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  2. Minus 1 (Degrees C)

    It'll be 92F here for Thanksgiving (that's 33.3333C in those "simple" metric units) ...told the relatives to wear t-shirts, flip-flops, shorts and bring sun block. Maybe I'll BBQ the turkey? 🦃 🌞
  3. Advice needed on second bike

    Why not just get a used VFR? New ones are allegedly so cheap that used ones have to be getting close to free and you get more bike for the money. I've had three generations of VFR's in 100 degree humid heat and they do fine. That's the reason they have a rad. fan and they do work. Or, why keep the miles off your VFR? I don't hear of worn out VFR engines.
  4. Mounting a GPS

    Same exact one made by Huntinggunns. Too bad. Would have sold it to you for half price, and it has never been used. I went with the Adaptiv stem mount after our own Luvtoleanit vouched for the brand.
  5. 1986 Vfr Track Bike Out Of Parts

    Thank you so much! I try to build a lot if my bikes as if Honda could have done it. This one with the home made "graphics" not so much. But the bodywork, yes. Very happy. The RC26.
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  7. Quickshifter

    It’s like Christmas morning.
  8. Minus 1 (Degrees C)

    Last Thursday rode home from work to Ventura it was 48 at 8pm Now today at 10 am it was 79- WTH Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  10. 1986 Vfr Track Bike Out Of Parts

    Sorry, I don't like to gush, but Holy crap on a cracker is this bike awesome! Perfect combination of absolutely classic and cobbled together mutt. It's like that RR fairing was made for it. Inside it's full of great parts, good suspension, handles modern rubber -- all the important stuff. When do you get to take it to the track and really but it through its paces? Absolutely beautiful work.
  11. Mounting a GPS

    Thanks for this informations - saved me a lot of time. Marsmann99 - I got so excited, I immediately ordered the Ram stem mount. If it fails, I will be in touch about the one you fabricated. Is it the same one pictured in the post by St. Stephen? Thanks again folks. Have a great Thanksgiving.
  12. Pilot seat recommendations

    I'm quite interested in how it turns out. My local seatbuilder is good but super expensive.
  13. Pilot seat recommendations

    I just shipped mine off to Sargent for a rebuild. I find the stock foam pretty good, but the cover is slippery (esp with synthetic riding pants) and the slope forward promoted sliding up onto the nose. I end up trashing my legs trying to stay positioned. Sargent will toss the stock cover, add their Atomic Cell foam in places, level, widen and dish the mid section, and cover it with grippy DTX vinyl. They expect it to cost about $300. Right now, they don't make a ready-fit "World Sport" seat for the newer viffers. I'll post when I get it back. Cheers pg
  14. RS850 Replica

    Sure looks like it. Bolt pattern for taillight (LED!!!) matches. So cool!!!!!
  15. As above, yep...bolts right in with no mods required. An even easier mod than the Firestorm lowers is the brackets I have with the Brembo goldlines...probably about the same price but doesn't require anything other than a bit of unbolting/bolting back up and a better master cylinder plumbing in (which you'd need to do with the Firestorm calipers anyway)
  16. Thermostat issue?

    The VFR750, be it third or fourth gen (I've owned several of each) will not have the temp gauge at anything above just off the white marker in normal riding conditions. People are obviously more than welcome to change the thermostat on their bike if they like...their time...their money, and all that. But for anyone to suggest it's a requirement because the temp gauge doesn't go to half way like any other bike might, is bunk info and in most cases will be wasting peoples time and money.
  17. As will the puma.... But as long as the weather holds, she will be out and about!
  18. Big engine repair!

    Knobber, I'm really sorry. But can you try to remember the sequence of events during the rear CCT installation? 1) Did you put tension on the rear CCT BEFORE you pulled it out? Or did you just pull it out without putting the CCT key and applying tension on the CCT? 2) Did you rotate the engine somehow when the CCT was out of the engine by rolling the bike in gear? 3) Did you move the bike when the CCT was out of the engine and bike was in gear? Because nowhere in the Service Manual does it say you MUST set the engine to TDC BEFORE removing front or rear CCT! For the rear CCT it just says, remove the heat shield, set the tension on the old CCT, unbolt, replace new CCT (with the tension set), bolt up, and go. If setting engine to TDC was crucial per your dealership, Honda would not forget this step on the SM or they will get sued! Also, if indeed your engine got damaged when you spun the starter, $2,500 is ridiculous! SFDownhill has a newer engine than yours for a quarter of the price. He's in your neck of the woods. You sure you want the dealership to do the work? I remember when I took my Corvette to a shop because it was running rough. Mechanic drove it with me to note the rough running engine. They looked into it and later told me the engine has a cracked cylinder head and needed to be replaced for $1,500!!!! They said they "pulled the spark plugs" and they were "wet" from coolant and therefore surmised that the engine had a cracked head. I said HELL NO! I took the car back. When I got her home, I checked the coolant level and it was normal. So I pulled the spark plugs and guess what? Half of them were old and the other half were new. I remember paying another dealership to replace the car's spark plugs (ALL the plugs) about 30k miles prior. Well they only replaced 4 of the 8 plugs because the other four on the right side of the engine was much harder to remove and replace! So those four had almost 50k miles on them (scheduled replacement was every 30k). I replaced all the spark plugs and the engine was back to smoothness! If I listened to those mechanics I would have been out $1500 for no good reason other than a botched diagnosis and a prior lie from a reputable dealership!
  19. Minus 1 (Degrees C)

    I rode to work this morning in California....68 degrees. That's Fahrenheit to the EU folks. Supposed to warm up a bit tomorrow. Maybe 80 F.
  20. Minus 1 (Degrees C)

    Recalling going to a butcher shop for the first time after having moved to Scotland in 89. Asking for 300 gramm minced meat I got a blank gaze "aye , wot is da in ounces pal?" :-) PS: on my travels in the USA I never saw a butcher shop. Do they still exist where yous live? Luckiky we have one still; if I want pig cheek (for erwtensoep) or pork belly (for porchetta), I have to go on Monday. That is when he "processes" half a pig. Come tuesday, it will be in sausage.. :-)
  21. What can you tell me about my VF500?

    Wishing you luck! In colder air, molecules (including oxygen) move around/"shake" less, occupying less space. So per cubic unit flowing through your airbox there will be more (O2) molecules to feed the fire!
  22. The 4 cheap mods

    I know you mentioned that you're not sure if you were going to keep this bike so on the fence about a Power Commander upgrade. My PC came with an O2 sensor "Plug", which does the same thing as your resistor except it completely plugs into the 02 sensor terminal to close it off. Perhaps someone has a spare plug like that to give to you in Australia? Try this on your bike. Re-fit the 02 sensor. Now ride the bike on a long flat road, take it to top gear, maybe at 100 kph. Hold it there. See what happens...I'll bet the bike will slow down as the stock ECM forces the fuel injectors to lean the mixture out and get it to run at Stoichiometric mode of 14:1 ratio. That's super lean. Now keep the 02 connected, ride the bike in a parking lot in 1st or 2nd gear, as slow as you can go without touching the clutch. See if you can hold a steady speed. LOL! Last exercise. Hold 3rd gear and gradually accelerate to around 5.7k RPM, hold it there with as little throttle as possible, now open the throttle gradually to get to VTEC...I'll bet the bike will slow a bit first, then surge as it hits VTEC. Once again that emissions programming at play. Do all the above with the 02 sensor disconnected. You will notice a significant improvement in the way the engine responds to your throttle commands.
  23. What can you tell me about my VF500?

    Yes, engines always run better in cold dense air. I noticed this on my VF500 the other day as well.
  24. Mounting a GPS

    Doc, I found there are basically three ways to go. Stem mount, brake/clutch clamp mount, and reservoir mount. On the F model you could also consider bar clamp mounts (room on the left bar), ditto if you convert to a Spiegler LSL bar. For brands, you can go with RAM, Techmount, or Adaptiv brands. Personally, I chose the Adaptiv mounts because I thought they looked cleaner without the big thumb screw on the side, and I figured I'd adjust once and forget about it. A few tips though, disassemble their ball mount and use red Locktite on the mount screw, or you will later. Also, they use a steel clamp screw...it rusts. Replace with SS. Otherwise top notch. Below is my setup...stem mount for phone (GPS?), reservoir mount for RD. It's all adjusted to allow sight of the instruments, though the stem mounted phone does obscure the lower portion of the tach. if you prefer the RAM mounts, I can make you a great deal on a custom made stem mount for the 1200. It's the same unit mentioned by St. Stephen in his post. Picture below.
  25. Big engine repair!

    Can I get the shop manual for 6th gen?
  26. I have a development to share. Just today I took the bike out for its last ride before I empited the coolant and oil. I noticed that my bike was running incredibly well in the cold weather. I let the engine get up to temp before I left the driveway, so its not the engine thats cold. Could the thicker cold air really make such a difference? What does this mean in terms of the fuel mixture? Yeah I know I still need to fix it before I ask this question seriously. Speaking of, I bought an electric heater so I can work on it in the shed this winter. I regret to say, but what you heard in the video is all its got. I have read up and again the vacuum leaks could cause an artificial redline of sorts. As far as I understand its because the engine cant get any more fuel or air to keep going. We are going to find out soon. Pleeeeasse wish me luck with these next few weeks. I am having nightmares of cold bolts snapping in half
  27. Latest advice re O2 sensor mod requested

    The homemade O2 Sensor delete is BETTER than keeping it. It eliminates that Stoichiometric condition that the stock ECM forces on the fueling and gets rid of the surging AND lessens the harshness of the VTEC engagement. The PC5 eliminated the VTEC abruptness altogether. The engine just transitions to VTEC smoothly no matter what throttle position it is. I remember thinking it was an all new bike! I'm sure this is how the Honda Engineers intended it to run but just couldn't get it there in order to pass Emissions. Every single manufacturer of bikes had to deal with this when they all transitioned their models in 2008. Honda just did it that "transition" in 2002 with the then-new 5th Generation VFR800.
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