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  1. Hi WIN6, Thank you for your donation of --. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  2. Hi Anonymous, Thank you for your donation of 25.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  3. WIN6


  4. I don't have the same aftermarket dash that you guys do, but I do have a 4th gen with the factory speed sensor working. I think your problem might be related to the number of signals sent by each unit. The magnet will send one signal per wheel revolution, so the speedo just mutiplies whatever you said your tire circumfrance is by the number of revs it's getting and does some math. I don't remember the exact number, but the stock speed sensor sends something like 7 signals per wheel revolution. So, I had to tell the dash I've got (acewell) that I've got really tiny tires. It still has a cap to how fast it will count though, and the speedometer never exceeds 82mph or so now. If I moved back to the magnet, it'd read fine, but for me, basically I know I'm speeding if it says 82. . . So, might have to do with how fast the dash can count. Love both your bikes by the way, they look amazing. *EDIT* I almost forgot, my stock speed sending unit was bad when I got the bike, so when I tried to hook it up at first, I got no signals at all. It should send a pulse similar to the magnet, so, if you're not getting anything at all, maybe see if someone you know will let you borrow their speed sending unit for a bit. I think there's just two bolts and one plug that connect it to the bike.
  5. WIN6

    VFR Streetfighter

    Finally snuck it on the shipping scale at work. 456lbs with 1/2 to 2/3 a tank of fuel.
  6. WIN6

    96 VFR 750

    I got this bike all stripped down. I'll try to post pictures of the stuff I do to it along the way, though most of it will just be to make it more enjoyable to ride.
  7. WIN6

    3/29 Ride

    Nice keychain!
  8. Moving from the flatlands of South Florida to the winterlands of the Northeast this summer.

    1. Conedodger


      You'll love the roads...for 6 months a year.

    2. WIN6


      lol, well, that sounds like it beats Florida ;) The roads here are abysmal, and the weather is, differently challenging. I've learned a lot about how to deal with heat and humidity, and tropical rain.

      I'm looking forward to the change though :D

  9. WIN6

    VFR Streetfighter

    Florida probably isn't a great place to judge handling, but it seems like it's a bit more, willing to change direction (?) at lower speeds. It sucks for parking lot manuvering with the decrease in lock to lock rotation. The brakes and fork rigidity are worlds better. The stock forks always made me wonder how people did stoppies, they felt unstable to me (the forks, never done a stoppie), but that may have been the poor condition of the stock brakes as well. I'm not sure what the weight is, I'll try to get it on our shipping scale here at work, but I don't imagine it's really that much lighter. It's basically just plastic that's missing. Oh yeah, switching to the wider rear wheel and a 180 made it feel much more comfortable to lean deep into a corner than the 170 on the narrower rear wheel, which was infinitely better than the 180's egg profile that was shoehorned onto a wheel narrower than it was made for.
  10. WIN6

    VFR Streetfighter

    Yeah, it's actually sketchier than it looks too. . . I should probably shorten the kickstand since the cbr forks are shorter. It doesn't lean over as far as it used to. It's also probably 4 feet or so down to the water. . .
  11. WIN6

    VFR Streetfighter

    Thanks guys! Also, I don't recommend parking that close to the water on a regular basis. . .
  12. WIN6


    Thanks! You caught both of the things that had no actual purpose other than 'I wanted to'
  13. That looks outstanding. Thanks for sharing.
  14. cbr1000rr front end installed

  15. WIN6

    20120310 152444

    It was tough. . . Not quite the highest point in Florida, but definitely one of the higher points in the Everglades. Apparently it actually counts as a significant geological feature for the area.
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