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  2. Alternative Motorcycle Transportation

    Yeah, sort of. More like the newer Outback Baja, but with a more useable (larger) bed.
  3. Standard Seat Vs Low Narrow Seat

    The lower seat will result in increased knee bend. In my case it was too much and uncomfortable.
  4. Ageing can have its rewards😀

    Nice place you have there in the background of the VFR pic.
  5. Left-hand turns are more difficult

    Finish the f'ing turn you old sack of potatoes. LOL. If I am in too hot and risk running wide and off, I'd rather lean it some more and hopefully she goes around the turn. If not, it seems to me a lowside is probably better than running off on 2 wheels. At least your butt brake is likely engaged.
  6. Tail bag size experience

    Yep, I used the loops they provided to create my mounting points. I've got a 5th gen so I did one on each side around the bar between the frankenbolts and then around the stand offs at the rear grab handle mounts. I can grab a pic if you want.
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  8. Opinions 98 vfr800

    Cheers Mohawk, Since my plastic is off, I'm going to do this. Thanks for the idea!
  9. So true but so is good body position on the bike. Pain will make one learn better body position.
  10. I get why the bike doesn't really need a 525 but why not just stay with OEM? Honda used a 525 for some reason. Just wondering again.....
  11. VFR 800 F - Development story

    What's the question? Marc Cook doesn't like VFR's. Does anybody really care what he thinks? "Engine tuning now places a strong emphasis on low-end and midrange power." True statement in the real world. The 8th gen. performs better in tight twists than either the 5th or 6th gen. I've had,.... my experience. The 8th gen. is allegedly less than 10 mph slower on top end. How many people know what the actual top end speed of their bike is? Is anyone using their VFR at Bonneville? How many people use the low-end and midrange power (torque) curve the vast majority of the time?.....almost everyone. Motorcycle magazines exist to sell ads and make a profit from that but your mechanical questions and aptitude are understandable. Bottom line is the 8th gen. uses torque noticeably better than past generations in my experience without the persistent "Honda wiring and electrical design problems." Yada, yada, yada.....
  12. Opinions 98 vfr800

    There you go again Cogswell, promoting the virtues of my newly aquired 1999 VFR800 that I was so unsure about in the beginning. Thank you my friend!
  13. Yosemite New Years 2018

    I did a one-day ride-through a few years back. Right in the heart of summer. Beautiful place, frustrating traffic. I can see now I was six months early/late.
  14. Honda SC44 front forks with RC36/2 wheel

    Dang wish i read that yesterday already ordered a sc44 wheel but i just realized that with a 330mm braking disc you hardly see the rim hehehe
  15. Ageing can have its rewards😀

    Phillis Diller said it best: Getting old is not for sissies. I say: Pain tolerance / management is the bottom line for riding old pharts.
  16. I could not ride today because ...

    Wish I was there in the biggest way. Thanks a lot.
  17. Must be an age thing, can only last couple of hours on the VFR before suffering wrist and neck fatigue so bought this CBF for longer runs.
  18. LED/Projector headlight housing.

    Exactly the result for me. They are the best saftey / conspicuity change one can make.
  19. 2018 VFRD SUMSUM 4

    Please do breathing cotton to keep us Kool. ;)
  20. New to me Y2K

    To 5thgen216: that's quite a quiver of two-wheeled machines. Good for you. I've had a couple of 2000s and they un-age a person by 20 years. And they are babe' magnets. Welcome to the asylum. You obviously have great taste in mc's and VFRs. Best gen in the fastest color.
  21. Cold engine problems

    You're welcome...
  22. Cold engine problems

    Thanks BLS. I've been waiting until the engine temp got to ~ 120F then riding below 4,000 rpm until it gets to 150F. After your point, I plan to wait until 150f+ to ride off. Even then it will be low revs until 200F+.
  23. Anybody do track days?

    WOW! How'd I miss this thread, nice one.. any who.........
  24. Should I have buyers remorse?

    I prefer the 98-99 version. No cat converter, and less stuff to break.
  25. RideZars action at DCTC

    Hi CJ, nice to hear from a fellow frozen fellow. I was not able to talk to the Bad Dude before he left. And I'd thought no more of why he went off. We were half-way down the back straight when it happened. I figured he should have been setting up for the left-hander at the end of the straight. We may have been at the end of our exit from the previous right-hander, still near the left side of the track. I'm guessing he was, at the critical moment, looking for me in his mirror. Sometime days after the event, Jessica called me for an interview about the incident because Bad Dude was considering sueing Zars and I. Man! Did that piss me off. My first thought, like Jessica figured, was he had absolutely no case. But the audacity of his move made me think I'd counter-sue for damage to my cowl and emotional suffering! ;) After all, he spoiled my afternoon and waisted half of my class fee. There has been no further action from him since. So how often do you get to DCTC? I'd love to do regular track days but my budget is very tight. I retired early from Hennepin County due to depression so my pention is only half of what I expected to receive at the end of my employment. And my main goal in retirement is to be able to take a month+ each summer for a long camping trip somewhere around the country. (After the 2016 PNW meet up in Nelson, BC I'm hooked on Western Canada as a favorite place to ride.) So what's your story? I'd like to hear about your wadding up. In my three classes there have been no accidents. So I thought they were very rare. I'm Terry Gale 6845 Chicago Ave Richfield 612-866-1525
  26. Cold engine problems

    Engineers who design our engines and the manufactures who build our engines agree the most wear that happens in our engines during start up and before warm up... its because our oil is too thick to properly lubricate our engines so thats why I recommend warming the engine at least 150ºF up to 212ºF before an owner selects first gear... only at operating temp of 212º is our oil at its proper viscosity of 10psi (orange number)...
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