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  2. I guess it doesn't like the cold...

    I've ordered 2 batteries from Chrome Battery and they have always worked, regardless of hot or cold. https://www.chromebattery.com/motorcycles/1999-honda-cbr1100xx+super+blackbird-ytx12+bs-battery.html $35 with an 18 month warranty.
  3. Rear Brake Issue

    Thanks All! I replaced the rearset with a "new" one from ebay. Brake and brake light working great..... But as I was riding today I noticed my voltmeter reading between 13.1V and 12.8V. at idle! Replaced the R/R with a Mosfet from Roadstercycles about a year ago, along with installing a Shorai battery. The stator is a Rick's and was replaced maybe 3 years ago (only about 6k miles on it). Bike runs amazing when everything is working, but I've dumped so much money in the last year and my frustration is growing. Please talk me out of selling!
  4. driving lights on 5th gen

    Someone here has clear front turn signals on his/her 5th gen with switchback led bulbs. They are white until the turn signal is used, then they flash amber. I don't know how much additional light they would provide, but I know it would make your bike a lot more noticeable. https://www.ebay.com/itm/172813211224?var=471595970864 https://www.google.com/search?q=led+switchback+bulbs
  5. From my post over at the other VFR Forum. I know you aren't looking for top end, but this is my experience with adding a map on my PCII: I have noticed a big increase in mid range too. Accelerating to pass someone on the freeway is a simple matter of twisting the throttle.
  6. No problems here over the years with several sets. Don't trim / bend the wrong tab and mount them upside down.
  7. Petcock body leaks

    same problem, different bike https://www.hawkgtforum.com/forum/honda-hawk-gt-bros-discussions/mechanical-and-technical/830518-attempted-petcock-rebuild
  8. Yesterday
  9. Parting out a 1993

    I know it has been a while since you stated the part out but do you still have the front forks tubes? If so are they in good shape without pits and straight? Thanks
  10. On my 4th Gen. swapped out my 45/45 's with H4 55/60 's about 4 years ago. Reason I did was I could not find an oem bulb anywhere near me. Nearest Hondas dealer is a 100 mile RT. No wiring problems, but a few months before that I had the fairings off, so I went and cleaned and dielectriced every connector I could reach as a preventive measure.
  11. I placed my order, low mount carbon 16", 4-6 weeks we will see, may take a while to get it installed...
  12. Very nice shots Fink. Great scenery and Lady in Red looks her best as well. Must be a good feeling to be out of hibernation and seeing the sunshine. Cheers.
  13. So I might have done a thing......

    Replacing the crusty original tank, eh? Is that because you didn't trust that the interior corrosion could be sorted, or did you find a tidy replacement for a fair price?
  14. I've always used standard H4 bulbs. I've only changed a couple, but I trimmed the tabs and had no issues with fit. I also went to the higher wattage bulb, and have had no problems with melted connectors or anything of that ilk.
  15. Lost the Love

    Apart from riding motorcycles I also ski (snow), have flown paragliders, and I drive trucks for a living. As a younger man I served in the military, (was lucky enough not to see active duty!) All are hobbies/occupations that carry risks. Yes riding motorcycles is risky ( I did a great Superman impersonation when I was 19 but was able to walk away with a broken wrist) I try to be as safe as I can but in the words of Garth Brooks “Life is not lived it is simply survived if your’e standing outside of the fire” ( I think there the correct words?) Like you billyjackjimbob my wife has a miata (we call them MX5s in Oz) and they are a very fun drive, if only you could make them lean in the corners!! Enjoy whatever poison you choose, LIFE IS SHORT.
  16. Petcock body leaks

    I am about to drill/tap/replace the internals. Bought my kit from UK: http://www.nrp-carbs.co.uk/shop/index.php?route=product/product&keyword=vfr750FL&product_id=4451 (link is for 3rd gen; they have others) It comes with a bunch of replacement o-rings, replacement screws and instructions, but not the fairly small tap which is required. From where mine appeared to be leaking, that outer o-ring didn't seem to be at fault, but I replaced that as well.
  17. Two things I learned while riding today

    It was the South Island, there was no insurance reduction option so the excess was $1500 if you had an accident, but you were covered for third party insurance (I suppose a 2005 model VFR is only worth $4000 to $5000) But it was an excellent rate.
  18. Rear Brake Locking After Pressing Pedal

    Thanks VFROZ, As a matter of interest / Frustration what did you do to delink the brakes? I am getting so frustrated with what on every motorcycle is a simple hydraulic circuit. I tend to agree with your earlier comments that most problems are caused by essentially years of neglect. This doesn't however make it any easier to correct, esp now as more and more parts are being obsoleted.
  19. To blow my project money all at once or not, ‘‘tis the question
  20. project 86 750

    Well that was unexpected lol
  21. 8th Gen headlight VFR800F

    There's one on eBay from the USA https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2015-HONDA-INTERCEPTOR-VFR-800-FRONT-HEADLIGHT-HEAD-LIGHT-LAMP-/302646900967?nav=SEARCH Its got 2 broken tabs but is only $500 Dont suppose there's any members near Dallastown, Pennsylvania ?
  22. 8th Gen headlight VFR800F

    I know hence asking if someone could compare.
  23. A day off, some blue skies instead of the rain or snow and a temp that climbed above 0c today. Managed to get out on the bike for an hour.
  24. 8th Gen headlight VFR800F

    That's a USA DOT number after the circle with E4
  25. That's a good rate for the rental, what about insurance etc .... North island? When I rent in California it's about $120US per day plus $50 in insurance for a BMW GS 800, the only place with a VFR is in Sacramento which is not where I want to start/finish
  26. 8th Gen headlight VFR800F

    Remembered about this thread today whilst I had phone in hand, so took a pic of the lettering on a Uk headlamp. Would someone in the US care to compare?
  27. Been running standard H4s for years with no issues. You don't trim the lower tabs just bend 'em back slightly so the base fits tight in the mount. If you want the full potential of the lights you'll need to upgrade the wiring. Eastern Beaver sells a good kit for this with options for accessory wiring.
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