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  2. With the predicted storm coming in on Wednesday 128 is likely to close. Also, there is an 60% chance of rain on Saturday and 80% on Sunday. The 28th-29th maybe a better choice. I will keep following the thread and try to join in depending on weather.
  3. My VFR has a set of Dunlop Sportmax tyre's and I freaking hate them. My FZ1 has Michelin Pilot Road 4's and I love them, as soon as the Dunlop's need changing I'll be putting a set of the Pilot Road 4's on there. Very sticky and great for racking up the miles with minimal wear.
  4. Looking to order better grips for my 2014. My bike is currently in storage - anyone know (or could measure), if the bars are 3/4" or 7/8" diameter? Thanks! Sent from my SCH-I535 using Tapatalk
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  6. Not sure offhand, but I do recall noticing some differences too. How much of the bodywork did you pull off?
  7. I did an oil change and some other maint on my 2014 last night. Yeah, the service manual drawings are rather primitive (as in cave drawings; apologies to the cave men). And Honda's choice of fasteners and locations not so slick, either. But I did manage use all the salty language I had allocated for the entire month in one evening, so that's something. So here's a question: there are quite a few black 5mm shoulder bolts with the big domed heads. Two of them have taller shoulders than the rest. Any idea where these two are intended to go? I assumed it was where there were overlapping layers of plastic, but couldn't really find any. I'll pay a million dollars for the answer. Or not. pg
  8. Ah. The usual "rogue foreign distributor" thing. There wasn't really a "Wolf USA", it was Wolf's US distributor that went rogue on 'em, screwing up their sterling(cough) reputation in the process. Not that it matters much anymore, but Peter Sorrell (of Wolf UK fame) had his own set of "baggage" back in the days of Wolf UK. I don't remember all of the details anymore, but I know I wasn't in a hurry to buy an underseat exhaust (before they stopped making them)... Ciao,
  9. Excellent, thanks for going to the trouble. like Mello I have a feeling they're just being nice. Been there before, don't know what it is about just letting folks know the know. how else can decisions be made, SMH. I'm still looking at my options here.
  10. Never tried the Angels, but the Q3s that came on a recent purchase had good stick I just didn't like the rounded profile, and the wear. Too slow handling, wore out quick, and less warning before they start to slide. Some call the Powers "greasy" I call them forgiving. Never a problem with them in the rain.
  11. Looks good, can't wait to see it out in the wild! It is the first known crash survivor! :D
  12. Hi guys! Just finished making this change, and what a result! Goodbye orange/amber, hello white!! Take a look at yourself: -My bike's gauges... very dirty, I know! I ride all year round. -Old vs. new colour, what a difference! -All lighting replaced and fully working. Only burned one LED along the process! -Comparison between the 1st gauges coming on the 6th gen with the 2nd ones. (These are clear) -Comparison between the 1st gauges coming on the 6th gen with the 2nd ones. (These aren't clear) -Job done, here's all assembled on the bike! I prefer the old ones, because it is more harmonious on the dash, but will probably change from times to times. And that's it, it took me 2 hours of labour!
  13. Thanks, will start looking.
  14. I'm going to keep this thread updated in the 6th Gen section:
  15. I've been thinking that the New Members section of the forum is perhaps not the best place to keep my hybrid conversion and restoration thread updated, so I have decided to move it here instead. Here's the background for anyone who hasn't seen it yet:
  16. I switched from Q2's to Angel GT's. Have been running these for the last couple of years and absolutely love them. I don't ride track, but enjoy spirited rides on the road. (Enough to be wearing out my spacers on my pegs). I've only had these slip twice - both times in road works - my fault. They handle great in the wet. I'm a heavy bloke (110kgs) and had luggage on the bike as well, and I can ride as hard as I want. I don't know if the PR4's are any better or how they compare. I'm a little bit like "if it ain't broke don't fix it" and since I'm scraping pegs I can't see myself asking anymore of my bike than it's already giving. Just wondering if there's a reason Angel GT's are hardly mentioned. Are they old tech now. Do the PR4's beat them? Or is it due to a different style of riding?
  17. Usually it is a bad ground cluster. Sent from my SM-N900V using Tapatalk
  18. I briefly considered this too, but given I probably have enough on my plate at the moment, including getting that chain on Perhaps another time... The good news is that the bike now has some blood! Expecting to see a mess of rust and detritis, I took the tarpaulin off the VTEC lump on Satuday, and noticed that I had covered the flywheel in a plastic bag. It transpires that said plastic bag did a remarkable job of keeping a thin film of oil on the flywheel, and it is consequently in excellent condition. A quick snap of the impact driver and M20x1.5 bolt, and the flyhweel was off - no pullers, grabbers or other such nonsense was required. There is something that has completely confused me - the stator bolts now fit the generator cover. I could have sworn that they were bottoming out in the cover with both the 5th gen and 6th gen stator in place - I tried this numerous times over the past few weeks, and the result was the same - too long. I'm glad that they're in, but am very perplexed...weird. Fitting the flywheel was a little harder - even using a belt to prevent it from turning wasn't enough. FYI, the torque setting is 103nm. There is however a small hole to the rear (right) of the crank - I was able to use a screwdriver to brace the flywheel and nip the bolt up. I had heard the fitting the stator was going to be a bit tricky, thanks to the magnetism of the flywheel. Because I've got long fingers, I was able to hold three bolts in the cover (equally spaced), allowing me to line the cover up first time. Thereafter, it was just a case of fitting the other bolts and doing them up in the usual criss-cross fashion. One fairly fundamental oversight of mine has been failing to purchase a new oil filter - d'oh! I have therefore only put about half the required amount of oil in, which according to the Haynes manual, is 3.8 litre post strip down - given that my engine has been draining for a while, it's likely that I'll be needing close to this amount. I turned the engine over through the orifice on the clutch cover, which should have turned the oil pump at the same time. In case it hasn't I'll be popping a little bit of oil down the spark plug tubes (plugs removed) to give the piston rings some lubrication, and will be turning the engine over on the starter with the fuel pump disconnected. I encourntered a problem with the Lights4all tail light - the holes for the indicator connectors are not large enough - I butchered my connectors to make them fit for now, but the jury's out on whether the tail light will remain moisture tight or not as they're at a slight angle in the housing. Assuming Lughts4all don't come back and say 'yeah we sent you the wrong one/there's a manufacturing error - here'sa new one', I will get hold of some small files, new (or secondhand) connectors, and make the hole slightly larger in the light assembly. Longer term remedial action will have to wait for another time though - I need to get the bike running ASAP. Once the rear fairing was on, I refitted the pannier mounts and LED numberplate light, which is about 20% the size of the OEM behemoth. I'm going to need to find somewhere to mount the rear reflector too - I'm loathe to fit a small one on the plate itself. I may end up asking a colleague to fabricate something for me, which is likely to incorporate a small bracket for the original reflector too. It turns out that said colleague also has a CNC lathe at home! Why did I not know about this before??!?!?!?! I managed to feed the stator cable under the TBs quite easily - I should have left a bit of string under there when I put the TBs back on, but had forgotten this at the time. What I was able to do was join a couple of cable ties together, and feed those through. A bit of sticky tape and fumbling around, and the plug was through. I remeasured the spark plug tube ID too, which came out 1.5mm wider than originally measured with a child's ruler. I'll hopefully get the amended adaptors made this week, as well as something to keep the coils secured to the cam covers themselves. In order to get the rear/right coil in the spark plug tube, I lopped off the section with the bolt hole, so this will need to be held down in the tube from above. Just shy of 3 litres of fresh Honda coolant was added as well this weekend, and I can't see any leaks thus far - I'm REALLY hoping that if there are any leaks, none of them are under the TBs - that would be a bugger. Here's the jobs to do list: Fit the brake lines (I chased the supplier at the weekend) Order and fit oil filter Top oil up Fill/bleed brakes & clutch Wire the heated grips (they were glued onto the bars this weekend too) Collect powdercoated wheels - should be this week Fit new bearings to front wheel, as well as the discs Order and fit tyres Fit wheels Wire PCIII on receipt & load Fi base map Fit chain and guard Tighten up exhaust collector clamp Fit tank Fill tank (partially, in case the gaskets weep/leak) Put new plugs in Fit the cam cover adaptors Fit coil mounting gizmos Run engine whilst biting nails Repair brake MC wiring Bleed coolant Fit screen Fit fairings/nose cone etc Convince myself this was a good idea
  19. Any insight on what to look for or test would be appreciated. Today the LCD COMBINATION METER decided to go blank. No clock, no fuel, no temp, no trip, no odo I stopped for gas, not long, and the combo meter came back on. I stopped a short while later and the combo meter went blank again. It came on again before I returned home, but it went blank after arrival. After a search on the forum and preparing for this post, I went out to look at the gauge and the clock was up, but showing 4:34. So I'm guessing it came back about 3 hours and 34 minutes ago at the dreaded 1:00. I turned the key and the entire gauge came up (from memory of the prior odo reading, the odo is working and showing my mileage of the ride, but trip meters were zero) When I tried to set the clock, the gauge went blank again. It's late here so I will take a look tomorrow. In the meantime any suggestions will help. Dan '01 VFR
  20. Hi TedJake, Thank you for your donation of $25.00. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  21. Hi johnny5, Thank you for your donation of $25.00. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
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  23. I don't have brand new valves in stock, but for a replacement, I do have a pile of VF500 valves that are still useful... Just shoot me a PM... A bent valve, once removed from the engine, is easialy recognezed if you put it in a drill.. If the head of the valve wobbles when you turn the drill, it's bent..
  24. I did that once on a track day but it was a field full of cabbages.
  25. This is the before pic...
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