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  1. The wiring harness on my 05 has failed. The dealer ordered part number 32102-MCW-C60. When it arrived it did not have a cable that came down the right(throttle) side of the bike (thus was not a complete harness). The part number on the existing cable is 32102MCW-L600, which Honda Canada claims does not exist. Has any one experienced any issues with this harness or have any idea on how to get the correct harness? Thanks for any advice.
  2. Nice to see the interest! Check out cannonballrides.ca  for more info for a spring ride. Maybe we can get a consensus from those who wish to participate and pick a ride. Sounds like there is at least three anyway. Looks like the dates are June 10 - 11. 2017.

  3. Anytime going forward would be great with as much lead time as possible to book the days. Coming from Lunenburg so I'd definately be in.

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