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  1. Hi Guys, I thought I would get on this early, as I know summer time hotel bookings can be tough. I booked in at the Best Western in Hood River for the 23rd, no problem they had all the info lined up. When I called the Bridge Street Inn, Baker City ( I talked to Jamie) they did not have any info on VFRD and they said they didn't have any open rooms for that week. Jamie also mentioned that her boss, Thoy, is the lady that generally deals with these bookings, and she is away in Thailand for a month. Is there another name it would be booked under at this Motel? I was able to book a room at the
  2. 1. Choco 2. Axel_7 3. DfnsMn69 4. jimbob 5. MaxSwell 6. Willy 7. Veefer800Canuck 8. jviffer 9. Didit 10. Harhond60 11. yycviffer 12. YWGVIFFER Look like a great ride! Looking forward to it! Will look into hotels asap.

    IMG 1006

    If memory serves it was called the "Spiral Highway" in Idaho...but I'm admittedly bad at remembering road names!

    2013 Trip

    Trip from Calgary ,AB down through Washington, Montanna, Idaho....
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