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  2. That looks very familiar! Good work! BaileyRock
  3. You'd probably take the ferry, but if you went through London, you could always stay over at my place! (But you'll have to ride the VTR!) Ciao,
  4. Hello gentlemen! I have purchased a 2010 VFR 1200 from one of the members here and will be picking it up in a few weeks. I am looking forward to trying it out although I will miss the ability to pull wheelies since it is a shaft drive. I have 3 sons who also ride and these are our existing bikes.
  5. Look on some dyno print-outs? Should be obvious if they rev it up to the redline. FWIW, the 3rd gen rev counter on my US-spec FL had a redline at 11,000, whilst the one on my UK-spec FP has a redline of 11,500. Ciao,
  6. The 88-89 model had a 140 rear tire on 17 inch, so should not be a problem.
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  8. Been looking for actual info on the rpm that standard limiter kicks in at, but I'm drawing a blank. Tried the usual sources. Need to know as I'm looking at getting a different speedo/rev counter dash for my cafe racer project. The gauge I'm looking at has suitable options of 12,000rpm or 15,000rpm? Cheers
  9. Does the bike run cooler with the Power Commander? Which map did you use? On the power commander website it only lists stock exhaust/stock air filter, arrow slip-on/stock air filter, and arrow slip-on (db killer removed)/stock air filter. I assume the Arrow is basically the same as any other aftermarket exhaust - is that true?
  10. Very clean. I like it. Is that Honda decal off another model/year?
  11. The tyres are going on this week, and the cam cover adaptors should be in my paws tomorrow evening. I'll change the plugs and prime the piston rings, then set about bonding the adaptors in the covers before fitting the tank and giving the electrics the last once over. The brake lines will hopefully be delivered tomorrow as well - sorting those out will allow me to fit the nose cone, although the other fairings will remain in the spare room until I'm happy that the engine is running ok at idle and is free of leaks.
  12. Even though there is no ethanol in Moroccan petrol, I think it is reasonable to expect the 28 year old carburetors to be in need of cleaning and adjustment. It most likely needs new tires, and who knows what condition the suspension is in. The posting states the bike has under 30,000 kilometers; it has likely been neglected by non-use. I have purchased several bikes like this in the past, and after the initial investment to make them roadworthy, they have rewarded me with years of dependable service. My current bike is 17 years old and gets ridden daily (when I'm in the States). I guess my primary concern is that I have never taken the leap on such a vintage motorcycle before. My wife suggests I buy a new one, but I really dig the bikes with gear driven cams.
  13. Considering it; being on "garden leave" gives me the possibility...
  14. Thank you! Yeah it's truly unfortunate, I'm sure there's many more out there like mine. They just need some tlc and it's good to go!
  15. If you mostly tour, used FJR's are going cheap these days and are big bang for the buck. Allrounder = vfr of course :)
  16. Agreed, thanks for the input!
  17. Engine and frame reunited at last!
  18. It's a big event this year Dutchy, worth the trip for the weekend?
  19. Don't forget Mountain View BBQ in Walker! Great brisket to fill you up after a trip over Sonora Pass on the way to Monitor.
  20. i've launched mice out of my mufflers (on my Interceptor) on first spring start up....they are said to like gasoline odor
  21. Good day, it has been a long time since I have been on this site and been on a motorcycle. To give a quick bio my list of bikes in the past 25 years are as follows in order, gs500, katana600, 97vfr,98vfr,02vfr,919, 00vfr, sprint1050, cbr1100xx, 06vfr I am fairly short so I always lowered my Hondas buy Turning the triangle plate and adjusting the front forks. I always live the VFRs and found them my favorite except the XX which I had set up excellent for touring and had gobs of power. I Have been thinking of getting another bike. Probably used. I post this hoping to save a little bit of time on research potential bikes. I am leaning towards the following for various reason and find some short comings in all of coarse:) and I would need hard bag set up and a good alternator to power heated gear/etc 6, 7, or 8gen Vfr ninja 300 the least on my list only reason it's in it cheap and great gas mileage Ninja 1000 FJR or Concours Thoughts? Thank you in advance Greg
  22. I'm still good for Saturday. Just tell me where to be.
  23. I'm in, let me know meetup point, as I will have to leave really early to get there...............
  24. I can't make Sat the 28th as it's my wife's birthday (you can remind me of my messed up priorities on the next ride). However, even though the 4th works for me, don't postpone to the 4th. We've got the next four sunny days to dry out, leading up to a sunny weekend. The way this winter is going it might be the best opportunity until May!
  25. Those are the same ones as on my RC51. They suck!!!! I didn't have any fall apart like that but if you are too rough with them the will disintegrate. The Wheels look fantastic!!!
  26. I've got the whole suspension upgrade kit from DMr waiting to go in over here. I'm dying...
  27. Thanks for the bottle info.
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