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  2. I need help removing a screw

    I had one of these on my 6th Gen's velocity stacks. Wouldn't come out even with an impact driver. Ended up cutting the velocity stack off which gave me room to attack from the side. Had to buy a new vs, but it wasn't expensive. Best of luck.
  3. Hi Guys/Girls, can anyone give advice on this. My Old Boy and I have just started servicing the 94 750, and as we were flushing the coolant system we’ve noticed that there seems to be a fresh oil leak that has just started on the 3 bolt exhaust flange at the rear of the motor. We originally had a smokey exhaust when we first picked it up, this has stopped. We believed it was either old stale fuel, or a slightly sticky ring. The rear spark plugs had a coating of oil while the fronts were clean. Any advice would be handy on thoughts as to what could be occurring? If it’s a sticky ring, any way of releasing it? And if this isn’t the case, what cost am I looking at to get into the motor to fix this 🤔 Thanks Hendo
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  5. I need help removing a screw

    This is what MBrane means by impact driver. I'm assuming most readers will think pneumatic powered tool.
  6. I need help removing a screw

    50/50 mix of ATF/acetone, and an impact driver. If that doesn't do the trick then it's time for the reverse drill bit.
  7. I need help removing a screw

    Exorcist? Out Jezebel, corroded screw of destruction! Loosen your hold and come out of her now!
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  9. I need help removing a screw

    Thanks for the ideas!
  10. Chinese silicone hose sets?

    Well, in my case, I felt it was time for replacement of the originals since I was draining the system anyway for a sticking thermostat. When I looked for a complete hose set, the options that I found were silicone or used. What are there, ten of the little bastards? Call it lazy, but I wanted to order a kit and not have to track down individual part numbers. Also, going to my local dealership and asking for the parts would turn into five trips to return the wrong hoses. Realistically, no good reasons. I'm sure you could spend an hour or so with the parts fiche and track down all the individual lines, price search them individually and possibly come up cheaper, but it sounded like more work and they wouldn't be cool red colored hoses!
  11. Sprocket change

    The actuation of the pin engaging the VTEC valves is mechanical and actuated by pressurized oil. However the delivery of pressurized oil to the pin is controlled by the VTEC solenoid valve, which is controlled by the ECM. There is logic involved, including coolant temp, gear selection, and RPM. VTEC solenoid valve will not fire below a certain engine temp, nor will it engage in neutral, once preceding conditions are met the actuation is controlled by RPM (ignition pulse generator W/Y, Y). It has been noted that this critical RPM has varied by model year. I've never experienced, nor read, that the Throttle Position is involved in this logic.
  12. Rear Brake Locking After Pressing Pedal

    I'm also thinking a de-link would be a great solution...
  13. Rear Brake Locking After Pressing Pedal

    I'm reviving this thread to see what the resolution to this was. Anyone know? The beauty of the great interweb, problems get posted, solutions don't always make it into print.
  14. Chinese silicone hose sets?

    Interesting point. But why bother when factory hoses deep almost none?
  15. Chinese silicone hose sets?

    Now that I think back, when I bought mine, I googled "chinese silicone radiator hose" or something to that effect, and found a few results from other bikes... The reviews were not what I would call favorable. I take online reviews with a grain of salt, but at the same time, I certainly didn't want to be the first one over the fence! As for the permeability issue of silicone, I glanced at the Gates video in that link, but here's the thing: that video was obviously aimed at the big rig world. They tend to run those things virtually non-stop. As compared to our bikes. I'm betting the most avid rider here doesn't have his engine running more than 10% of the time your average big rig runs. I'm betting that very few of those mini drivers are anywhere near that either. Meanwhile, I don't know about you but I have the plastic off my bike at least a couple times a year, at which point the couple of ounces of coolant that I might have lost will be easy enough to notice. Not exactly an apples to apples comparison.
  16. 6th Gen Refresh

    Yep Woodie that is the post that caused my concern. I'll test the new cap carefully. The tank has a vent line so I'm thinking as long as it's not pinched I should be OK. Once I get it running properly I'll swap the cap and run it for a few minutes and see it creates any vacuum.
  17. 6th Gen Refresh

    Superbright came through. I'm using red for tail and brake lights. And amber for signals (I have a clear lens). These fit much better.
  18. Chinese silicone hose sets?

    Reading this, I wonder if we have a risk of losing Coolant onto our bikes or worse, onto the tires. Silicone has high premeation rates it says, and fluid leaks through the hoses. Idk if I could take that risk. Someone please do some more research :). https://www.northamericanmotoring.com/forums/r50-r53-hatch-talk-2002-2006/231898-why-you-shouldn-t-install-silicone-hoses.html
  19. Chinese silicone hose sets?

    I really want to try out the cheapie hoses, they look amazing and mine are cracking. I ordered a use set of OEM used ones on eBay and they were worse than my Own :/. Can you pioneer this one seb?
  20. 6th Gen Refresh

    It should naturally vent through a vent line, it’s not common. Freak would be a better description. If someone gets mad at you, sand in the tank is a real problem!
  21. 6th Gen Refresh

    I know Trev from the UK (Sparticus) had problems with his Gen 8 tank imploding under vacuum because he has not vent, he's had to get his tank replaced. I'd have a look at a vented cap or check with a dealer to see iff you need one.
  22. 6th Gen Refresh

    8 spoke looks meh at best. Not on my list of upgrades. I’d have marchesini wheels before I got an 8 spoke. Superbrightleds has a great website and is LEGIT! Hopefully you matched the led color to the lens color!!! Very important.
  23. Come on Chaps, help our Forum, it fell short last year by $700. There are 25K+ members on here, that's 10cents each for a year of advert free VFRD, even if only half contribute its still only 20cents each ! Hit the Donate BUTTON please.
  24. Hi Mohawk, Thank you for your donation of $25.00. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  25. A rare, sweet VFR400R for sale

    I want to ride her all day....
  26. Help me get naked

    I know it has nothing to do with VFR's, but here are my all time favourite street fighters/cafe racers. I could own either of these and would have trouble not keeping them in my loungeroom. I I love the simplicity of the CX500, and the insect looks of the Speed Tripple.
  27. Help me get naked

    I should read build threads instead of drooling over the pics.
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