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  1. . Íman means magnet ! :)) I tried many different methods to get the factory speed sensor to work with the koso gauge, and I think it might be possible with a 5th or 6th generation speed sensor (I can't remember why... this was a few years ago). But I couldn't get it to function. So I used the koso supplied speed sensor and put it on the swing arm with the magnet on the sprocket bolts. Problem solved. I hope that helps.
  2. Cheers to that!!! Your bike looks fantastic! What is it specifically your are having trouble with on the Speedometer?
  3. Hey man! Not sure how I missed your message, but if you are still having issues post #21-27 in this thread has quite a bit of info that should help :) Bike is looking good! Thank you very much man! When it comes to modding a bike every task you research and tackle will be learning experience, and even though it may not work perfectly the first time if you keep at it you will continue to improve in your skills. There is a ton of info on this site and all over the internet on modding and fabricating, we have it good :) And yes… the VFR creates some beautiful music!
  4. You win this round Seb! But I still own the category of "most girly color"
  5. I've come to the same conclusion. I've weighed mine with a bathroom scale (one wheel at a time, add both numbers), and the local department of transport scale, both times I came up with close to 415 lbs dry (no fuel). Which is quite similar to your numbers Seb. Which does represent a 70lb weight savings over stock however! Lighter wheels, different swingarm… after that it's basically shaving grams from other parts. Although custom headers would probably help me a little… Bike still looks amazing Seb!!
  6. I suppose from the different pipe merges?
  7. Great workmanship! I really like your "wiring tunnel" idea in the front of the tank. I have had a tough time routing my wiring between the frame and the radiator.
  8. This bike is incredible Seb :) The overall appearance is very aggressive yet integrated. But the most impressive thing to me is that as you get closer to the bike you notice more and more custom details. Custom fabricated parts that speak volumes of your skill, ability and vision. Well done sir!
  9. Thanks again guys :) Not sure I ever told you how thrilled I am at the front end I bought from you Bailyrock. Looking back and thinking of all the worn out front forks I could have ended up with it is amazing i stumbled onto your sale when I did! To be honest I'm not a huge fan of most high mount exhaust systems. It looks more 90's and less balanced overall aesthetically to me. But I have seen a few I like. In the future I still want to make a new full system and then I would try to tuck the muffler much closer to the right foot peg and expose the wheel more. Maybe even make my own muffler… So many dreams, so many other priorities.
  10. Your bike looks fantastic! You even managed to put the tank badges on the correct direction :) The ducati monster seat is a great choice, it looks really good on there. As for the gauge mold, unfortunately I am not making or selling any parts right now. But I'm sure you can figure out a solution!
  11. Hey man, welcome here and thank you for the kind words about my bike! I'm not exactly sure what you would like help with. If you started a thread and posted pictures of your project we might have a better idea of what you are referring to. And we just like looking a project VFR's :)
  12. I've definitely thought about it. I have a desire to change the headers at some point, and potentially enclose an oil cooler in a belly pan, so I don't want to spend too much time on a belly pan that might not fit future plans. I used to spend a lot of time on the custom fighters forum and I always appreciated the members who "completed" a build and then continued to modify and refine the package as time went on. The itch to do new builds will always be there however…
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