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  2. If anyone is telling you they have injection moulded fairings for a 5th generation they are lying !!
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  4. InterceptoRRC79

    CoC Document

    Someones help, same databases are there anyway,... Someones help will not be illegal.. Cause anyway.. I can't use this paper like personal... It's just paper where are the databases from vehicle... Nothing personal or anything like that..
  5. InterceptoRRC79

    "Loosed" Manual Service RC79

    So... Here we go! 😎 VFR800F-2014_Service_Manual.pdf
  6. squirrelman

    New guy- vf750f rebuild

    you still haven't tested the compression ? 😮
  7. Another thing to keep in mind is that after welding the bungs will need to have a tap run thru them to clean up the thread as they shrink and distort during welding. Also, make sure you use an anti-seize on the threads as stainless to stainless will gawl and lock up, especially once there is heat involved. Don't get the anti-seize on the sensor end. Apply it to the threads on the sensor and not in to the bung where it would get pushed out when screwing in the sensor. Phil
  8. Picked up some Michelin Road 5s to replace my Pilot Road 4s. Can't wait for spring. I'm inching to scrub these babies in.
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  10. keef

    tube bars without a "kit"

    comfortable bars will vary person to person, and bike to bike, because your feet/hips/hands all have to work together to be comfortable, so pegs/seat/bars all need to work together. If the pegs say sit upright because they are low, the seat says lean forward (say, if you have a longer shock so the rear is higher), and the bars say sit upright, it will feel slightly off, as well.
  11. Thanks, I'll probably go with R&G. Too much uncertainty otherwise. Lost a bit of faith in T-Rex after this episode and noticed that they've changed designs at least three times. I'm thinking the older version might have held up a bit better.
  12. Fritzer

    Tips & Tricks To Help Your Charging System

    Poor charging performance on my '99 led me to your post. After determining that the stator was in good working order, your solution made much sense. After a short time implementing your solution my charging troubles are a thing of the past! Thanks for your posting, it sure helped.
  13. UpArrrow

    5th gen seat - key doesn't release

    Thanks. First 'net reference I found didn't mention that lever.
  14. Fastdruid

    Video "History of the VFR"

    I agree there... But you can't have it both ways! Either include the HRC/Race bikes or don't. The video as stands mentions some but not others. It mentions the race wins of the VFR/RVF750R... But not the VF750F or VFR750F. It mentions the RS1000RW but not its VF750F based engine or any of the other HRC prototype bikes... apart from the RVF750... which it confuses with the RC30. On a side note, the RC45 was another bike where the marketing department named it against the wishes of HRC (to avoid confusing it with the Prototype/HRC RVF750). It really should have been another VFR750R. If you concentrate just on road/production bikes the lack of mentioning the VF1000R becomes even more puzzling because that was their first production bike with gear driven cams.
  15. thtanner

    Chinese rip-off Toro’s 5th gen

    They are just using the photos as reference photos. No scam.
  16. Hello, I have a 7th Gen Delkevic 8" Carbon slip on for sale. In good shape with some weather staining on the chrome and pipe. Carbon can is clean with no scratches. The bottom hose clamp bolt is rusty but still functions. This pipe sounds great on throttle but is very poppy when off throttle. Some might like it but for me I didn't. Mounts up using Oem hanger bolt. Will work with center stand. Asking $165 shipped cont. US. PM with any questions. Ian
  17. Don't do that; you're going to set the bike afire! Part of the JIS/Phillips confusion stems from the Japanese calling their JIS-spec cross-head screws "Phillips"!!! Honda also had a problem with the early RC46 windscreen dimpling/melting the dashboard, which they "fixed" by changing the dash to include ugly little raised triangles of extra plastic on the later Y2ks and '01s: Such aesthetic indifference caused me to buy a second-hand set of clocks just to salvage the plastic to swap onto mine. (I will park out of the sun!) Ciao, JZH
  18. The Honda torque arms I'm familiar with (RC30/36/45/46) all use spherical bearings and 10mm bolts, except the NC35, which has some kind of slot arrangement. Ciao, JZH
  19. HispanicSlammer


  20. mello dude

    Multiple Bike Disorder (MBD)

    Stray - thats great! --- You forgot to add the "while I'm at it disorder" -omg i am soooo guilty! (intention to do one small job, but results in a bike tear down) But anyhoo for fun.... - Disapproving Spouse Disorder -- used to have that, but divorced her. No Maas! Gone! Gone! (add evil laugh track here) - Unstoppable Modification Disorder- guilty - Constant Parts Buying Disorder - guilty - Un-fitted Parts Hording Disorder (related to above and can last decades!) - guilty - Selling Unused Parts on eBay at a Steep Loss After Decades of Storage Disorder (again, related to above, Disaproving Spouse Dosorder, and Lack of Space Disorder) - No so much... Cheers
  21. RhodeMoto

    4th gen silencer

    Not much to report. Wanted to have short tube at tip to pass through the tail piece so the perf pipe will not be visible. Too cheap to buy, so fabricating from .045 stainless. Once this is welded, will tack to perf. Was thinking of cutting the can shorter, at least 1.5" to eliminate the 6 original rivet holes. I had thought the can was stainless, but now realize it is chrome steel. Cutting will leave edge raw, how to keep from rusting,....? May leave it, for path of least hassle.
  22. Last week
  23. Stray

    looking for yellow seat cowl

    Look in the classifieds section of this site. There’s a chap selling a Corbin seat with built in seat cowl. Might be ideal for you?
  24. Stray

    Tires on sale??

    In the UK BikespeedUK are doing some cheap old stock deals on Contimotion (£115 pair), BT023 (£149) pair and Road Pilot 2 (£154 pair). Relatively cheap by UK standards but rubber has moved on quite a bit since the Road Pilot 2! Sorry - this doesn’t help you guys in the US. Stray
  25. I logged nearly 80,000 miles on two 5th gen VFRs between 2010 and 2017. I had a ’98 from 2010-15, then sold it to purchase a low mileage 2000 model. Unfortunately, my son crashed it last year, bending the front wheel, forks, and cracking the frame at the steering head. All I’m left with is few spare parts that were not on the bike at the time of the crash. Great souvenirs of my most favorite bikes ever, but I’ll never use them, so it’s time to part ways. Cutout Rear Cowl: $60 Here is a rear cowl that I cut out so I could install the grab handles. I found the grab handles to be very useful in putting the bike up on the center stand for tire inspection and chain maintenance. Corbin Smuggler Seat (cutout) with 5th Gen Grab Handles: $400 The Corbin is a little firmer than stock; super comfortable and good looking. The rear cowl has a lockable flip up lid that allows access underneath for stowing small items (camera, water bottle, sun glasses, etc). This one is in very good condition; not perfect, there are some hairline cracks in the paint on the inside of the compartment. Also, I have cut it out for use with the grab handles, which may or may not be appealing to you. Note: I’ll sell the seat separately, but the seat must be sold before I’ll part with the grab handles. Price on the seat w/o the handles negotiable. VFR Right Lower Cowl (fairing) $60 This fairing was involved in a crash that rashed up the side and broke up the lower stay area. The damage has been repaired. I used this part to test paint colors, so it will need to be sanded and repainted. It is a genuine Honda part, not Chinese. More pictures available on request. PM me if you are interested in any of this stuff, prices negotiable. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Let’s talk. Thanks for looking. Jeff J.
  26. FromMaine

    Mystery Shock...

    Would agree with the posters above. Years ago you could send him a CBR600 shock and he would modify it to your needs. for a first Gen. Heres a pic of a VF500F shock he sold. He offered them with and without the remote reservoir. His pic of the non remote is down on his website, but I think this shows its pretty close.
  27. I’m sorry for any misinformation. I’m going off memory of my teardown of my 5th Gen and have slept many nights, since then. Trying to remember what went where and how it went has proven difficult.
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