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  1. Looking for HeliBars in decent shape for my 2010 VFR1200F. Need the manual (Non DCT) version. Would also be interested in a Spiegler/ LSL Handlebar Conversion. Please DM me if you can help me out. Thanks! -- Andrew
  2. Nice to see the interest! Check out cannonballrides.ca  for more info for a spring ride. Maybe we can get a consensus from those who wish to participate and pick a ride. Sounds like there is at least three anyway. Looks like the dates are June 10 - 11. 2017.

  3. I just bought mine 4 weeks ago with the recall already performed, and I haven't noticed anything of note whatsoever from the driveshaft in my 1000+kms. And while I dont have experience with the 1200 prior to the recall, I have many miles on my ST1300 shaft drive with which to compare problems/irregularities
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