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  2. Congrats SFOM. I hope I can return to ride with and try to keep up with you. The Canadian PNW is the best area I've been in for mc riding. Last summer those African Twin were hard to come by (selfish dealer in Nelson!) in your neck of the (fabulous) woods; was yours hard to find?
  3. Welcome to the forum. I see you have an ST1100 and the 8th gen. Which do you prefer now that you've put some miles on the 8th gen.
  4. Welcome to the asylum. You'll need to post up pic(s) to prove you are not a figment of our imaginations. (Wish I could visit your fabulous continent some day but I'm poor and old. Still a fellow can dream.)
  5. Welcome to the asylum. Sorry to hear about your meeting with the caged lady. I've done the insurance buy-back; now if have projects that will last as long as I'm riding (age 67). I'm combining two wrecked fifths into a single rideable machine. You obviously have skills and I expect to see a fabulously restored fifth gen when your finished. Good luck.
  6. Welcome to the asylum. Great looking machine you've got there. And quite a quiver of two-wheel machines In Your Garage. Is it hard to decide which to ride? Perhaps you use each for a specific task. You are obviously another victim of MBD (multi bike syndrome). Congratulations.
  7. Great job! I love the simplicity of it. Doing a similar build now to get my son into the sport. P.S. Oil cooler - Will be interested in your experience with temps once it gets warmer. It would be nice if the cooler can be dropped w/o overheating.
  8. Great pic. I love that place. Spent a lot of time there last summer. Fabulous! A warning: I'll be back.
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  10. So you want your sport touring bike to look like a stunt bike?
  11. Welcome! That looks great - clean and light. Nice paint, too. Where are the coolant bottle and oil cooler? Where in NFLD are you? I'm from YQX. Cheers, Glenn
  12. The best crash is the one you walk away from.... Good luck with the replacement!!!
  13. You can make anything fit, if you have the tools and talent to do so. The only tail that bolts on directly, is the original... Good luck with it, and have fun!
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  15. Yikes indeed! You didn't mention any injuries so I'm guessing you are ok. Real shame about the bike but that can always be replaced. You cannot. Hope you get sorted for your trip.
  16. Well they look vile ... Russian, that explains a lot
  17. Welcome! What's your model year, type and colour? Any mods, planned etc.?
  18. First prize goes to Saoirse for the 'Oops' recognition :) I think the high mileage is my own karma. All those little internal mutterings about wishing I could just ride my bike (rather than work) must have had an audience somewhere so now I get to do both! Brad, I'm in Oxford too but working in Surrey so spend most of my life on the M40 and M25!
  19. Yikes! Glad you're ok, and good luck with the prep work for your trip
  20. To come back a little bit on the fuel pump. I contacted the guy on ADV Rider forum who is very nice. Speaking about my pump, he told me to check that the pump rod is still movable which is not (like not at all) so the pump is dead for sure. I might go for a chinese replacement that are like 30€ on ebay.co.uk (75€ for the same shit on ebay.fr...). I'd like to replace the original mechanical trigger with the optical trigger. Here is what he told me (apart the fact that my pump was dead): Looks similar, not exactly the same. I cannot guarantee it will work, but it is likely to work. (my kit has been used for several Hondas, including CBR600, carb version) Biggest issue with the Honda's is that sometimes (like RD07a, Afrika-twin) they have a 'thyristor' fuelpump 'relais' in front of the pump (switching the 12V to the pump). It works when this is a regular fuelpump relais, but there are problems when this is a 'thyristor'version that gets its signal froim the ignition. There are a few solutions to this.. but all with their (dis)advantages. Do you know if the original fuel pump relay is a basic one or a what he calls a 'thyristor' based one?
  21. I am no special fan of streetfighter conversion, even if on this forum, there are some gold nugget based on 4th generation (yes, I am thinking about @SEBSPEED and @apexandy). So far, I have not seen anything based on a 3rd gen that I liked but this one looks great, congratulations It looks quite simple, especially without the water tank on the right side. Nice job. That could give me some ideas for my own rebuild.
  22. New member, thanks for having me. I have an 8th Gen which I've owned for 18 months and 18000ks. Happy days laurie
  23. Only ever had one dealer service done with all four purchased new VFR's I've owned, they tightened the chain to concert pitch! And overfilled the oil, so glad they at least managed to tighten the oil filter. Pre delivery on my 8gen was also crap, battery lead loose, warm idle nearly 2000 rpm and missing under seat straps. If I can't do it myself I'll go to a well known specialist to have it done. As for having them setting your bike up, you'd have to be lucky that you strike a good mechanic with time to spare!
  24. Beautiful, and yeah, this weather is a bit odd!
  25. bobbyn, they're a French company, sell all over Europe but I'm not sure if they sell in the US....try a Google search. I'm sure they ship overseas but it will obviously cost extra. I had one of their matched tank covers and a couple of the attaching bags on both my previous VFRs (5th & 6th Gen) and if, as you show, you have a chipped tank, they cover that up very well. There's a huge range of tank bags too. Best of luck.
  26. Thurn is still around. Look on Facebook or the website for the email address and send an email about the parts you are interested in. I went through him for my clear/led lights.
  27. If you want feedback, it might be nice if you provided some links so there are no misunderstandings.
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