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  2. Sorry man, way too big for your frame. Won't even fit into 750 frame. Rebuild or wait for something. Sent from my HTC_PN071 using Tapatalk
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  4. I find those guys expensive
  5. You can and yes, many! Simple case of pulling two wires out of a plug and sealing them off. If you can't find the thread, let me know, I've got the instructions at home and can upload them later today.
  6. I have done this. Got a kit on Ebay that works well with my K1600GTL. Put the LED for both High and low beams but I wasn't happy with the throw on the low beam. My current situation is that I have it HID in the low beam and the LED in the high beam.
  7. Ok, thanks for suggestions. I will consider, and if I order Nix30 then I gonna look for wilbert shock
  8. Great time had by all...
  9. Some boring statistics... it was a slow Monday. There are still 9 tail-tidies available from the final ever production run. Across all three runs, here is the breakdown of units sent by country. USA: 37 Australia: 18 Canada: 11 England: 6 France: 2 Sweden: 2 Italy: 1 New Zealand: 1 Norway: 1 Scotland: 1 Taiwan: 1 Wales: 1
  10. Hello all, I have silently been working on the VF500 for awhile. I got everything sorted out except the engine. It runs and drives, but it does indeed lack power on the high end. I assume the power issues are only because of the 4th cylinder not making compression. Recently though, on a ride to the shop to get it inspected, a loud rattle developed in the right side crank case, near the clutch. With the surmounting engine problems I want to swap the engine. This leads me to my current predicament, VF500's in my area have been either too expensive or pillaged for parts. There is however a VF1000 for a fair price. Would an engine swap be possible from the 1000? How similar are the bikes(both are '84s)?
  11. To honor a legend, great job guys!!
  12. 891 miles door-to-door. Shoutout St. Stephen for putting in 900+ miles on the RC51. Speed limits ignored, brisket eaten, no breakdowns no tickets no crashes. Ed would approve - RIP buddy.
  13. By the way, nice looking 95, what did you have to give for it?
  14. Bit like the difference between running fully synth and semi synth .
  15. Thanks for the much needed and appreciated info! I'll do exactly that!
  16. Another one to be aware of that takes out your headlights, is a sticky starter button/switch. If the switch doesn't fully deactivate after a start its other contacts don't make and your headlight relay is dead. Doesn't blow fuses though. Start switch just needs a good exercise and a squirt of WD40 or similar. Cheers. Grum
  17. The running oil leak lowers the operating temp where the factory installed grease has a chance to live longer before the first adjustment... but the fact remains adjustment is taking up the slack cause by metal to metal wear at the critical pin and roller junction because the factory installed grease is beginning to fail... you can submerge the chain into a sea of oil and not one molecule will migrate pass the effective X ring seals to reverse this metal to metal wear... You can say the "chain last longer" but you can not say there was no metal to metal wear going on at the critical pin and roller junction during the first adjustment...
  18. The red ones are faster.
  19. I've seen a couple for sale north of the border. Not sure how easy it would be to get one brought over. Yeah, considering this option also. This is probably the simplest and cheapest option. I guess I need to find the paint code for 2000 VFR blue.
  20. Why not just paint the existing panels, that would ensure that all the different panels are actually the same colour and not all faded to different shades of blue.
  21. Nice find Skids....
  22. I have a Staintune SS hi mount and a Sargent backrest for sale. The Staintune is in mint condition and comes with all the mounting hardware in the original packing box. Looking for $500 for it with a bonus K&N filter (also in as new condition) The Sargent backrest is no longer manufactured. It is a very well made unit that is a combination backrest, small rack and carrying pouch. It also is in mint condition. I want $125 for it. If anyone is interested in these items, please contact me by email and I can supply more details and pics. I'm in Kincardine, Ontario,Canada, so prices are in Canadian dollars. Email is jaldridge@tnt21.com
  23. Canada/Europe/AU got them in 2000 I believe. We've converted my wife's 5th gen to blue. Finding the panels, tank, etc were .. near impossible at times. Chinese aftermarket fairings get you there quicker, just not as nice. Cheaper to ship in a blue bike than put it together with OEM plastics/tank.
  24. ^^^ what he said. Lol. Ideally the tension on the jacket will always be the same as the cable. But practically, never the case. However, with proper adjustment, the butterflies only move when you want them to.
  25. Look, the problem here is the chasm between theory and application/practice. The most important and correct thing that Lee said was to find a competent wrench if your throttle is binding or changing during bar movement (and you can't figure it out on your own). The rest of this is becoming a train wreck. The problem is that no matter how "correct" the cable is routed on a motorcycle, the radius of the cable changes in the vicinity of where it curves down, when you move the bars from lock to lock. And it's not just one radius that is affected. There's the inner radius of the spiral jacketing, the outer radius of the spiral jacketing, and between that the radius of the cable inside. The way the cable works depends on a relationship between that spiral jacketing and the cable, and that relationship is affected when the radius of a curved section of cable changes, so that in turn affects free play. It affects throttle operation too but in typical riding scenarios, not enough to be noticeable because bar movements are typically small except when you're idling. One of the reasons that has to happen - the change of overall cable radius - is because of an unavoidable mismatch in the axis of rotation about the headstock. And to some degree also that the cable routing is actually too fixed at points that are too close in proximity. As for the aspect of axis, think of how most drive chains get tighter and looser depending on how the rear wheel suspension is or isn't compressed. It's because the swingarm pivot on most bikes isn't on the same axis as the front (countershaft) drive sprocket. Ignoring ride-by-wire, there are some clever designs seen on some custom bikes that help with reducing or eliminating that change in cable radius by routing the cables inside frame and accessory tubes. But our 8th Gen VFRs are not examples of this. Unfortunately the Honda service manuals are not very clear about this anomaly except to the extent that they do say to make sure the throttle free play is within specifications with the bars turned both ways, which implies that it is in fact normal for free play to change as the bars move.
  26. Yeah, realistically I'd probably never use it so it's not really an issue for me
  27. You're not missing much. The socket is OK for charging your toys but as far as I know it's not wired sufficiently for things like heated gear. And it's way out of the way of where you'd be putting most accessories.
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