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    I didn't think I would want to replace my 07 Interceptor anytime soon but then Honda had to go and paint the 2019 Interceptor red, white and blue. As far as I can tell this is a Japan only model and seriously doubt it will make it's way to the USA. You can view the link to Honda of Japan here if you are curious: https://www.honda.co.jp/VFR800F/
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    Rest assured you will drop the bike yourself at some point.... So why spend money on her right away? Duct tape the lot (there might be blue tape on the market) for now. Geld uitgeven kan altijd nog.....
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    Easiest way for me was dropping my 5th gen engine in my 6th gen frame. Now I get the beautiful gear whine, and the wonderful sound of dual underseat staintunes 😁
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    Auctmarts fairings for the 5G are compression moulded, not injection. I have a set on my 5G and they are pretty good provided you don't mind massaging a few holes. I sent them a chip of my old fairing and they did a decent colour match for me to match the tank, fender and the OEM L side panel which I retained.
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    Hello, All items listed are free. They are used and a little dusty but functional and free. All I ask is if you want it to pay for shipping. I think for $10 -15 would cover shipping. Red and Black Motoport Atlas jacket in size XL. I wear a US46-48 riding jacket and this thing is big on me. More like a size US50. SOLD. Black Joe Rocket Ballistic Mesh jacket. Size XL fits like a US48. Maybe a tad tighter. SOLD Sold. Tour Master tail bag. Good condition with rain cover. SOLD. SOLD Ocelot tail bag. Good condition no rain cover. SOLD Chase Harper magnetic tank bag. Old, dusty but functional. SOLDRed Motoline magnetic tank bag. Good condition.SOLD SOLDBlack Motoline magnetic tank bag. My old trusty. It will expand and is large enough for a helmet! I used it for my tools, cleaning and medical while touring. Great bag. SOLD PM me if you have questions. Paypal would be preferred. Thanks! Ian
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    The cklutch pack and basket on the 00/01 is different from 98/99, and I believe it is shared with early 6th gens. The master cylinder was changed on the 00/01 to make clutch operation easier, and is also shared with the early 6G. Easy enough to find a 00/06 master to make it light, or you can leave it as is and keep it the same as you're used to now.
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    Update,... I ground the 3 epoxy filled spots that retain rear flange. Felt entire inner sleeve should pull out. Probably could have with enough pull. Cut flange and mangled it out. Using a pipe rigged as slide hammer the rest slipped out. This is about half the weight. All that is left is a 6 inch tube at entry that may be double walled but has holes around its circumference and 1.5" ID. Design idea is to have a front expansion chamber followed by perf tube and pack.
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    If there's corrosion I would also put a light coating of anti-seize on it before reassembly. Hopefully you won't have to disassemble again but if you do...
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    It's more than likely this has been posted before but if it has not it's worth watching. The first 40 minutes is a coffee ad, don't that dissuade you. A video from the original modder. And finally the paint job and final detailing. Enjoy!
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    Cheers for the replies all! I won't be replacing the fairings already, but more get it as a "treat" for myself when I ride 6-12 months without dropping it. Get used to the veefer first. I've had some contact with Auctmarts. Sadly, they are going to discontinue their Fifth gen fairing kits. They indeed confirmed they are compression moulded (sadly). Because they've had a lot of complaints regarding the fitment, they are gonna stop selling it. My hunt for injection ones continues I guess, or get my current fairings repaired/sprayed. Yeah saw that one! Was fun to read the entire thing. Seems the Sixth gen fairing kits are a lot better though. Just need to check out which frame sliders to get out of those 3...
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    Just received an email from Chaparral Motorsports with a Winter Tire Sale. If you are registered member you do get a discount, I think it is 5% on tires, I just bought a set of tires and they came out to only a $1.12 more than if I bought them from RMATVMC (that's including CA sales tax). Only difference is I had to drive 50 miles to get them versus waiting 2 days for them to show up. Factor in gas, then maybe it's more than the buck difference but I did get them the same day. https://www.chapmoto.com/motorcycle-tires
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    Hi skids have you got any acf50 corrosion block grease? it's basically blue waterproof marine type grease, I'm midway through restoring a '94 vfr750 & that's what I've used between all the moving faces/surfaces once I cleaned it up granville also do blue grease, it's about a tenner a tub
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    Hello All, Spoke to Jeff yesterday and he apologised for the delay. Unfortunately the grandson situation has got quite setious for Keith who has gone to ground since the lad was born. Very ominous. Jeff’s VFR is in Keith’s workshop with the Lextek fitted. They got as far as running it (not under load) and Jeff says it sounded awesome! No more progress since then. Dyno testing will have to wait until the grandson situation resolves. Sorry to be a wet blanket folks. I’m afraid there’s no working around this one. There will be a dyno pull but I can’t say when. Sorry again for the delay! Stray
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    I think that is one beautiful machine. If only I had the dough. But a person can dream. And what's with this "replace" bull pucky"? You do not have Mutilple Bike Syndrom?!
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    I believe it was the philosopher Descartes who said: "I farkle, therefore I am"... 😁
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    You should post the date/time...you never know, some local VFRD members may be able to join you.
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    I'd be going for the 14S myself. See no reason not to get the bigger battery.
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    I can relate to the ptsd after a serious crash. Kudo's to you both for giving it a shot. It just goes to show that once the thrill is in one's blood it is hard to resist. Here in Back At you. 🥂
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    Those things make bleeding brakes a breeze. Even my 5th gen took me no time at all a few weekends ago. Amazing tool!
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    I agree on not coating or wrapping stainless headers. Satin brush/polish would surely raise the price if it's not already included. It looks nice, but not sure what it's worth to Wade vs what premium folks here might pay for that. More important than looks however, is restoring the anti-corrosion properties at the weld joints. The high heat from welding removes the chromium oxide layer which is the element that prevents rust in/on SS. Mechanical cleaning (grinding/wire brushing/scotchbrite brushing) can accomplish this as the material will auto-passivate, but this only helps the outside of the joint. Dipping in a citric or nitric/hydroflouric acid bath would clean inside & out. Citric won't etch the material & will preserve the raw finished look while nitric/HF will etch and create a uniform silver (clean) look. That may be information overload there... and not hugely essential for production... but it would be nice. RE: your separate topic... do whatever's easiest for you... and thanks for the efforts so far!
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    Wow Lance and Duc2V4 - you guys are AWESOME! Congratulations on succesding where so many others (including myself!) have failed. You’re a credit to us and I’m very grateful - I know you’ve been beavering away at this for a long, long time. When the 8th gen run begins I’ll put my name down for one (want a front-mount rad on my 5th gen). Once more: WELL DONE AND THANKS! Stray
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    Lest I forget I also have another mistress..... Ok, 4C/40F and a grey blanket sky not the best weather, but as per my adage "any ride is a good ride", I went to see my mum on 2 wheels And with a sprinkling of ADOBE..
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    Going to just say it; 5th gen is a better bike than the 6th in my experience, having owned both. I own a 1998, and a 2014. I sold my 2002 to get the 2014 and *never looked back.* If it were me though, I'd tell you to look at a 2014/2015 leftover VFR on showroom floors instead of buying a 20 year old used bike and having to deal with the maintenance associated.
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    So I pulled into Little Switzerland late Monday afternoon only to hear from Rob that Clifford (his big red truck) had decided to retire in West Virginia. I enjoyed the customary sunset by myself. On Tuesday, I rode with Bob. We put in a 220 mile day and ended it with a stop here. Rob rolled in about 9:15 after an adventurous day. We rolled out on Wednesday morning heading to Shady Valley to meet Steve but had to stop and clean off some of the previous nights adventure. We had a couple of mostly clean runs up and back on The Snake. I slacked up on pics so here is a random shot of the night life. I made some small Dragon Ballz for KanadianKen. Everyone should feel bad for Kimball because he showed up with cobwebs on his bike. Rob is a sport touring genius. What a pleasure to travel with! Rob and I take this pic every year and talk about fixing the sign. This time he fixed it. If you're not on VFRD FB, you missed a lot of pics and laughs. Misty has put up an awesome video of the weekend and I'm sure it will end up here soon. Thanks to all who attended and to Bob and Ben for organizing. The fact that there were only six VFR's at the event is a testament to how great the company is.
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    I'm would like to change my brake disc, pads on my bike. It's fully original now. Paralelly I just thought about whether swap the forks for CBR F3 or VTR, and the rear shock for CBR 929. Am I see right that the front end "tuning" have this two ways?: Swapping for a CBR F3 forks, with original brake and wheel. Swapping for VTR forks with VTR/CBR brake that fits to this, so parallely I have to change the wheel too because of the diameter difference. The rear end seems quite easier, with the 929 shock and some adaptation.

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