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  2. London calling...

    No worries Maine, no information, if accurate, is bad information! BTW, there's no real way of knowing the start date the p.o. put the acid in the battery and thus its chemical onset. This model doesn't come presealed. I think I'll just bite the bullet on a new one... Does no sit well with my "tightwadedness"! :]
  3. If I indeed clicked on the correct link, (which I think I did?) it worked for me.
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  5. If you're talking SP-1 or SP-2, the adapters to fit radial calipers are probably still available. In fact virtually all these Showa forks can be swapped around. As long as the inner leg diameter is the same (43 mm for these and most others) any outer leg can be used. The overall length is then determined by the length of the damper assembly and although that can be modified (by shortening or lengthening the rod, within reason regarding the inner/outer overlap) the stroke cannot be so easily changed. In fact, it can't be changed at all. It can be possible to swap around damper rod assemblies, but how their top and bottom fittings vary can restrict what will fit with what. Be aware however that Honda have used some Kayaba forks and they seem to prefer a 55 mm bottom yoke clamp diameter and a different thread for the top cap. JZH, let me know when you're done with those SP-2 outers John.
  6. Time has come...

    If you don’t sell the seat please let me know. Thank you!
  7. A reasonable resource to locate is the Honda Common Service Manual. This is a generic document and explains more about the function of things like carbs than specifics related to models. If you are not happy with how the bike runs, getting it back to stock (or confirming it is stock) is a good starting point. https://www.dropbox.com/s/xz39vanvr66jqeq/Honda Common Service Manual.pdf?dl=0
  8. I would be interested in trying it as well.
  9. Yes, this. My bike was running crazy hot last summer. It too was running lean.
  10. VFR 750N

    Oil cooler works totally fine at this distance, as air passes through the front of the oil cooler it exits the rear and thus cools the oil. The ambient temperature around the oil cooler wont affect the bike in any substantial way, just like I can hold my hand 2 inches from the exhaust and my hand wont burn, it may get warmer, but my blood isnt going to bubble and boil.
  11. Hello from Poland

    Dzien Dobry Malpa. Always loved the Candy Red and Gold wheeled 6th gen real nice colour combination. Agree with Tiutis that's some pretty precise garden and entrance work, very nice home for the VFR! Do Widzenia.
  12. I have the full service manual downloaded from here but it doesn't always help when you are not familiar at all with bike carbs. They don't have a section on what to look for if someone screwed with your carbs and changed things from stock ;) All I'm asking for is to share some knowledge! I'm not annoying others who replied and are trying to help. Hopefully my questions will help others in the future as I have used the search function (before it is suggested) and couldn't find answers to my questions.
  13. London calling...

    Didn't mean to come across as pedantic. Read your thread and did not see the info you now provided, so I started at the beginning. You obviously have a handle on it. Batteries in the US all have some type of date code, whether its as simple as 04/14, April of 2014, to a code that is similar to a tire date code, which you will need to look up, but there should be something on the unit to identify its. manf. date. Its how they identify if its still in warranty. If it 4 or more years older, it may be on its way out if not on a battery maintainer. I did manage to salvage my 4th gens battery last year when I shipped out and did not get a chance to remove it before winter, by bringing it inside the house and putting it on a trickle charger. it was at 11.8 volts at that point. I charged for it a day, then rested for a day for a week. . I got this summer out of it with no problem. Then it died this winter. So if you can figure out you batteries age you will be better informed as to what will be best for you. Again, good luck, and I hope its a simple fix
  14. Jetkit needles have multiple grooves for adjustments while stock needles have no grooves. with a jetkit, your jet numbers may not correlate exactly with stock jet numbers. Nate, alot of what you say you don't understand is explained and illustrated in the FSM, which you probably haven't read.
  15. Indeed. Very interesting. Might consider a radial brake upgrade to my bike at some point...
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  17. Hello from Poland

    I love the cobblestone-like entrance:) You live in a castle or Krakow:)
  18. Hi wiremanjon, Thank you for your donation of 10.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  19. Thanks, I try my best to be helpful. And, yeah, I miss my old '99 a lot.
  20. Rear ABS Fault (error code number 3)

    Put bike on stand and run the bike, take out a voltmeter and check if your getting power at the speed sensor. Sensor could be gone .
  21. Time has come...

    I'll take the seat if shipping is not too much. PM sent.
  22. my plugs in my 1997 RC36 look just like that. yes it smells rich at idle but been carbed i expect that, open the throtle and it clears up immeaditly. allso i am at sea level and your at altatude maybe its the thinner oxygen levels?
  23. Hi there, I've got a 2002 VFR800 VTEC. The ABS light recently started flashing while riding (while on a motorway section). I looked into the fault and its error code number 3 meaning rear wheel speed sensor or pulser ring. I've inspected the area visually and all looks fine. I've cleared the code and its returned. Any ideas on the next steps or any experiences of a similar fault? Thanks in advance, Tom
  24. Time has come...

    ...to move on. Victim of an accident, my 2012 VFR1200F is totaled. I still have a few accessories left for sale: Used (few scratches) Honda blue color-matched saddlebags (part 08L70-MGE-C10ZA), Honda inner bags included. These saddlebags were not mounted on the bike at the time of the accident. One of the saddlebag lock has a small quirk: the handle needs to be slightly lifted so the lid can be locked/unlocked. Doesn’t have any incidence on everyday's use. Once closed, it remains tightly locked. The set will come together with one original key.The complete set on ebay goes for over $1400. Asking $500 + shipping. Used Honda tankbag (part 08L56-MGE-100). Superficial scratch following accident (no idea how it got scratched: jacket or maybe seat. Don’t know). $140 on ebay. Asking $50 + shipping Mint condition original seat. Brand new around $200. Asking $70 + shipping Pics attached. If you need further info, do not hesitate to contact me. Merchandise can be picked up in DC as well. Thanks for looking. Safe riding. Alain
  25. London calling...

    Yeah... you just know you're either buying a new R/R and/or a new Stator and/or a new battery too... hehehehe. I was impressed by this Triumph Tiger's charging system when I tested it out before buying. It's famous for other problems though... like water getting in through the gas cap... I've thoroughly looked at that... they guy who designed it was overpaid (by his entire salary).
  26. London calling...

    These are called BNC... but what are my laptop's ones called... hmmmmm... internet so close and yet so far...
  27. London calling...

    It's so much easier with a Honda!
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