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  1. CasualSwede

    2007 RWB

    Pics featuring my '07.
  2. Hey Seb, a few questions, maybe others could find them useful. When you cut the wiring tunnel at the front of the tank, did it actually intrude into the tank, or was it just a lip/stamping that you were cutting? And for your rear brake line routing, any thought process on drilling locations in the swingarm for pass-throughs? Thanks!
  3. Their loss... I'm a little disappointed they're limiting their niche to the cafe and scrambler scene strictly... A well-done custom bike can transcend these borders. *shrugs*
  4. http://www.bikeexif.com/submit-your-motorcycle For example. Can't say I know anything beyond what they say about having good lighting, etc. Reading a few of the other featured bikes gives an idea of how much detail they'd look for. Edit: here's Pipeburn too. http://www.pipeburn.com/submit-a-bike#.VWJhWU9Viko Both sites seem pretty sticky on not having overlap, so getting on one pretty much nixes the other.
  5. Awesome work, Seb. Like the others have said, there's a different custom detail that catches my eye every time I return to look at the pics. Looking forward to all the build pics, but for now the final product will do Thought about submitting to BikeExif or Pipeburn? They occasionally feature fighters, and they'd be stupid not to take a look here.
  6. http://www.vfrdiscussion.com/forum/index.php/topic/80091-hybrid-vfr-5th-gen-with-a-6th-gen-subframe/page-7 There she be.
  7. Valves all in spec after 107,000 km's! Thanks guys.
  8. CasualSwede

    1995 Honda VFR

    General pictures.
  9. I always find it funny that someone would post to eBay, the most global site known to man, and yet the only option is local pickup. Kinda limiting their audience.
  10. So are there a bunch of 5th gen wheels out there just collecting dust and available for cheap? Find me an 8-spoker and I'll give you a 6th gen with no dust on it!
  11. Just when we all thought the best looking custom VFR couldn't be topped... Wow!
  12. DIESEL If you wish to run a diesel oil in your motorcycle then I recommend one with an API rating CH-4 or higher because it is formulated for "high speed" (what ever that means in a diesel) I hope it means some kind of anti-foaming agent for high rpms... My impression is that "high speed" for a diesel could very well only be ~3000 RPM, for some of those bigger rigs. Our bikes' ~11,000 RPM might be a bit out of that scale, but as you said, hopefully it's the presence of anti-foaming agents that counts.
  13. Yes sir, one of the highlights of the trip! (so many to choose from...) Glad I caught you jammin' to your tunes. Cogswell: absolutely correct, as well as I caught you inspecting your bike for... bugs? roadkill? Something on your usually-immaculate bike. And Choco, if you can arrange another rain-free ride in Oregon, the line to sign up starts here.
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