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  2. Tire change mid trip in CO.

    If I were you, I'd simply just mount a brand new set of sport touring tires before you set off -- you should make it home with rubber to spare!
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  4. received_771324006373574.jpeg

    Tis the AM. Thank you for the feature and beautiful comments.
  5. Tire change mid trip in CO.

    Awesome! Sounds good. Thanks for that :)
  6. Tire change mid trip in CO.

    I have no first hand experience with Eisenhower Tunnel 'cause we took US40 north over Berthaud Pass instead. I have mostly used Pilot Power over the past few years, but in 2015 I tried Pilot Road 4 and got close to double the life: 16K km vs 8-9K km on the same bike and similar rides. Near Yellowstone NP and Beartooth Pass is Wyo.296 - Chief Joseph Scenic Byway. It is another great motorcycling road and pairing it with Beartooth makes a lot of sense, if time & wx permit. Btw, if you were planning on staying nearby, Antler's Lodge in Cooke City has some lovely rustic cabins.
  7. Speedo error

    The gas mileage drops precipitously if you're accelerating briskly, read fast, and/or a lot of stop and go with quick acceleration from the stop. My freeway was steady speed of about 70 miles at a time, so not a lot of hard acceleration. Running right at 65-70 mph, I can get about 45 mpg. If you spend a lot of time over 9,000-10,000 rpm your mileage will suffer. But you'll have a lot of fun.
  8. received_771324006373574.jpeg

    Every good ride comes to an end, but not always under such glorious skies.
  9. Are you using ethanol free gas? Highly recommend using it. My 4th gen is a completely different machine on the good stuff. Plus your carb gaskets will thank you.
  10. Wandering by moto

    Adventure on!! AM you inspire us.
  11. Speedo error

    good advice-I've never gotten 41 mpg, even before the PC II, the K&N air filter, and the pipe. And I have the original gearing. Wonder why I get such bad gas mileage....thoughts?
  12. Hog tie 5.5

    Reservations made, I'm planning on being there mid-day on Thursday and leaving for home on Tuesday morning... It will be great to see everyone again!
  13. 6'1 250 Guy... Handle bar mods

    Don't get me wrong...I'm a porker at the moment, but at 250#, my physician (and hiking buddies) will tell you that all of my numbers are great--despite the waist size. There are plenty of 6'1 250ish guys around who are in quite good shape.
  14. received_771324006373574.jpeg

    Could this be AM from that other website whose name will not be mentioned? She takes some epic road trips which are well worth the trouble to go read... And since I have never seen her post on VFRD, a big WELCOME!
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  16. Hog tie 5.5

    That sounds fun!
  17. Tire change mid trip in CO.

    ehhhh I don't know about removing the wheels for them. The front is gonna be all up to them anyways, and the rear wheel still needs the exhaust removed from the collector to get at the rear wheel. Since they have the bike in the shop to pull the front, can't really pull the rear for them. I have never run the PR3's before so I have no idea how long they'll last. My thoughts about replacing the tires mid-trip is precautionary. Thanks for that! I appreciate it. I'm still planning my trip and the route so I'll let you know. Thanks! :)
  18. Tire change mid trip in CO.

    Hmmm. I don't know if I would say they are new-ish. They have plenty of tread left but they are beginning to look like they are starting to square off. They are PR3's and the date code shows they are from 2014. They were on the bike when I bought it last year and that was about 7,000kms ago. So they'll probably have about 10,000kms on them when I get to Colorado area. Pikes Peak I forgot about so I'll add it to my list, thanks! Beartooth is one of the reasons I wanna head over that way to be perfectly honest. That, Independance Pass and Going to the Sun road further north are all in my sights. Should I skip Eisenhower tunnel?
  19. How to recharge old K&N filter

    Great update... I just wish someone would ante up an after market filter for the RC45...
  20. 6'1 250 Guy... Handle bar mods

    Beautiful machine. Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  21. 6'1 250 Guy... Handle bar mods

    Put it this way. I'm 6FT7 240lbs, I just did a 2000km trip through British Columbia on my 2014 VFR and it is the best bike I've ever owned. Not one day was I sore or cramped or feeling a lack of power from the bike. And I was getting about 470km to a full tank. You'll love it. It's definitely a unique bike. Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  22. 6'1 250 Guy... Handle bar mods

    Start with the VIN sticker... VFR800 GVWR is 950 lb... subtract the bikes wet weight of 540 lb (depending on model) that leaves the maximum load capacity of 410 lb... technically speaking your weight is not a problem for a Honda VFR...
  23. Going to look at a 2001. Things to check?

    Just got a 1999 Honda VFR800 myself (first bike for a smoking deal), but it needs some work. Thanks for posting this, very informative and useful, I'll keep this in mind when I start looking more into the bike.
  24. How to recharge old K&N filter

    Awe, good ole air filter talk , cool. KN just happens to have another filter for the VFR.
  25. How to recharge old K&N filter

    Excellent narrative with photos... VFR K&N filters are designed to pass just as much air as the stock filter so the owner will not have to re map... whereas BMC filters are designed to pass more air than stock but remapping is necessary to reap more performance... BMC
  26. received_771324006373574.jpeg

  27. Wandering by moto

    My bike trips
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