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    Interesting point you raise Acedit. Got a feeling that this stagger is all about balancing the air induction pulse with the V4 cylinder timing and crank angles. Firing order is 1-3-2-4. The Front two cylinders are 2 left and 4 right. The Rear cylinders are 1 left and 3 right. The shorter Air Funnels are at 2 and 3 the longer are at 1 and 4. So that pattern relative to crank angle and firing order is: 1 to 3 = 180deg = a Long to Short Funnel. 3 to 2 = 270deg = a Short to Short Funnel. 2 to 4 = 180deg = a Long to Short Funnel. 4 to 1 = 90deg = a Long to Long Funnel. If I'm making any sense then you can see the balance effect going on. You can see the longest crank duration (270deg) has the two shortest funnels, while the shortest crank duration (90deg) has the two longest funnels, and both the 180deg durations have a short/long combination. Hope this helps? Cheers
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    No surprise it's off their site given that the last one was imported 5 years ago. When I used to go to the dealer to pick something up I would walk around to look at the new offerings, sometimes lusting after them. No longer. I see no passion in new bikes. They're more capable and sophisticated for sure, but for me that's all they are. To me most look like industrial machinery - they lack a soul and elegance of design. I'm sure I've already purchased my last new bike - my Viffers should last through my riding days - glad to have 'em.
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    Got a bunch of things done all at once: New DID chain and Sunstar sprockets despite everything still being in spec, with the OEM chain and sprockets still looking good at 40,150 miles (!) (I only use Honda spray lube on the chain) New adjustable billet levers from Japan New NGK iridium plugs Coolant flush Brake and clutch fluid flush and replacement with Endless RF650 Endless PRO2 front pads New Honda OEM quickshifter (busted the peg on the first one) Honda synthetic oil and OEM filter Honda OEM air filter Then I went for a ride!
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    It is a pesky devil, isn't it? That's long been the knock on the V-4 - two of everything - 2 cylinder heads, 2 sets of cams and covers to remove for a valve adjustment, and then all that stuff crammed down in there where it's hard to get at. But the result is V-4 magic! Be sure all your hoses are tight - 1/2 turn too loose and you'll be chasing another coolant leak with all that to do over. If you're having the injectors cleaned (good idea BTW), RC Injector service is in SoCal and would be a quick turnaround for you. $25 per plus shipping. I just sent mine to WitchHunter Performance in Duval, WA which was cheaper, but he has a 3 week backlog. Removing them has a set procedure that includes removing the TPS - too long to describe, would recommend reviewing that in the FSM before going further. Also, be kind to the throttle body boots. They are no longer available so if they get borked you'll have to find them used. Maybe a PITA for now, but you'll be glad to did this and have the satisfaction of doing it yourself. It's a nice looking ride and deserves the service. Cheers
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    Tis So! Has been for a long while. Honda has no Sports Touring category at all. V4's are dead, yep, may as well go slash ya wrist
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    Motorcycle horns... in good working order... have a distinctive sound all there own... when people here that little beeep eep... they have been trained over the years to think motorcycle... but if you replace the beeep eep with a car... truck or train horn... guess what??? confused people will charge right into your path thinking a car... truck or train has blown it's horn for them to get out their way... It's only natural for cagers to equate sounds to the first thing that pops into their heads in a panic situation... You're safest with meep meep... I talked to BMW rider who mounted air horns pirated from Southern Pacific Diesel Locomotive... They sounded great but he was having second thoughts... it seems cagers were running into his bike in a panic trying to get away from the train they could not see... We know that cagers are unpredictable and that blasting them with 125db non standard motorcycle horn is enough to send their thought process into over load... that's a destabilizing act of our own creation... Nathom Air Chimes off a Locomotive...
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    "Greta Style".... "All you need is love" Getting shafted........... sideways!!! See through modification Teach 'm young Including the kitchen sink Lets end on a high note
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    Beautiful false spring weekend here, so I got out for 200 miles and lunch.
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    ...falls mainly on the plain. So I went into the hills...
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    The patch worked on my '99*. installation is easy and can be done with Windows computer. I called Dynojet and worked with Danny Boardman Powersports Technician You'll need: 1) PC5 to update connected to computer, motorbike off 2) The file (B16-005.02.ddat) downloaded on the computer you will use to update the PC5 3) Dynojet Power Core installed on the computer you will use to update the PC5 4) After install, start Dynojet Power Core 5) At "Power Core Application-Launcher" Select "WinPEP 8 Dyno Control" 6) At "WinPEP 8 Dyno Control" window, select the "Support" tab then "Send Data File" button 7) A pop up window will appear asking for location of "B16-005.02.ddat" '8) Select the .ddat file, press the "Open" button and start update 9) After the update, close all Power Core applications, important as you can not continue to next step if any Power Core applications are open 10) Open "Power Commander V Software" and load your PC5 with a zero map or any map of your choice 11) Go for a ride I suggest checking starter valves. I set mine a few weeks ago after "Wade Header" install and once home after update, I found 3 and 4 were significantly off while 1 and 2 were spot on. Idle increased from 1,200 rpm to 1,300 rpm * My '99 was originally a Calif bike with California ECU 38770-MBG-771 and California cams. In Oct '19 with 11.8k miles, converted to EU ECU 38770-MBG-003 and 49 state cams. I ran the '99 in this configuration with stock header and Staintune without issue. In Jan '20 I replaced the stock header with the "Wade Header", again no issue. In Feb '20 I installed PC5 (SKU 16-005) and had issues similar to SFDownhill's when he had his '01 initially Dyno'd with prototype headers at Attack. (see below) After the update, I loaded the PC5 with a zero map and went for a ride. A few hard pulls by the Richmond Shipyards convinced me all was well. I changed the zero map to the Attack map provided by sfdownhill and my VFR was transformed. New 5th/6th/8th gen performance header now in production in USA New 5th/6th/8th gen performance header now in production in USA
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    Hey folks, I’m going to be taking a 2,741 mile road trip from Redmond OR to Rochester, NY this summer. My thought was to try and team up with a charity like 22 Until None or Wounded Warrior Project to organize rides and meetups along the way and raise money for them. I’m not really sure how to organize anything of that sort, not sure if anyone on here has experience with it and might offer some suggestions. I’ve sent an email out to the charities so I guess I’ve got to wait and see if this is the sport of thing they want to participate in. If not, maybe I can do it myself and set up a charity link through some social media site. The plan is to depart Redmond on the 13th of July heading for Sturgis. Spokane, Butte, Boseman or Billings might be reasonable locations for a meetup/ride along the way. After that I’d head for Chicago. Maybe Rapid City, Sioux Falls and Chicago would be places to set something up. Then there’s plenty of places from Chicago to Rochester along 80/90. What’s prompting this crazy endeavor? Well my dad is having his other knee replaced this spring and says he won’t be able to ride anymore so he’s passing the Valkyrie on. The paint job has a military (unfortunately air force) theme and, as a vet of Iraq and Afghanistan, doing something to benefit a veteran charity would mean a lot to me. If successful, I’d like to make this an annual thing picking a route somewhere across the country (US-1, Appalachian Trail, Pacific Coast Highway). If nothing else, I’ll try to document the journey for posterity if nothing else. Anyone live along the way interested in seeing some sights?
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    Good job being thorough, doing all the related hoses and O-rings. In case you ever need to remove the throttle body assembly again, an easier/gentler method is the "cargo strap" approach. First use a hair dryer or heat gun (on low heat) to warm up the boots and make them more pliable, then loop the cargo strap through the rear corner of the throttle body and loop it over your own shoulders/back, then use your hands on the frame rails for direct upward leverage. This way you can be gentle and firm at the same time.
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    Old, Antiquated, Repackaged, Reskinned? (sounds like me) I don’t really care I still have a smile on my face every time I go for a ride. What generation of VFR you ride, what colour it is, or what brand of motorcycle you ride doesn’t matter as long as you enjoy riding. Hopefully Honda will surprise us all with another V4 when we least expect it.
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    It just needs updated and refined in line with the competition as well as for Honda to listen to the perspective buyers.
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    I still don't understand the logic for why the market is shrinking, but do know it's a buyers market and I'm happy to take advantage of it. I love riding, have been for close to 35 years on the street, I'm looking forward to many more years riding especially when someday I can hopefully retire and enjoy it even more. My 2014 VFR800 Deluxe I got for $6500 with only 1k miles on it, that's about half of what the original owner paid for it new in the US. Our 2018 Wing Tour we got new for $20k, originally stickered for $26k in the US. My 2018 CBR1000RR SP I just picked up new for $16k, originally stickered for $20k in the US. Honda's prices are just unrealistic in the US it seems, but if you wait and buy the new leftover models that didn't sell the year or two prior there are smoking deals to be had on some really excellent bikes IMO!
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    I’d rather spend my money on Honda reliability and refinement. Honda VFR1000F, 140hp/80ftlb, <500# wet weight, adjustable USD fork with radial brakes, TFT screen, electronics with at least 3 ride modes (rain, tour, sport, track - including ABS/TC OFF). Split pillion with storage and USB port, heated grips, cruise control, up/down quick shifter. $15k. Sounds fair. NSX-like driveability, refinement and performance. PS - at least one NACA duct somewhere on the fairing for heritage sake.
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    There was a thread on ADV Rider 5 or so years ago by a man that did this very thing, although on a Ural with a sidecar. Ural sponsored him by providing the bike. He would post up his itinerary and then as he went along other members who followed his posts would offer to let him stay with them. He had very little invested in the trip as almost every night someone had their door open to him. It went on for quite some time. I'll look to see if I can find it - might provide some ideas. One piece of trivia about the XB-70 was that one of the test pilots was a USAF Colonel by the name of Fitzhugh Fulton. His subsequent flying career had him flying the 747 SCA aircraft that carried the Space Shuttle Enterprise up on its landing tests in 1977 and later ferried the operational shuttles back to Florida. Indeed the XB-70 was an incredible project that was well ahead of its time.
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    I do enjoy being a contrarian, and now I'll combine that with some optimism! so: - Honda has not been selling the same re-skinned bike for 20 years. The 2010 VFR1200F was all new. I bought one sight-unseen, kept if for seven years and almost 50,000 miles, and loved it. Honda can do it again. -Honda will spend over $30 million this year developing a V4 hypersport. And they'll spend even more on the project next year. RC213V. -We (U.S.) are just not on the sharp end of motorcycling anymore. No WSBK round this year, unit sales down 5%, cruisers still big market share, MCN shutting down, CW a glossy quarterly--that can warp our opinion. We should not base our read on Honda's V4 future on what we see at the local dealer. I think we'll see a special V4 that most of us will like. But it will take some patience.
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    Agreed, but I still want that V4 engine in my sport touring bike. If you could put the VFR V4 in the Ducati SS that would be Nirvana!
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    For those of us who fell in love with motorcycles in the 80’s and 90’s, we’re living in a bizzaro world. There’s much more variety in makes and models available today with more technology and reliability than ever before. But somehow, the bike that we think we want simply doesn’t exist. The 5th Gen VFR in 98-01 was considered the pinnacle of sport touring and MSRP’d for around $10k. That’s equivalent to today’s $16k. That will buy you a lot of bike! Ninja 1000, Ducati SSS, Honda AT AS, Super Tenere, Tiger 1200, etc. More power, ABS, TC, ride modes, better suspension, on and on...
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    The USAF North American XB-70 Valkyrie 🙂 The Valkyrie was a rather sad story... but an amazing project...
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    More stuff for the 65yr old lady... My "Turismo" model came w/o a speedometer from the factory, so I should take it out and put this in place.... Makes passing inspection for road registration easier as well.... Prior to starting mc production in the 60's, Aprilia produced bicycles and mc accesories. So to be "period and model correct" for my 1954 bike, the chrome lens ring bears the brand "Aprilia" too and not "CEV"... 😉 Old skool 6V baby! And for the 34yr old For my 17yr old....
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    I’m selling my 1985 VF500F. It has 15429 miles. Bike has original tool kit and owners manual (i know) The carbs were professionally rebuilt by Mike Nixon. Rebuilt clutch and master cylinders, galfer braided brake lines, rebuilt fuel vacuum valve,x ring chain, new battery. I have an original service manual as well. Also feeler gauges and OEM tools for valve adjustments. More extras. Cylinder compression is 150 psi in all 4 cylinders. Bike runs great, everything works. Needs nothing. Asking $2300.00 or best offer. My email is concertek@yahoo.com Sorry not sure how to make this clickable.
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    Honda just doesn't make the bikes I want to buy anymore. I'll always love the 5th gen VFRs but the other manufacturers are making more inspiring motorcycles these days. Honda could out do Aprilia Factory V4 Tuono if they wanted to. They don't so I bought the Aprilia and it is wickedly sweet. Oh and so is my 99 Factory VFR800 after somebody poured thousands into it and I bought it for less than the upgrades cost. The other stinging truth is that often when Honda has built the bike we Americans had seemed to be begging them for we rewarded them with not buying them. Hopefully they perfect the CBRs inline fours. My FZ1 made me a huge fan of that motor configuration without question as did Triumph turning me on with their street triple.
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    The dead give away of an air leak on a Fi engine is high uncontrolled idle... on a fuel injection system *any* air that gets past the throttle bodies the map just adds the corresponding fuel... the result is high uncontrollable idle... make sure all the rubber hoses are connected and in good shape... make sure all the intake boots are tight and in good flexible shape... if the rubbers are hard and cracked its time for replacement...
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    Not really Honda's fault... if customers aren't buying V4's then Honda can't continue building... So, we, the customers are the ones to blame!
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    I think I just heard a cha-ching sound coming from my garage as the value of my 2014 just went up.
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    I would recommend downloading the 2014 shop manual available in the recent top download section in the right column on the home page. Then I would follow the procedure for synchronizing the starter valves outlined on page 7-20. I purchased a motion pro vacuum gauge a few years back for this job and it works well, however if you don't use it very much, the medium can evaporate out. If that happens, the next time you want to use it you have to purchase new medium from motion pro. Now when I use it, I load the medium, use it, then remove the medium and return it to the bottle for future use. After you get your starter valves setup, go to page 3-12 for instructions on how to manually set your idle speed. I have a 5th gen and the procedures are pretty much the same. I did this after a valve adjust last year and it now runs like a top. Good luck.
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    I have an old R-157 one with buggered mounting bosses. Let's see if I can find it... I'd be happy to send it to anyone who would make a 3D printing file of it to share with the group. It's just under 240mm in its longest dimension. Ciao, JZH
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    I've decided to call her My Lady, or M'Lady.
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    While I really miss the anticipation of a new edition of monthly magazines, I've learned so much more from the forums - swaps, parts interchangabilty, mods, repairs, and met so many nice people, the web has significantly enhanced my motorcycling experience. I just wish the two could co-exist, but like so many other parts of life, things change.
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    I did this mod to my ’99 VFR. Read a few posts and many said that the heat from the exhaust pipes would melt the horn. I can report taht after one year, riding in summer, iddling a lot in traffic, it still works perfectly, and no sign of heat stress. I bought the Stebel Nautilus with a wiring kit on eBay from “onlineautoparts”, $56 delivered. Only place that it fits, without modifying any of the fairing, is down low. Has the advantage that the sound has a clear path out through the front of the fairing. There is an unused engine mount just in the right place. It is around 9.5mm, so I ran a 10mm drill through it to bore it out. Had to unbolt the radiator so that I could move it slightly aside to get at the hole and a socket onto the bolt. Went to Bunnings and bought a small length of aluminium bar and made up a bracket. Had to put a slight bend it in to curve it in slightly. Made the bracket slightly longer, drilled a small hole and used it to tie the cables in place at the bottom of the bracket. 10mm bolt and lock washer to the engine mount, and used the Nautilus bolt and lock washer to hold it on the bracket – rock solid. The end of the trumpets look close to the headers, but I can put my fingers between the plastic trumpet and the header, it is no closer than the inside plastic fairing cowl to the headers. The main body of the Nautilus is well away from the headers, and the whole unit will get a good air flow past it. The wiring kit came with the cables in a black sleeve. Perfect length, ran the cables up to the frame, inside the frame to the stearing head, across in front of the steering head and out on the left hand side by the radiator. I was able to unplug the wires to the OEM horn, pull them up and re-route them to the same location, you can see the blue connectors I used to bridge to the cables for the relay. Mounted the relay using the ignition coil (plenty of room inside the fairing and should stay dry) and ran the relay earth back inside the frame and used one of the brake line bracket bolts, just next to the steering head to earth it to the frame. Wiring kit also came with a n inline fuse for the 12v supply to the relay. Ran that back directly onto the battery. Cable length put it just above the rear cylinder head, where it gets hidden by the front edge of the seat when it is in place. Sound. Nice and loud, don’t use the horn often, but when I do I like them to take notice. They will see a truck but not a bike, same with a horn, they just won’t hear a bike horn.
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    News to me, thank you for posting JZH. MCN (U.S.) still actually tested bikes, and had some good writers, particularly Glynn Kerr and Mark Barnes, who I always looked forward to reading. Ironically, I always viewed Rider as the lightweight in this category, but now they're the only monthly left standing!
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    If you find it, could you please post a few pictures along with some kind of scale? I've never actually seen one in real life, but if it is basically a bit of angle iron then a reasonable facsimile might be fashioned out of a simple scrap of aluminum or ABS. Maybe nothing that would pass close inspection, but close enough for us non-purists, and for a lot less than the 59 euros of the real deal... (price list Thurn-Motorsport.de)
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    I have the Power Core software running on my computer, but my PCV unit is not recognised by the Dyno Control app. The C3 Tuning app (part of the Power Core suite) does recognise it, so I believe the problem is that the Dyno Control app only looks for Dyno modules, not PCVs. So, unless I'm doing something wrong, I think we still need to work with a friendly DynoJet dyno operator and a PCV owner, to see if the patch actually works. Ciao, JZH
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    I'm still new here, and I don't want to break any rules. This site has been really helpful to me so far. Where is the appropriate place to post a "Looking For" ad for parts. I'm in need of a specific and slightly obscure part for my 95 VFR750F that I'm rebuilding, and figured I would ask here before I start fabbing something custom. Thanks!
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    Stumbled across mine the other day, and thought, "I could make these..." now I can't find the damn thing. Maybe I dreamed it....anyway if I find it again, I will let you know if I can make it....
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    Header production update - I spoke with Wade today, and learned that the current run of 15 sets of 5/6 gen headers will be completed in two weeks. He had a small delay related to the company that supplies tubing merge assemblies for our headers. Add one week for passivation, and we are 3 weeks from shipping. Thanks to everyone who been staying in touch about this production run.
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    We're a load of rough, tough, all-weather bikers where I work, obviously. It had been raining a bit, but...
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    Hello..from Greece! Στάλθηκε από το Redmi Note 7 μου χρησιμοποιώντας Tapatalk
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    I don’t know where people get the misconception that VFR’s don’t need valve checks, the gear driven cams give a softer more controlled valve seating, so reduce the wear, but most I have looked at get receding valves on the inlets, that is worse than increasing clearances, that just make noise & lose performance. Receding valves close the gaps & eventually burn the valve seat if you leave it too long. As far as 6th/8th gens, with cam chains, they should be done same as any other cam chain valve controlled bikes. It is not a hard job to check valve clearances on any bike. If they are within tolerance then you can leave them alone, button up & job done. The Vtec makes it a PIA job, so people avoid it. But if or rather when it does go wrong, you will regret having to pull a head to replace a valve & valve seat ! As always YMMV.
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    I had my valves done @ 16k miles, one exhaust had closed up, I’m at 27k now and will definitely get them checked/adjusted @ 32,000 The cost was £750, including new brake pads all round, all hydraulic fluids changed, air filter, plus the usual oil & filter ...cost includes 20% sales tax and 3 days of courtesy bike< my choice of bike This was Fowlers the main dealer Like sudolea I’d never have a BMW again
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    New to the site, bought my 8th Gen This past August - Put a little over 3K miles on her to date. The wife wanted me to get some shots of flowers while I went for a ride. I think I nailed it.
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    That's what I did. Not too difficult really, and the compressor is more protected Same here. Mounted the compressor on the left side vertically so it is covered by the side fairing and mounted the trumpets under the front cowling pointed down for drainage. Just ran an air line from the compressor to the trumpets and nothing but sweet, heart wrenching, music ever time some cager tries something stupid. I keep forgetting how loud it is until I have to use it again.
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    Put my Stebel as shown. Works but sound may be a bit reduced due to this location :^) ... ACE
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