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  2. My wife and I are doing a multi day dual sport adventure starting in Lawton, OK. Looking for advice or help on where to store my truck and trailer while we're gone for a week. Anyone got any good advice?
  3. Dude - if you need a hand to get things ready for the big sleep - let me know. My flashlight and I would be happy to come over and help. I have a siphon pump we could use to drain the tank. Or you could sell that blue beast to me and i'll track good care of it!!
  4. I have "complete" heated hand grips, installed by the previous owner. The throttle grip is worn almost down to the throttle cylinder in some parts. Since these are "all in one" heated hand grips (the grip and heat feature and electric component is all one piece. as opposed to a thin film insert), how can I save my hand grips without replacing entirely?
  5. I have one on my 5th. I think you'd be better off buying one with generic fittings. Get new braided lines made up - Vfr engine fitting grafted on to new braided lines with generic fitting on the other end.
  6. The tank bag is 18 liter and the tail bag is 24 liter. I also have the saddlebags. The setup was perfect on my last 3-Day trip.........
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  8. I hadn't thought of renting there! But yes: the forecast looks pretty much like home right now. Well, home plus floods and landslides!
  9. If you can, rent a bike in tassie. Magnificent roads, reasonably quiet on traffic. However as you are probably well aware the weather is .....well shit😭
  10. These electrical questions Knight asked made me think it could also be a bad battery. If it's shorting internally, it could cause your problem. Just a thought...
  11. Well, thank you boOzzie. We are in Stockyard Hill now, and leaving for Hobart tomorrow. My plan is a short rental next week and I am hoping that the Great Ocean Road is opened by then. We were in Lorne a couple of days ago and at that point the road stopped there. Thanks for the Otways warning!
  12. Sounds like a tired battery, in spite of whatever "testing" the auto parts store did. 12V with switch off is too low. Should be about 12.8 When the bike is running it should be about 14 or thereabouts.
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  14. Thank you Auspanglish. I will check and will post back here once its done.
  15. Cool pic anyway! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. Yeah, I saw some threads on that too, but was for 5th Gens. I got one for the Skunk Works 6G project (Silver Bullet) without really researching and I didn't see how to do it once I had it in hand.
  17. You're quite right, there is a tiny air bleed line that comes off the thermostat and joins to the back of the RHS radiator, so you might get a little hot flow through that, but I've never felt a detectable rise in the radiator from it. On the other hand, when the thermostat opens and dumps 80C water into the cold radiator system, it is very noticeable.
  18. Good question. When I jumped in on the thread, I mentioned that I wanted to do an RC51 style (larger) oil cooler. There does not seem to be a way to mount it on the 6th gen, at least in the stock location. The larger cooler would most likely come into contact with the front fender, which would cause some damage or worse. If anyone figures out how to mount a larger oil cooler on 6th gen, I would love to see it. A RC51 oil cooler is almost a direct bolt on (with few mods) on a 5th gen. there are plenty of posts on this forum on how to do it.
  19. Check your connectors (see threads in electrical section of the forum) and the main relay housing next to the battery.
  20. Maybe if he changed the moniker it might influence his misfortune... Heal quick Tumbles... Soon to be Rumbles?
  21. Keep in mind the right hand side radiator won't remain completely cold as there is some communication with the left hand side, and therefore the motor. There's a small line which does allow a reduced flow through to the right hand side radiator, but it's minimal.
  22. Thanks Terry, I'll try the hands-on approach.
  23. Well, the plexus anesthesia is/has worn off: I can move my arm and fingers again. So far so good. Am on a regime of paracetamol and diclofenac, hoping I won't need the oxicodon tonite/in the coming days. But having feeling (no pain) and motion back IS a relief.... you never know afterall... I have a series of exercises I can do now, come Friday I start the consultations with specialized physiotherapist. All covered, no need to re-mortgae my house (or God forbid, sell my VF500F2!! Yes, national healthcare insurance is good, despite what Trump will say tonite (I wlll record it as it starts 3AM here)
  24. A diesel unit injector works differently than the injectors in the VFR throttle body, so my concern may be unfounded. On the other hand, the VFR injectors are cooled by fuel (which is returned to the tank), so you know they get hot. Better safe than sorry, don't run the engine dry.
  25. Here is a freebie for ya ..
  26. Baileyrock, race day is done and Tumbles did good. 1st race he was in 1st from the start until the last lap when he go held up in lap traffic. He ended up with a 2nd. Not bad at all for his 1st race ever. 2nd race...... Well Tumbles made his 1st appearance in years. He is a little banged up but not broken, unlike the bike. Hope that doesn't bring back any flashbacks of your trackday for you lol.
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