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  2. 030917vfr.JPG

    Thanks. Glad to be reminded of that after some weeks without traveling. Must say there are many places on you're side of the pond I would ride to if I ever have the opportunity. Sounds like you've seen them too.
  3. New leftover base 2014 price?

    These are pretty unbelievable discounts. I'm 300 miles north of Kevin, and not in the market, but it would still be a long way to pick up a bike. It does remind me of when they had all the leftover 2007 6th gens. Either they are dropping the VFR from the US market (again) or they have significant model change coming.
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  5. This one or that one ?

    Is this something he is working on for a business? I think many of us could become customers!
  6. Buell XBR lowering pegs

    I'm surprised these are still available. I'm using the Buell Ulysses pegs on my 6th gen. They fit without mods, and I was able to adjust the rear brake without any mods, either.
  7. Seat fit 2010 1200

    Yep looks same as mine. Thanks for the pic Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. This one or that one ?

    Bottom but see if he can make it so it doesn't look so washed out around the back of your helmet, headlight, back of the jacket, etc.
  9. This one or that one ?

    Ya know I have to agree with what you said, just might have to get both versions, one for the garage office, and one for the bedroom.
  10. Seat fit 2010 1200

    Looks normal to me. I just went out and snapped a picture of my seat.
  11. This one or that one ?

    I seem to be alone in liking the white-background version. When I imagine both of these pictures matted and framed and hanging on a wall during every day life in somebody's home, I like the white version better. Maybe it's because the white version has a friendlier, real-life-experience sort of feel and a less of the overtly "bad-ass" tone to it. (this sort of thing ages better on the wall in your home. I know from experience living/working in the world of piloting airplanes in both the military and a major airline. the ultra-bad-assed pictures end up in the closet but the friendlier, happier, more personally accessible ones stay on the wall).
  12. Seat fit 2010 1200

    My Corbin fits against my tank and just falls into place with its on weight also. But my stock see is not a good fit as you can see in the pics Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Buell XBR lowering pegs

    Update: I do want to lower the rear brake pedal a good bit more. This may involve grinding the locknut down to reduce it's height and shortening the threaded rod a bit. The brake light switch will need to be adjusted.
  14. Seat fit 2010 1200

    That looks and sounds backwards to mine. My Corbin fits snug up against the tank and it will latch under its own weight.
  15. New leftover base 2014 price?

    Hey Kevin - Cedar Creek WI - $6976 - they will deal on the discounted prices (my guess is they'd come off that price by about $500) https://www.cedarcreekmotorsports.com/default.asp?page=xAllInventory&vt=motorcycle / scooter&make=honda&sq=interceptor&s=Price&d=A#page=xAllInventory&sq=interceptor&vt=motorcycle %2F scooter&make=honda no affiliation, but I did buy a bike from them ...
  16. Hello from Serbia

    Bugger !
  17. Seat fit 2010 1200

    Looks like the fit on my stock ‘12. It’s always been difficult to remove and install.
  18. This one or that one ?

    Go with the top, highlight the edge of the front tire, as he has done with the rear tire, and also edge highlight using the same technique under the body fairing, very subtle. And, most important, tone down the area between your right arm and the tank, as that draws attention bringing the eyes focus to that area away from the you and the bike, maybe off-tone read in that area instead of the brown/tan. Great photo and really nice art work. I like it.
  19. This one or that one ?

    Thanks guys for your input, yea, I was leaning with the black one as well. but the way it was looking coming out of what looks like to me fog had me going I like that too just the back ground has to much white. I had a chat with him last night and he is going to work with the black version, clean up the wheels & tires, back ground to a more dark wispy dark smoke gray lightening it up, then cleaning up some of the holes. Can't wait to see this version, He's a pretty talented guy.
  20. Hello from Serbia

    too slow amigo.....
  21. Hello from Serbia

    Here comes the hot stepper, murderer I'm the lyrical gangster, murderer Hey there. Hi there and where the pictures... ( I thought I'd get in before Dutchy!)
  22. Maybe Ti doesn't bend well? Seems like a lot, if not all, of the Ti systems I see, including GP bikes, are made that way. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  23. project 86 750

    Good info, thanks. I am not splitting carbs yet, this is just to get it to idle on it own, was using carb clean to make it run b4. When it comes back in for the real project it will for sure get all new o-rings gaskets seals and what not.
  24. This one or that one ?

    Top one for me, with the wheels whiter to make them pop Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  25. project 86 750

    You can just swap the locations of the float bowls and the limiting tabs are defeated so the caps can stay. It makes getting on them with a long screwdriver a little easier. Don't forget, the slide springs are actually different front and rear, slightly longer go in front. And I would 100% replace the fuel tube o-rings while they are on the bench, it is time. Put 42s in my latest 86, bit it has a Kerker 4-2-1 slip on with a large Sudco can. And pretty sure I'm on 120s (edit: pretty sure 125 mains, need to check my notes). Runs perfect with my setup. Stock needles shimmed with one of the washers from the pilot screws. Slide holes not drilled bigger. I wouldn't line that tank. It has a screened fitting on the end of the pick up tube. I think you can just see it with the sending unit removed, maybe I had to use a dental mirror. Clean the best you can or perhaps use the electrolysis method. You can't mix and match 86/87 with 88/89 front fairings. They split at different locations. The rears have different sub frames too as mentioned, and the Euro models incorporated grab handles. Unless I was gifted a non-US set, I'd stick to 86/87.
  26. This one or that one ?

    Same here, I would go with the black one
  27. This one or that one ?

    Top. Very cool.
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