐱
  17. I took the key out of my new CCT, the shaft extended and now I don't know what to do... Going to change my front CCT tomorrow so I'm reviewing this excellent thread to get ready. Gathering tools, found the purchased CCT and while looking at it, well, I uh removed the key. And the shaft extended. And now I can't figure out how to retract it. I'm assuming it should be retracted when replacing?
  18. I didn't realize that... if you have any say there, it would be great to have boost + temp inputs
  19. Front is about right, rear could do with less. What is the static sag?
  20. Ram mount x grip , scroll up.to Donovanjm photos September 6 Is that what need?
  21. I built that bike in 1999, not a lot of internet resources back then for detailed info. I think Dale Walker was selling some kits? I just built the best bike I could, with the parts I had and what I knew at the time. I did recently score a filter adapter kit off of a 500 parts bike I got for free. Not sure which bike it will go on, but probably the next 500 I build. Or maybe a VF750F I built last year. It is getting a full Sudco, Fox Shock and 1000R Comstars.
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