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  1. Actuall 06 black lower w/ bed liner black upper, trackday crash repair a few yrs ago.
  2. marid2apterbilt

    Gap photos

    Various pics from Gap photogs.
  3. Thanks guys, Hadnt logged on in awhile. Thanks HS, I assume you mean it got featured on the front page ? It was a Hot n Swealtering 40f degrees that day. Credit for the picture also goes to an up n coming photog who has been gettting coaching from the other photogs @ the gap.
  4. More track pics to come as I get them..
  5. How about Red powder coat or annodized. Fork lowers, wheels and rrearsets/passenger pegs.
  6. I dont think there is a difference between the F4 and F4I fork INTERNALS. ( I may be wrong) BR should be able to comfirm all your current questions..
  7. I dont own a 5th gen so dont qoute me on this, Just my thoughts.. Running it thru BOTH rads before returning to the motor may be too much (Read as too much cooling) and not let it run at a sufficient operating temp. Example : 6th gen runs thru 1 rad untill above ?170F? then the T-stat opens allowing flow to the other rad. Soichiro bypassed 1 rad due to a leak on a 6th gen but found it Insufficient to only use 1 rad. There may be other engineering issues associated with doing this.. IE: Water pump flow and pressure ?
  8. Sam, I don't see how it would be possible to Not use the F4/F4i cartridge and expect to have any rebound adjustment as the length of the rebound rod is specific to the length of the cartridge. If you used the longer VFR cartridge the adjusting rod end(needle part) would be no where near the valve orifice it's trying to regulate! You dont need the f4cartridge itself as it is too short to work properly with the VFR upper and lower fork tubes, You do need to use the VFR cartridge with F4/F4I internals inside it.. .. The Adj rod, and hollow rebound rod with rebound valve on the end is all. Well you need the fork cap too.. And yes it does work.. The F4 adj rod end (needle part) is specific to the rebound rod itself(Hollow tube w/ rebound valve on 1 end and bolts to the fork cap on the other) If you use the F4 cylinder cartridge in the VFR forks the rebound valve actually tops out on the cartridge itself instead of the built in stops inside the forks. And will also pulll the Comp valve thru the bottom of the cartridge destroying the C-Clip that holds it inside the cartridge.. not sure if Im right but I refer to the cartridge as the long -+1" tube that the rebound valve rides inside of.. ..
  9. This is also my big question right now. I have the F3 iterials (thanks SEB !) just no racetech valves You will REUSE the F3rebound valve atttached to the Rebound adjustment rod.. I did this with a 6th gen and F4 parts. So. F3 interials whit F3 rebound valve and VFR compression valve and VFR spring, and outer upper and lower tubs. Got it right? Check the length on the F3 cartridge itself. THe only parts I used for my F4/6thgen conversion were the rebound rod and attached rebound valve. I tried using the F4 cartridge but it was too short and didnt let the forks extend fully.. Remember I did this with F4 parts not F3 on a 6th gen but I assume it shoudl be about the same either way.. I also had to reshim the rebound valve but that is a whole other subject..
  10. This is also my big question right now. I have the F3 iterials (thanks SEB !) just no racetech valves You will REUSE the F3rebound valve atttached to the Rebound adjustment rod.. I did this with a 6th gen and F4 parts.
  11. Woo hooo, Thanks for the Home page feature, My first time on the Home page.. That is me and Joker at our first track day in July @ Barber. ? I think it is the next to last turn before the front strait.. Ironically I just got back from 2 fun days at Jennings Gp last nite. Thanks "HS"
  12. Highly reccomend for any repairs, Maintnance or valve checks..

  13. This is Interesting, Wanna make several adapters ?
  14. A hand pump vacumn bleeder for brakes works well also, I have the Correct tool now but the first time I just Zip tied the hose of a brake bleeder to a Bent clothes hanger and hung it on the side of the fork, Works well. If you oops and fill the fork to the top once you get the fluid flowing to the cup hold it below the level of the forks, remove top off of the cup and let it drain back into the bottle, Walla your done.. There are probably 100 ways to get the same results..
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