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    So the 5th gen VFR only has a single pintle injector. The 4 hole is a major improvement over this & the CBR929 injectors are a drop in fit. The 6th gen uses 12 hole injectors, but the research I have done seems to indicate from empirical evidence that the change from 1 to 4 hole is really good but the step from 4 to 12 less so. The later larger hole count injectors seem to be more about reducing emissions than improving performance. If there was a readily available 12 hole that would fit then I would have tried them. There are some rather expensive ones designed to fit Hayabusa's which used the same single hole injectors as the VFR. but $500 seemed a bit steep for an experiment ! Maybe if the 4 hole prove to be a good upgrade then I might entertain those expensive ones but not if they don't at least double the gain from the 4 hole injectors. I just did about 50 miles today & as per the last time I used s zero map on the RBR the bike was very fluffy at the beginning. After the 50 miles of O2 auto fuel correction, the seat of the pants feel is really good. I'll get another 50-100 mes on it then get it dyno'd. Looking at the fuel correction tables, where the stock fuel pressure was adding up to 35% more fuel, the new setup has reduced many cells, so injector delivery is working as intended now. But importantly the cells that matter in the mid range to highend are adding or not removing fuel duty cycle, so more air must be flowing. The bike picks up really well now in any gear from any revs in sny gear, where ss with the lower fuel pressure it always seemed to lag a bit !
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    Hi all, Thanks to all who responded to my thread on the planning page, bike is geared up and ready to go and I leave at 6AM from Ottawa, Canada on Sep 1. I’ll do my best to post photos and updates! Approximate route, counterclockwise starting in Ottawa (the blue dot) Sep1: Day 1 has started well with a lovely misty sunrise over the Ottawa Valley. Temps are cold around 5C so with 180km under my belt I’m stopping for a warm up in the town of Deep River, ON. Had lunch at the Big Nickel in Sudbury, ON. Sep 2: made it to Thunder Bay, ON - gorgeous drive westbound over the top of Lake Superior. No pics right now because Tapatalk is down but I’ll post some later. Best restaurant name I saw - “Sue Chef” in Nipigon. Worst moment? Stalled the bike on an incline entering the roadway from the Wawa Goose and almost dropped it! Hemlo, ON - Barrick Gold Mine and the worlds biggest pile of gravel! Nipigon, ON Nipigon, ON Sep 3: And on the third day, it rained. Left Thunder Bay before sunrise and made it an hour before hitting light showers, good thing I put the rain gear on because the last 20 min before I could stop for gas it was really coming down. Linda at the Quetico North gas station/restaurant took pity on the soaking wet motorcyclist and was kind enough to make me an omelette and toast even though the kitchen wasn’t open yet. Heading to Minnesota today, rain should clear in a couple hours. Edit: I also got a free biker story from a couple that wandered in, which started with “I was pretty drunk when I left the bar, and I had a two hour ride ahead of me....” Arrived Bagley, MN: Off to South Dakota tomorrow! Sep 4, 2019: Beautiful ride across the 200 West (and south in Minnesota) today, warm temps and no traffic. Stopped in Fargo to see their Viking ship and the Fargo Air Museum, which had lots of planes, including one unique “Stealth Fighter” Today was a laundry day so after Fargo I slabbed it to Bismarck, ND and enjoyed the relative luxury of a hotel with laundry, a hot tub, and free breakfast! Sep 5, 2019: As I was leaving the hotel I met Jeff and Tim on Suzuki’s heading to Tim’s house in Oregon from Jeff’s house in Toronto. They had pretty much run an identical route to mine on Sep 2., and despite a more northerly route through Canada to get to Bismarck they also got soaked, and we all agreed that “Waterproof gear” does not always mean what you think it should! Jeff and Tim decided to ride with me south out of Bismarck on Hwy 1806, also known as the Standing Rock National Native American Scenic Byway which follows the Missouri River to the burial pace of Sitting Bull in Fort Yates. This was an excellent ride, full of big sweepers and lots of elevation changes and fantastic scenery. We then continued onto 1806 and then generally southbound on 63 from McLaughlin down to Eagle Butte where we stopped for lunch. By this time the temperatures had hit the 90s and it was HOT even at 65 mph. But totally worth it, especially for the view as you descend to where the Moreau River crosses 63 near Green Grass, SD. After lunch we continued south and picked up I-90 W for a few miles, destination was the Badlands National Park. This is really an incredible park and the vistas defy words, so enjoy the photos (I have a video I’ll try and post later) After we exited the Badlands I was headed to Rapid City, SD while they were continuing on to Deadwood, so we said our goodbyes. I checked into my AirBnb but the sun was setting so I decided to make a quick run to Mount Rushmore and back - I’ll be riding a pretty long set of twisties in there tomorrow, but figured I could get the sightseeing out of the way tonight. Although I’m only 1/3 of the way through the trip, the initial kernel of an idea was “I’ve never seen Mount Rushmore” so it’s great to be here. Nifty tunnel on the Mount Rushmore road: Was a long day with almost 750 km but some absolutely great riding. Sep 6-8 update: Sorry I missed a couple of days there, it got busy and I was trying to get back to an “early to bed early to ride” schedule. To [mention=5257]Sweeper[/mention] and [mention=35220]Tiutis[/mention] who recommended Iron Mountain Rd and Needles Hwy in the Custer State Park / Black Hills Forest I thank you ! those were the twistiest twisties I’ve ridden in North America (Arkansas and TOTD are coming up shortly so I may have to restate this!). After Needles I continued up to Deadwood and had a route of Montana’s finest secondary roads planned but things went a bit sideways in Belle Fourche, SD. I pulled into a gas station, noted the wet mud accumulation on the ground in front of the gas pump, considered finding a cleaner spot, then didn’t. 30 seconds later my bike was lying against the pumps, when my muddy riding boot slipped off the centrestand as I lifted the bike. After righting the bike, I noticed I was missing a right side mirror - the stem snapped. Long story short, I decided to straightline Hwy 212 through Montana (which was pretty fun): but by the time i got to the hotel my duct tape job wasn’t doing so well. A quick trip to Home Depot and I fashioned this up which is lasting well after 2 days and about 900 km of riding: Anyway yesterday and today were spent in Yellowstone and Grand Teton parks. Rode up the Beartooth Highway; Jackson Lake: Saw a red 8th gen VFR with red hard bags near Shoshone Point today if that’s anybody in here, and then I rode down the awesome Hwy 191 in Wyoming to Rock Springs, WY. Sep 9: Left Rock Springs under sunny skies today, with warm temperatures, perfect riding weather. First stop was to see the wild horses of Rock Springs, WY - I took a ride down a gravel road through their territory and was not disappointed! After spending a little while observing these guys I continued south towards the Flaming Gorge Recreational Area, named after the red coloured mountains. I stopped for lunch at the Red Canyon after crossing into Utah. In this part of Utah they have many signs warning of open range cattle grazing, and there they were! After lunch I stopped at the Dinosaur National Monument, incredible display of fossils still in the quarry where they were discovered - just a crazy number of dinosaur bones in one place! Finished up the day with a pretty scenic but straight drive southeast into Colorado and stopped for the night in the town of Craig, CO. This marks the halfway point of my trip - 9 days down, 9 to go. I’ve travelled just over half distance as well, 5,468 kilometres. I’ve refuelled the motorcycle 21 times since I left, and only eaten 2 restaurant and one UberEats dinner the entire time. Looking forward to the second half of the trip, seeing some good friends in Denver, riding some more twisty mountain roads and then on Sep 12, turning the bike east for good! Flaming Gorge Wild Horse Canyon Road, Pilot Butte way of in the distance. More Wild Horse Canyon Road Sep 10, 2019: Great ride southeast through Colorado today, through the Medicine Bow Forest, Yampa Valley, (thanks again [mention=35220]Tiutis[/mention]) and then Rocky Mountain National Forest up to 3.4 km high before coming back down to Louisville (Denver) where I’ve checked into my FriendBnB. Part of the reason this update is short is I spent an hour today organizing a new chain and sprockets for the VFR. I was worried about my chain before I left and sure enough 4 days ago I get a “clacking” sound on engine braking - adjusted the chain that day, and again 2 days later for a slightly less scary sounding “clacking”, and I’m at max adjustment (replace chain). I spoke with my home dealer and he agreed another 3000 miles on that chain is probably not a great idea. So DennisKirk to the rescue with an overnighted chain and sprocket kit, and I made an appointment with Aurora Honda which was recommended by [mention=37591]GreginDenver[/mention] - thx Greg! So as a result I didn’t stop for too many pics but here they are: Finger Rock, Yampa, CO Next to the Colorado River, Hot Sulphur Springs, CO Estes Park, CO Estes Park, CO Sep 11, 2019: Spent the morning visiting with friends and the afternoon sorting the bike out - replacement mirror arrived and is installed, and got a new chain and sprockets as well. Some issues with the speedo sensor but they replaced it and we are good to go! Shout out to Aurora Honda and forum member GregInDenver who recommended them. Staying in a weird Days Inn tonight in Colorado Springs which has an identical mirror image building across the parking lot which is a Super 8. Went into the Super 8 by accident, and while waiting to check in I met a member from ADVRider “tourbus” - I told him I didn’t post there since I stay (mostly) on the road but his opinion was “it caters to everyone”. So happy accident, really nice guy who was “disappointed” that the Trans Labrador Highway is all paved now (I mentioned to him that it was much safer for motorcycles as a result and he just scoffed at my self-preservation instinct!) Only decent pics I have from today are the bike in the shop and my buddie’s puppy, Boomer, who would not sit still for a photo. Apologies one more pic, the awesome RC51 they have in their shop (it belongs to them, not for sale apparently!) Sep 12, 2019: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly! The Good! Last day in the mountains started off great, clear skies with a trip up to the top of Pikes Peak - somewhere about 4km high. with a lot of hairpins with hundred foot drops on the side and no guardrail! The Bad: Unfortunately there was an “erratic” individual who was being escorted off the mountain, which caused a traffic jam on the way down - so I just went back up again, stopped and took photos - a great morning, 2 deg Celsius at the top however brr. More good stuff - After that I headed east across Colorado and Kansas, although straight and flat, the views are impressive. Kit Carson, CO Brandon, CO The thin tree of the town of Towner, CO Colorado - Kansas State Line Windmill on Hwy 96 - Nekoma, KS Changed time zones again, this time into Central Time Zone - it will take 4 more days before I get back to Eastern time! Spending the night in Great Bend, Kansas. The ugly: sorry to say, but the hotel I stayed in the night before was terrible - to sum it up, drugs. I went out around 9pm to move the VFR closer to my room and there was a couple using a crack pipe in the car next to me. Then three guys on Harley’s showed up at 1:30am and proceeded to drive around the hotel parking lot with much revving. Initially I took pity on them - perhaps they had been delayed and were late arriving and could not help the loud exhausts. But when they parked outside the hotel lobby blaring rap music until 2:30 am, and I saw a constant stream of people coming out of the hotel, I figured they are selling drugs - pathetic hotel didn’t even call the cops. Sorry Days Inn Colorado Springs, I won’t be back. Sep 13, 2019: Today was a long day (700 km) playing catch-up after the motorcycle maintenance, so I didn’t stop much for photos today. Beautiful clear sky and 20 degrees C - As I drove further east into Kansas the plains full of wheat gave way to more green and trees and it started to feel a lot more populated (bigger highways and a lot more cars). Off Hwy 15, Mulvane, KS I also saw an increasing number of Mexican restaurants, grocery stores and businesses, and was surprised I could listen to a “Regional Mexican” radio station out of Wichita, KS, “KYQQ Radio Lobo” for nearly 2 hours, as I crossed into Oklahoma. Stopped for lunch on an abandoned piece of highway near Ponca City, OK Different kind of windmill (Hwy 18, near Burbank, OK) When I checked into the hotel tonight the clerk asked if I was here for the motorcycle rally, to which I replied “motorcycle rally”? I ordered a pizza and while they were making it I took a quick ride into downtown to see what was up - 3 bikers flagged me down for some help, and I met Mary, Freddie, and Sue from Oklahoma who were here for the rally. Mary, Freddie and Sue with Sue’s Harley Trike Mary and her Harley Must have been Friday the 13th, as I pulled into the pizza place it was getting dark and I noticed one of my headlamps was out - thanks to my riding buddy we’ve had a spare in our emergency kit for years so I replaced it and then went over to Walmart to grab another- thanks to the forum guides on replacement, haven’t done this since 2009!Last time I replaced one the second failed within 1,000 km - at my current rate that’s Sunday! It’s not delivery, it’s deVFR! Sep 14, 2019: I set off early this morning from Poteau, OK for a couple of reasons: 1-the afternoon temperatures were supposed to be HOT; 2-I wanted to beat the motorcycle rally to the scenic route so I didn’t get stuck behind them; and 3-I had a tour booked of the Graceland Mansion in Memphis at 4pm. Coincidentally there was a motorcycle exhibit at the “Graceland Exhibition Center” so I was able to get a discount ticket for that as well! Rode south out of Poteau on Hwy 59 to the start of the Talimena Scenic Byway in the Ouachita National Forest - already 24 deg C at 10AM. At the start the asphalt is in great condition, mostly high speed (70-90 km/h) sweepers with lots of hills. The last 10 miles of the road on the Oklahoma side are pretty rough asphalt, not confidence inspiring. As I crossed the border into Tennessee the asphalt immediately improved, the sweepers remained the same. Haven’t figured out videos In Tapatalk so forgive the YouTube: There were a couple combinations of turns that had me feeling like Valentino Rossi near the end however! Queen Wilhelmina State Park, TN After that I took mostly backroads (Hwy 270 and then Hwy 70) all the way up to Little Rock, AR, and then continued on to Memphis, TN. Hwy 70 east of Little Rock has a really nice section along Hills Lake, then it straightens out. Really nice day of riding and little traffic, but it hit 34 deg C and It was toasty on the bike! I didn’t get the ticket for Elvis’ motorcycles, but the “One Hundred Years of the American Motorcycle” exhibit had more than enough, I’ll limit myself to 3 of the too many photos I took! Real live Motus V-4! The frame is kind of busy but it looks good - if I didn’t have the perfect V-4 already I’d consider it! Caterpillar Bike by Orange County Choppers 1949 Harley Davidson Model S (I think) Ok one more because I’m a sucker for side exhausts - 1994 “Kawasabi” And...I like this paint job (HD race bike): -speedball Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Not sure if I am allowed to hijack this thread but here goes anyway. Apologies for TYGA taking so long to getting around to making the VFR system. Those pesky KTM RC390 owners butted in front of the queue. Something to do with them needing to go racing in 2019...Anyway, we are now on the VFR system full time so the prototype is only a few days away from completion. The starting point was the TBR system as requested but we've made some changes, some for better flow, some to suit our tooling, and some changes for better installation and clearance so the final result will be somewhat different but hopefully what owners want. We took a bit of a guess on the configuration and based on what owners had told us, we decided to make two versions. One will be a left exit, high level so will require removal of passenger pegs. The other version, will also be a high level but on the right and be tucked behind the passenger peg hanger for those wishing to keep the passenger carrying capabilities. If there is another configuration, (toying with the idea of dual exit right and left) then let us know. We would also like a bit of input on the silencer (muffler) design. We have a few ideas but welcome input on materials, dimensions, shapes budgets etc. Anyway, I guess photos will be nice and they will be coming soon 🙂 Appreciate your patience!
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    I didn't go into the valley so avoided the worst part, there was enough traffic that passing people was an exercise in futility and 2 spots where they worked on the road with only one lane so backup of 20-30 cars but most were at least moving 5 miles over the speed limit. A gorgeous road so I didn't mind too bad. Yeah the Dunlops that came were so bad I didn't even consider the latest Sportmax even though they are supposed to be great tires. They were not too bad when brand new but with every mile they turned more and more into sh*t oh and they seemed to turn into teflon when rolling over tar snakes.
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    Losing your hearing is no joke. I'm 63 and just started to hearing aids. Lost most of the high frequencies from years of working around gas turbines and steam turbines. I had a hard time hearing some people. Mostly women. Their voices fall in the ranges I could no longer hear. It took my wife about 5 years to talk me into the hearing aids. Wish I would have gotten them sooner. Protect your hearing. Once gone, it ain't coming back. Pick ear plugs that are comfortable. If they are not. You will not wear them like you should. I have the ringing in the ears. To me it sounds like summer crickets all the time. With the crickets and the new voice in my head that says "Low Battery" for when the hearing aid batteries get low. Combine that with the other voices in my skull. I hate it when they have a staff meeting.
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    Hi guys, I just want to let you know that I’ve solved the problem and the bike is running well! The problem was the valve timing. When I set it as the service manual says it was not working and I couldn’t align the marks perfectly. What I finally figured out is that the cluch cover on my bike is not original, and the timing mark in the inspection window is in the wrong płace... I had to turn the cam shafts forward to make it work. I don’t have to tell you how much time it took me to figure it out... My main mistake was that did’t properly documented the position of the shaft l, only the camshafts and then I tried to set it as in the service manual... Always look at the bright side so the good thing that I got to know the bike inside out now ;) Thanks for your help guys! Stay safe! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    So having forgotten to take pics of the Mk2 airbox, I was fitting a new FPR today & remembered to take some. Pics above show Mk1. Below id the Mk2. I used a spare airbox & rounded the intakes to a 6mm radius, which is the minimum recommended intake radius. I then adjusted the dual stacks to suit the new intake height. This is matched to reworked throttle bodies which now taper from 42mm to 36mm. matching the optimum intake taper angle. These are fitted with CBR929 4-hole injectors, which require 51psi at idle or 4bar (58psi) peak. I will put a few miles on the bike to get the fuelling sorted for the new setup, then get it dyno'd & see what we have.
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    Golden hour is great for lighting and terrible for riding west.
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    Thanks for the replies. I'll check 'em out. Yes, there are reasons I won't use EBC pads. 1). Honda pads work well and are a "known" for me. 2). saving money on brake pads because they aren't OEM isn't important to me and 3) a close friend of mine who has raced in the past and who is, not to his liking (he likes keeping a low profile), very well known in the motorcycle industry, has had very bad luck with the quality of EBC pads and will never consider them again. I respect his opinion because it's experienced based much more than almost anyone else's considering how much riding he has done and does do. Brakes can determine the outcome of your life in an incident so, not even going to consider a change from OEM. That, and I just don't see a reason to change. Long answer to a short question. ; )
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    You have my sympathy too. I had my Fireblade SP stolen from outside work, one of my colleagues was on their phone but didn’t intervene or raise the alarm ! The insurance company needs the two keys from you to prove there wasn’t one left in ignition- I was insured with MCE, they were very good and fair. I am no longer with MCE because their recovery company fried the electrics on the Fireblade’s replacement and lied about what they had done. Both incidents on CCTV, EEC GDPR rules mean that CCTV footage could not be released to me to help with either problem. I hope your claim is settled quickly and in full. I now carry an Abus u lock with me, the steering locks can be broken by a well placed kick to the handlebar. Honda’s HISS can apparently be overridden using a $10 circuit board available online.
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    ... and to top it off, new old stock bikes are still popping up at dealerships for under $9000! Edit: Oh, excuse me... Under $7000! https://www.cycletrader.com/listing/2014-Honda-VFR-800-Interceptor-5008715786
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    https://eastidaho.craigslist.org/mcy/d/moose-1998-honda-vfr-800f1-interceptor/6966121338.html Yeah, seems extremely optimistic. Even more when you consider it's located in a remote part of Wyoming. For most potential buyers, that's way off the beaten path. Although the same bike on Cycletrader says 5500 obo. I don't understand the mentality of someone that buys a new motorcycle and only rides it 6000 miles over 20+ years.
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    Yeah you can. I dented my tank when I dropped my helmet on it. Got a dent puller from Harbor Freight. Pulled the dent right out. It took a couple of tries. https://www.harborfreight.com/crossbar-dent-repair-kit-66957.html
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    Why stop there?😆 I'm over 104,000 and no signs of it slowing down!
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    Great effort Kochan. Sounded like a very tricky one to sort out, so many hours of checking and re-checking your valve timing. Hope you can now enjoy many miles of trouble free riding, you deserve it!
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    That's absolutely not true about BMW bikes in my ownership experience. The reason a lot of old BMW motorcycles are around is because they last a long time and the owner's love them. I've owned two of them and rode the hell out of them just as I have three VFR's in almost all twisty riding (that's rough use) with no front end grip issues. My experience with BMW front ends is that they stay planted better than VFR's. My two BMW's were bullet proof, one being boxer engined, the other being an in-line four. BMW has a much better warranty than Honda does. With both of my BMW's, there was not a single repair needed. In hanging out in the BMW shops, I observed that BMW's, where I live, are used harder than VFR's by more fanatical and competent riders than most Jap bike owners. I did let the shop do scheduled valve adjustments because they do a real inspection of the whole bike while at it and found nothing in need of repair, ever. I found BMW shops to be exponentially more competent than Japanese bike shops with their notorious incompetence. I just did book PM as I do with VFR's. I wish I had another BMW right now but don't have multiple bike syndrome enough to do it. I've also had a really nice BMW M Roadster. I tracked it for fun (not racing) and it was bullet proof as well. I had the intake improved, chip edited and left the exhaust alone as it was huge in stock form. Once again, the only time it entered the shop was for oil and tire changes. I let a stellar European shop do the oil changes, again, because they looked over the whole car and, once again, the car never required a single repair though it did eat tires due to track use. That car saw redline every time it left the garage. Other, non-M series BMW cars are disappointing from a cost/benefit point of view (3 series compared to say, a Camry or Accord) but, like Mercedes junk, some people will pay for perceived status which is their business. I pay for genuine (not perceived) performance. It's much easier and more truthful for me to say that VFR's are more unreliable (electrical), except for the 8th gen., which is the best one yet based on owning a 5th, 6th, and now 8th gen., than a BMW motorcycle. Not trying to be argumentive, just my real world experience, not hearsay. Sorry to write a book but clarification was needed from a prior owner.
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    The one advantage to the best bike in the world is that Honda sold bucket loads of them. Thus secondhand parts are easy to come by. Plastics are harder to find ! So buy the queen. Give it a full overhaul & then ride it like ya stole it 👍😀
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    You hear voices? So, you are possessed. Let's see if we can find you an exorcist. 😄
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    Finally got all the bits to fit my uprated FPR to complete my throttle body & airbox upgrade. Then updated my other threads about both elements 👍
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    I did order 3 of those, but all 3 were not delivered & cancelled by the sellers ! So after much searching I came across this small unit. "Saxon M/spt Silver CNC Machine Housing for Bosch Fuel Pressure Regulator Jenvey" on the bay. So with a few AN-6 adaptors & converters I was able to do this. Before After All sealed & adjusted & now 4bar pressure to suit the CBR929 4-hole injectors requirements. I've set the RBR to a zero fuel map & will do some miles & see how it adjusts.
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    This is apparently Wayne Gardners old personal bike.
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    Yep, the OE size tyres on the VF work really well. I did the 17 inch conversion and apart from being able to access modern rubber, the difference in handling in the dry is hard to detect.
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    The VF500's rear is the same width as the RC51's front.... I like 'm skinny....
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    try fatter O-ring, but don't try punching the metal as it's brittle and will crack b4 deforming.
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    Replace carb or fiddle with slightly larger cross sectioned o rings on seat, looks from pic like it has one around it. or might be able to “peen” into body with a punch mark (dimple) in 3 or 4 places on edge of hole it sits in. Best is replacing carb tho
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    I have it on good athority, though not through personal experience, that those Y2K's take 20 yrears off one's age and add 125% more sex appeal to the pilot, at least until the helmet comes off.
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    You are correct. Never heard a thing. But I'm sure my ear plugs and Schuberth C3-Pro "helped" in that regard. But that allowes me to better hear the voices in my head.
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    I didn't know you were without a Service Manual. There's an electronic copy of the Service Manual available here on the forum. The MAP sensor is attached to the bottom right-hand side of the airbox. The white sensor on the bottom of the airbox is the IAT (intake air temperature sensor).
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    explains why terry never hears the deer coming his way..
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    I’m not sure if that info is publicly available, but the VFR in it various guises was one of Hondas best selling bikes globally for many years. I know a man who may know or be able to get the answer I’ll pose the question to him. If you look here it explains the serial number system https://itstillruns.com/decode-vin-number-honda-motorcycle-5776052.html So based on that no more than 1 million are catered for per year. I’ve found complete model serial number ranges for some of the rarer model, but not the common ones. CBR600 out sold most other models globally for many years. I know in the UK we have the how many left website that lists all still registered models. https://www.howmanyleft.co.uk/?utf8=✓&q=Honda+VFR800&commit=Search which shows 6,500 5th gens registered in the UK between 98-02, of which over 3,100 are still on the road & another 2,600 are registered but off the road, so still exist in some state of disrepair or not currently used. Not sure if Canada/USA have a similar site.
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    So while this VFR that’s piqued my interest does indeed look pretty cherry, the seller has a pie-in-the-sky asking price of $5,000. I’m sure he’ll go down, but that’s exactly double the price of another one in my area that’s got 5x the miles. The higher mileage one is no doubt rougher cosmetically but seems well maintained with an updated R/R and some other items that suggest it’s well-used but also well-loved. VFRs don’t seem to have become collectible, so I don’t necessarily need an absolutely mint example. I’m just trying to decide if the bike with 35k miles at half the price might also need less work to bring to good riding condition. For context, I’m in a sort of weird spot now having just gotten back into riding after 18 years off for marriage and family. Got back in after winning(!) a Harley Forty-Eight in a sweepstakes. Turned out that getting a bike for nothing was the loophole that let me have one again. Hated the Harley though, so traded it for a Triumph Thruxton R which is a fantastic bike but not the most comfortable at my age. So I’ve been toying with getting a second bike just for kicks, and I figure the only way to again avoid too much flak from the wife is to get something that either won’t lose much more value or which might actually appreciate. So I’m looking at a Ducati MH900e as a collectible (but probably not too rideable) investment or at this VFR, which originally came out right when i gave up riding around 2001. The Duc is obviously a much bigger investment and is a bucket list item of sorts, but I suspect I really wouldn’t ride it much, whereas the VFR hits my nostalgia button, and based on my memories of my ‘94, could eclipse my Triumph as my go to bike. The $5k asking price for this 2001 model seems a bit unreasonable though given that the local Honda dealer has a new old stock 2015 VFR for $6999 with full warranty and everything else that’s happened over the last 3 generations. What would you guys do? Thanks again 🙂
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    If you are happy with the price, buy it! You are basically getting one of the best generations of vfr , In my opinion. Since it has sat a lot you should count on changing all the fluids. Unless the seller can prove the tires are less than 5 years old you need a new set and it wouldn't hurt to start with a fresh battery. Check inside the tank for rust and check the chain for rust. Make sure it idles and runs smooth (Injectors could be clogged) After that you will have a vfr that really is better than a new one, Do you have pictures? What is the seller asking?
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    You have a Kawasaki Vulcan and you want to wrap the frame? This seems like a pretty weird place to ask, since this is a forum dedicated to Honda's V4 sport bikes. That said, I'm with Terry!
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    For Sale: Honda VFR750F 1993 Pearl Crystal White Only 14K miles. Located in Princeton, New Jersey Clean title. In very good condition. Bought this from someone who put it in his garage 8 years ago and did not touch it anymore. The carburetors were very dirty, also the fuel tank was rusted inside, beyond repair. Cleaned the carburetors and exchanged all the jets and seals, and the boots to the engine. Found a white fuel tank with no rust inside, but with a couple of dings. Cleaned the fuel pump and changed the fuel filter. Changed the oil and oil filter, as well as the clutch and brake fluid. Also changed the coolant and just to be sure the thermostat and radiator cap. Put new sparkplugs and air filter in, including the little foam one. Checked the valve clearance, all in spec. Removed the pair system and installed block off plates. Original front wheel paint was in bad shape, so found a nice 4thgen. with floating brake discs, so better braking. Changed the wheel bearings also and cleaned front and rear brakes. After all that, the bike started right up, but ran a little rough. Did carb sync and runs great now. Ready to go everywhere, and no maintenance necessary for now. Tires were okay, but more than 10 years old, so replaced them with a new set of Pirelli Diablo Rosso II’s There was an incomplete toolkit with the bike, made that complete including the big C spanner to adjust the chain. Put a center stand on it, makes chain lubrication and maintenance much easier. Like I mentioned, the bike has some dings on the fuel tank. Also the fairings on the right side have some scuffmarks. Still the bike attracts a lot of attention from people, more than my other bike, a KTM 990 SMT;-( Bike has a 2 Brothers slip on muffler, sounds good, not too loud. Would love to hold on to this bike much longer, but have to relocate to The Netherlands and taking the bike with me is not worth it. So decided to sell. Asking $1950 obo.
  41. 1 point
    After a little wash and wax the other day.
  42. 1 point
    Yes! Another Intercepter owner in Colorado! Welcome back.
  43. 1 point
    They do this in Japan...no carcinogens involved (actually I love the Rothmans colours).
  44. 1 point
    Welcome, yep she's a beaut looking machine. 8gen also has all the previous generation electrical gremlins sorted, very reliable. Looks like a nice Delkevic pipe you've scored. Enjoy your ride . Cheers.
  45. 1 point
    I've got it out of the van this morning, there are still some jobs to do, like change the forks, install the screen and then set it up but here goes with a few photos, please play nice!
  46. 1 point
    Welcome to the asylum from The Land Of Interesting Weather. That is quite a quiver of mc's you've got there. You obviously have great taste in mc's.
  47. 1 point
    Valve covers use shouldered bolts. Tightening them will only break them or something worse. I suppose you could "check" them, but you don't want to try and get just a little more. I've extracted a bunch of customers bolts with dental picks in the past for this very reason.
  48. 1 point
    I had a used bike that slipped like that decades ago. I pulled it off, cleaned it up and reinstalled with hairspray. Aqua Net, Final Net, etc. You want it cheap and strong. I let them sit 24 hours before riding, though. I still use hairspray when I put on aftermarket grips. Don't even bother telling the cashier it is for your bike. She won't believe you.
  49. 1 point
    Rocky Mountain National Park
  50. 1 point
    Oct 2-6, Comfort Inn, Abingdon VaGroup rate $82/night plus tax, must be made by 9/21 to get that rate, BUT should we need to cancel or alter reservation it must be done 24 hrs prior to planned arrival. No Fees, No Shirts, No food, and no promises. There will be fun. If you have questions, post them here and we'll get them answered. Maybe. YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO!!!!
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