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OTHER Motorcycle Talk (non vfr)

Motorcycle talk, news, general bike discussion, not otherwise accounted for.

Other Than VFR Forum Rules

Please if your post is about VFR's find a better forum to post in as the title says this is "OTHER THAN VFR'S". Topics here get cut off after 20 days of inactivity, so if you want it to last it wont, this forum gets pruned at least once a week.

Topics will be moved/deleted without notice if posted here in error. Please read the rules of the board for more details by clicking the "RULES" link at the top for more info.

FYI - there are forums for Racing, Tires, Maintence, Gear, and more, please look for the best forum to post your topic in before just dumping it here.

Try to keep topics about motorcycling please, Politics, Religion, War, or otherwise Offensive posts are not allowed. Keep jokes family freindly because there is no "COPA" age requirement to be a member of this board. Just use some common sense and you should be fine.

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