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  2. 06 Motor into an 02 ??? I need some guidance

    I have just recently done this to mine, changed over to a low mileage 2008 from my original 2002. You don’t have to do anything different. All connectors, harness, hoses etc all fit. Only thing I have noticed is a vibration at around 4000 - 4700 which I didn’t have on the old engine. Engine pulls strong through all gears and rev range. Just annoying vibration. No damage to the replacement engine from the place I bought it but you never know if they changed over any parts to mask any road gravel damage.
  3. DCT through the ages

    Main mods: different ecu mapping different material for both clutch plates a revisited oil pump and few minor stuff P.s. nice naked vfr 1200
  4. DCT through the ages

    I had read something like that on here, but I cannot find any reference to multiple Sport modes on the Honda UK web site, for the F model. It does however mention this as being new for 2016 on the CrossTourer. So I suspect this is a feature on the X and not the F. Anyone know anything different? If that is the case, have there been any changes to the DCT on the F since 2012?

    Suggest to check the 2010 engine recall too , as the bike have low mileage
  6. DCT through the ages

    Never see an F with "new" dct 3 steps sport , saw just 1200X
  7. DCT through the ages

    New DCT on the 16+ models with 3 Sports modes and the dealer told me that it 'learned' your riding style but I have no other details.
  8. Hello forum, I'm a longtime Honda V4 rider and just had a motor fail on my 2002 non-ABS VFR800 at about 70k (spewed coolant and oil and lost oil pressure at 97 mph) . Probably was the head gasket I'm thinking. In any event, I just picked up a low mileage 06 motor (3,471 miles) complete with radiators, throttle bodies, injectors, everything still installed on the block for $750! Question: What should I pull off this motor so as to avoid any compatibility issues? I read that the fuel injection system (specifically the injectors) is different on the 06. I also read that Honda changed the VTEC open/close RPMs to open at 6400 and close at 6100 on the 2006 model bike. I'm sure the wiring an connectors from the motor are probably different, so I'm sure I'll need to install all my original 2002 wiring connectors onto the 2006 motor. I don't want to tear the motor down too much though if it isn't necessary. I'm not looking for any performance gains, simply looking to adapt the motor in the easiest way possible so that I can get back to my 85 mile daily commute. Any answers would be helpful. Thanks! Ed
  9. I always wonder if I should make another batch on these...... machine time gigs me pretty good....
  10. Don't bother with Dunflops, they tend to cup badly after just a moderate number of miles. +10 for Michelin Pilot Roads. Went to PRs after many miserable years with Dunflops on my 95 VFR. Will never get anything less than PRs in the future!
  11. I'll be in touch for a set in another month or two. Going to Superhawk lowers this winter.
  12. Check the bulbs anyway. Hopefully you find a bad one. If so replace them all with LED's - except for the Low Fuel one, if there is one. If the bulbs are all good, look at the sockets/contacts and work your way back. Fix what needs fixing, then put in the LED's. Don't give up. She'll be worth the wait! Cheers, Glenn
  13. Yesterday
  14. FWIW soaking the fuel tap in trans fluid did not rejuvenate the o-rings to the point that they properly sealed. It did make it roughly 50% better but not perfect. I'm rolling the dice on one which was 'holding fuel'....then I shall finally see how this thing rides. The cluster appeared to have a bulb out. I went through them and it turns out that someone had been there before. Possibly after they hit something because there was plastic welding around the place. Sigh...basket case of a bike. Turns out all the globes appeared to be ok {no signs of blown elements) but I didn't test them with anything. I'm just going to avoid riding her at night for the meantime and see what she rides like. Nothing would surprise me now. BJ
  15. This one or that one ?

    That artist is quite talented. Personally I like the top one. I would not mind that hanging in my office or my work space in the garage.
  16. If you are price sensitive about tire prices the Pilot Road 2 has taken me through all the worst weather and never caused any traction issues. They tend to be cheaper than the PR-3 and PR-4. They also last me around 10,000 miles. I've used many sets over the last six years.
  17. 030917vfr.JPG

    Nice looking unique color combination. You obviously have great taste in mc's.
  18. I've purchased two RB EVOs from the U.S. Distributor (rapidbike.us) and even spoke with the owner. They're in Florida so as long as you don't wait until after 2PM PST, you should be able to reach them. I updated the price I paid in the previous post I did earlier but here it is again $537.00 shipped
  19. New Owner

    I bought a VStream touring that is much noisier and more windblast than the stock. Installing a MRA X helps make it better than the OE.
  20. A set of PR-4s is what you’ll need.
  21. Does anyone have an accurate list of changes to the DCT system from 2010 to the last bikes (2016)? I know 2012 brought in quite a few changes to both the F and the FD, but has DCT on the FD changed at all since then? I suspect there's been no hardware changes, but maybe some improvements in the software control? If so are these upgradable by a dealer?
  22. Meloman, thanks for the picture. Like the looks. I’m going to paint mine and put it back on.
  23. RC24 Hindle photos? Yoshimura full system?

    Captain- Can you post a pic of that? Thanks!
  24. Just a minor point, but that heat shield is stainless steel and doesn't in fact get very hot. I've seen one covered with vinyl wrap and no problems with heat. So it can't get very hot. Which means you could use just about any paint.
  25. RC24 Hindle photos? Yoshimura full system?

    Thanks for those pics, Keny! The HRC exhaust on Wayne's bike is a 4-2-1. I had a friend years ago who had a left-exit HRC on his 87. I didn't care for the sound at all... The Sudco on Chuck's bike is supposed to be the same as the Hindle that I used to have, and the Holeshot exhaust. Looking at that pic and the pics of my Hindle, I'm still inclined to believe my mystery exhaust started out as a Hindle/Sudco/Holeshot. I suspect the chrome pipe between the collector and the muffler, which slips on, was replaced by a welded pipe and the Yosh can. I think I'll email Yosh and see if they ever made a header for the RC24. (if anybody remembers, and if anybody answers...)
  26. The British distributor replied next day, even advised getting an Evo for road use saving me 30% When I ordered it online it was here in 3 days
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