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  2. Would love to come along. Sadly on dayshift then.
  3. Just saw this on 'The Big List' A link over to the Cycle World video: http://www.cycleworld.com/introduction-to-stretching-for-motorcyclist-nick-ienatsch-tuesday?5ERbogbGdFSL4SEP.01 I'm no physiotherapist, nor do I play one on tv but It looks real, and not just Dutchy Bait ; )
  4. Hey all, since I'm jealous I can't go to R3 in Cali I decided to do my own scenic ride on the so-called "Daytona Loop" here in Florida. Any of you VFR people are welcome to tag along. If anyone else shows up than I will call it the "G3" for "GatorGreg Groupride" - LOL. I figure there's got to be a few other people in the southeast who can't make it all the way to Cali for R3, so you're welcome to tag along with me on G3. I've never done this route before, but I would estimate it would take no more than 2.5 hours plus whatever time is spent at the Castillo. If you're interested in going please post up here! Preliminary plan for G3: Sunday, May 28th 10:00am - noon: Meet and greet at the Murray Bros. Caddyshack at World Golf Village near the intersection of I-95 and International Golf Parkway - address is 455 S. Legacy Trail, St. Augustine http://mbcshack.com Noon: Lunch at Caddyshack. 1:00-?: G3 ride to the "Daytona Loop" which is actually closer to Ormond Beach between Flagler Beach and Daytona Beach. https://www.daytonabeach.com/things-to-do/attractions/loop/ http://www.ormondscenicloopandtrail.com/Map-with_header_and_text_v5.pdf Tentative G3 route is as follows: Caddyshack to International Golf Parkway International Golf Parkway east to U.S. Highway 1 U.S. Highway 1 south to San Marco Ave. San Marco Ave. south to King St. in St. Augustine. Possible photo-op break / sight seeing tour of the Castillo de San Marcos while we're there https://www.nps.gov/casa/index.htm King St. east across Bridge of Lions to Anastasia Blvd. /A1A/ Ocean Shore Blvd. A1A / Ocean Shore Blvd. south to High Bridge Road. Beginning of "Daytona Loop" High Bridge Road west/north to Walter Boardman Road. Walter Boardman Road west to Old Dixie Hwy / North Beach Street Old Dixie Hwy / North Beach Street south to State Road 40 / West Granada Blvd. State Road 40 / West Granada Blvd. east to John Anderson Drive. John Anderson Drive north to High Bridge Road. End of "Daytona Loop" Back to St. Augustine for dinner and a mojito or two at The Columbia at 98 St. George Street http://www.columbiarestaurant.com/Menus-By-Location/Locations/St-Augustine-Historic-District A possible alternative plan to beat the heat would be to start the meet and greet at 8:00, begin the group ride at 9:00, and be back at the Caddyshack around noon for lunch. Let me know which plan you prefer. Places to stay overnight: Camping near St. Augustine: https://www.visitstaugustine.com/things-to-do/camping (I've camped at Anastasia State Park on the beach - very nice!) Hotel at World Golf Village: http://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/jaxbr-world-golf-village-renaissance-st-augustine-resort/ (Pretty nice hotel but a little pricey). Hotel at St. Augustine: http://www.casamonica.com/ (Awesome hotel with its own private beach club - very expensive but worth it). (Of course there are hundreds of other places to stay in St. Augustine/Daytona Beach/Orlando area but these are just a few places close by that I have stayed at and can recommend.)
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  6. Didn't realize it's been this long... I installed r1 RR, soldering the wires, over the winter. Just ran through the tests and everything came within range as listed. Thanks for your help, mello.
  7. I have PR4s on my 1200 that I think are great, but looking to your impressions of the RS3. How many miles do you have on the PR4s?
  8. That's good to know, I appreciate the info! Nice to know a stock baseline for power. Are you near sea level? I think I'll wind up checking on the PAIR or AIS and see if it really is removed. Makes sense, considering its function it could affects things if it's not working right. No sir, carbon fiber 18" two Bros that's now 11"
  9. Well, talked with the mechs today. They said they have seen two of the valves. One is scuffed and the other is bent. I have told them I want them to hang on to all the parts so I can see them. Trying to learn from my mistakes!
  10. Hello citizens of VFRD, I'm a new member here, but that's not what this post is about... Now that the weather is starting to get halfway decent, I figured it's time to diagnose the issue with my bike that presented itself at the end of last season... Engine was warm i didn't just start revving the snot out of it while cold. The fluctuation in rpm and the engine dying completely all happened with the throttle at about 3/4. It's a fuel or spark issue. I thought maybe a clogged tank vent but same symptoms persist when running with open gas cap. When I go to restart the bike, won't run unless I twist throttle pretty good which results in large fireball out of muffler (neat but still an issue) then it idles normally. Give any kind of throttle and it's a repeat of the video. Bike is a 96 VFR750. I'm leaning towards petcock and or fuel filter, may also also be plugs/coils. I hope it isn't carb related because those are absolute voodoo witchcraft to me. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. This is the only video I have of the issue at the moment.
  11. That would require a solid spacer which would have to match the extra length of the bolt pretty close.
  12. Still leaning towards getting lines with 45 degree fittings. They offer a few different banjos to fit whatever you need.
  13. The pit bull rear stand makes it easy to lift. It will slowly stand the bike up straight will a bit of pressure then lift the rear wheel up. After the first time I have zero issues doing it alone (5-10 175 myself).
  14. Thanks for the info Paul! I'll have to look into the later gen mirrors. I'm not a big guy (5-10 150 wet) so getting this bike on the center stand is impossible for me to do by myself lol Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
  15. Hey Bill, Cant answer any of your questions i'm afraid, simply because, i don't know the answers. Just wanted to say welcome to the forum and sweet looking ride.
  16. I also put the Y2K mirrors on my 4G. You can wait forever to find some on eBay or just buy new. I have a pit bull front stand. Between the center stand and the pit bull you can get both wheels off the ground. eBay or these forums are usually the best source for plastics. Those are becoming unicorns. I put plug-and-play LED bulbs in a couple of my bikes but the beam spread isn't very good. I don't drive enough at night anymore to justify trying anything else. Welcome aboard! Paul in SoCal (former CT resident)
  17. Thanks for the good info. I'll have to look into those things. I took a Friday off back in September and rode all the way up to Kittery. My house-> East Greenwich, RI in order to meet up with my buddy (F800GS in the picture), onwards to Kittery, lunch at the Weathervane and back the way we came with a side stop at an old friend's brewery in Woonsocket. 377.0 miles and 8+ hours of seat time. Traffic was a nightmare on the way up just outside of Boston, so I'd shoot a couple fireballs out of the pipe if anybody got too close for comfort.
  18. Could you get an extended banjo bolt and put a washer between the reservoir housing the the lines? It should push them outwards and away from the forks. Looks like you'd need about an inch extra to do that though haha
  19. Welcome! 1. I put the 00-01 vfr mirrors on mine. No rubber pieces and a lot better than most aftermarket mirrors. I ordered the bolts, metal and rubber pieces for mounting them as well. 2. I have a pit bull rear stand, it goes in on the drive side. Ordering the head lift stand from them in the next month. 3. Plastics can be tough to find, I repaired a bunch of mine instead of spending the money on new pieces. 4. I haven't seen a projector retrofit yet. I currently have LED headlight bulbs fitted. I have considered the same direction as you. If you do it I may be interested in working with you on it, I'm only up in Maine. Hope this helps you.
  20. Very cool. Good luck and I'm looking forward to updates
  21. As far as I can tell it is a complete removal of the banjo stop. The instructions from heli says to remove the front one and space the crimp on the brake/clutch lines an extra inch before removing the stock bars. I didn't do this as I was looking at getting the CoreMoto lines as they can be custom ordered. As far as chafing points Core provides as many rubber guards for going into brackets as you want. I planned on having a couple extra added to give me some added protection. I bought a dremel for doing stuff like this. Between this bike, my cb750 and an ATV it has been handy.
  22. Hey everybody, I'm Bill from Connecticut. I bought a 96 VFR750F in August last year with 23k miles on it. This is my 2nd motorcycle and I felt it was a logical next step over the asthmatic Ninja 500 I rode during the 2015 season. It was stock when I bought it, but shortly thereafter installed a Corbin seat and Yoshi pipe I found on eBay. Here it is pictured with my buddy's KTM 1290R SuperDuke. I currently have 27k on the bike and a sweet Givi rack setup I found for sale on one of my local Facebook groups. I have a couple questions at this point and I figured it's time to ask individuals more experienced with this bike than myself. 1) Are there aftermarket/replacement mirrors preferably without the rubber covering the arms that actually allow you to see behind the bike? The current ones are about as useful as wings on penguin. 2) What is everybody using for stands/lifts? I've used Pitbull in the past but looking at their single sided stand they say to insert on non-drive side (not possible on this bike?). I've been eyeing the Abba Skylift, but it's a little on the pricey side. 3) Is there anywhere to pick up replacement plastics? Mine aren't horrible, but a couple cracks due to old brittle plastic and a piece was starting to fade when I bought the bike. 4) Has anybody done a projector retrofit for the headlights? I know projectors and fluted lenses are a no-no so I would be vacuum forming new lenses, just wondering if anything like that has been done before. Thanks for reading. Look forward to learning more about these wicked machines! -Bill
  23. I believe my PAIR(AIS) was malfunctioning which can effect the running of the bike in my opinion, it became slightly more responsive but not a lot. The original reason I deleted it was to get proper A/F ratio readings. I thought I saw an older round metal two bros can in one of your pictures.
  24. Awe kinda figure this, just didn't see the helibars being that way. If it where me, I would get a good round file for metal like a chain saw file and do a bit of metal removing there on the banjo stops built in the masters. I had this issue and that was the fix for me. Again just saying. Aren't photos great ;)
  25. Found a thread I started a thread last year about my "issues". It's a good relevant read for ya. There's also a dyno sheet showing the power delivery of the different VFR gens.
  26. I had a 6th gen and I didn't like it. I came from a 4th gen and was disappointed with the 6th gen. It had a lack of low end power that the 4th/5th gens have. The Vtec step at times was violent and unnerving. I disliked it so much I sold it at a loss and bought a 5th gen that I currently have. The brakes seemed better on the 6th gen compared to my 5th gen. (5th gen has twice the mileage and is 5 years older) I did like the availability of the ABS for the 6th gens though. 6th gens have better support for luggage though I got a top box and rack easily for the 5th gen. 5th gen has the superior Gear Driven Cams that you know and love. I personally prefer the Analog Speedo and the appearance of the 5th gen. This is all just my opinion based off my observations having owned the 2 gens. P.S. 4th gen is still my favorite
  27. I still need to rotate the levers down slightly to put them at a comfortable position so I need more clearance around the lines. Probably going with 45 degree fittings at the master cylinder.
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