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  2. Fantastic! Wasn't sure on the group's temperature towards this kind of thing. I used to do this kind of trip on 5-day snowmobile excursions around Algonquin Park in Ontario (pre-GPS) and that was always a good time for a bunch of guys. With time available before the main event, 3 days to do those roads up and back should be achievable without it becoming work.
  3. By the time it arrives........... June? it will be nearly 12 months since i had the handlebar controller which is sat forlornly on a shelf as its no use at all!
  4. Yeah they're good enough, but if you want slamming-into-a-brick-wall style stopping power, the standard calipers are waaaay off that
  5. All I know is it was love at first sight. Lol
  6. I've had RS3's on my 800 and really pleased with them, went through Alps last year, over several passes, and they were fine, and also through some torrential rain, they were excellent.
  7. Too bad about your NZ trip, Skids. Am not counting on having mine for TMAC this year as I believe the FUSAR group is feeling the pain of being manufacturing neophytes. I like their concept enough to wait through these delays. Integrating existing hardware with novel, new software from a new team was going to have some teething problems and for some unknown reason North American business management only makes plans for everything going smoothly (maybe it's the Mayfly-like 3 month life cycle they have?). Combine working with an off-shore contractor and it's a steep learning curve. Can't comment on what challenges they face on the electronics end but on the plastic molded case I'm pretty sure they didn't count on having to rework the molds 2 or 3 times or perhaps even re-make them (not an uncommon situation when dealing off-shore (also the reason the MBA's have begun using the term "re-shore"). Am keeping the faith but multiplying the delivery estimates by a factor to avoid short term disappointment. - these guys did get a big buy-in from a national retailer, which makes me feel a lot better about their ability to deliver. Otherwise I'd wonder when their seed money would run out as well.
  8. I wonder how they made the fairing. Surely, they did not create an injection mould for this unique piece ?
  9. I'm just glad I don't have to clean it!
  10. Use "google translate" for that web page. It says under that picture "RC30 of clear cowl that has been exhibited at the Tokyo Motor Show in 1987"
  11. I so want to do this. I'll be working towards making this happen. I've been wanting to do a real sport tour for years.
  12. While looking at Bike porn on Pinterest I came accross this beautiful transparent RC30. It's gotta be a museum piece. I went to the website but it was in Japanese. Needless to say I couldn't find the story on it. http://lrnc.cc/_ct/16947893 I was wondering if anyone here knew the story.
  13. From the album Clear RC30

    Transparent RC30
  14. It's already too late for me as we near the end of our trip to NZ and it's starting to sound like more and more excuses from them. Money wasted?
  15. Coming from riding a 1993 cb750(nighthawk) with single disc front and drum rear this bike stops amazingly quick for the weight. Both bikes are about 460 lbs as well.
  16. Still get Thurn's newletter, so here the news that +23mm bar risers are available for the 3rd/4th Gen RC36 (1990-1997). As well as 5th gen RC46 (1998-2001) and 6th gen VFR 800 V-Tec, RC46/2 (2002-2012) for which he already had obtained TÜV approval previously. No need for longer hydraulic lines or modifying the upper cowl. Tince the forks themselves are angled, the bars will also slightly come a bit more towards you. Price is 79 euro + shipping (a copy of the TÜV document is +49; but you'd only perhaps need this if you are in Germany) info@thurn-motorsport.de ++ 49 9352 6734 PS: I donot hold any shares or bonus scheme with Gerhard :-)
  17. Ha, I know and it might be on the cards in the future. It really does handle lovely with the Maxton front end, it certainly outperforms me anyway!
  18. At last, a bit of "redslut" on the SP2!!! Also got rid of them pesky little clear lens front indicators and fitted a set of OEM's I picked up cheap! (still need a pair for the rear; but not rush since the PO chopped the OEM rerar inner cowl for an aftermarket undertail..) The headers are stainless, so I did a quick check if Autosol+scothpad would make an impression, since I had the Ohlins refurbished. that's just 2 minutes (too bloody cold outside still), so am hopeful I will get her shiney...
  19. take the top cover off the fuel pump and see if it does this: http://vid113.photobucket.com/albums/n206/Dutchy_748/VIDEO0064_zpscda3d494.mp4 the "points" on top should be "clicking", for that is how the pump operates, by having the inside come up and by "shorting", lest it slide back. IOn the vid you see the brand spanking new points.
  20. Ahh yes, The Snake... Cheers Gradus!!!
  21. Interested in one shipped to USA.
  22. don't worry will be anywhere near another rider as I am still getting used to the bike after a very long time from riding,not a pretty sight I reckon,just waiting for better weather to get more miles and confidence
  23. Ride it? Fork swap is always a good way to consume excess time and money... Ciao,
  24. It was an email to me from Indiegogo, sent 22 February, titled "Updates from ‘FUSAR: The Fusion of Technology & Adventure’" Ciao,
  25. Not great, certainly not stoppy inducing and I wouldn't recommend riding quick up someones arse. The bike far outweighs the braking capabilities.
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