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  1. A very close match to that silver is Dodge trucks P7 code or P3 depending on the year . I have done a few parts and it is a very close match ,just always seems a little brighter because of new vs old colour . I hope this helps .
  2. I bought this about 2 years ago and have now finally got around to getting it ready for safety and a summer ahead .
  3. Hi gmtech94, Thank you for your donation of 25.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  4. Thanks Mello , How could I get one of these .?
  5. I am going to order the Roadster Cycle fix . I have had a few of these bikes 5th and 6th gens and never had this problem but none with all led lights . That seems to be a problem . I have some heated grips to install but I am concerned that the original stator on this bike was really cooked after 8000 kms . I have gone over all the connections as there are no body parts on this bike so everything is in the open . Deoxit and make sure all is clean with a Qtip . Vfrness was installed before I got the bike . Voltage is stable but those wires sure get toasty about 140 degrees according to my thermal gun . While I am waiting for parts I will hook up my heated grips to see if that make a difference . Stay tuned . Thanks to all for your help and advice .
  6. Yes original Honda ones . I have 4 of them plus the original one , all produce a lot of heat on those 3 yellow wires .
  7. I have several new OEM regulators and with the border shut down trying to get a moffset one might be difficult . All the brand new regulators have the same effect .
  8. I have VFR madness 's bike and putting it back together after a few years . Replaced stator as it failed the drill with new oem one . New regulator and super clean connections ,bike has VFRness on it already . After reassembly the yellow stator wires get really hot . Voltage at rest 12.7 , idle 14.6 and at % k 14.8 volts . Unhook Vfrness and voltage goes up to 15.1 at idle and 5 k . It is a 2005 and only has 8000 kms on it ,stored inside most of its life and a new battery . I changed out the battery from my St1300 and have the same situation . Closed up crimps to see if the heat would go down ,no change . Not sure if it is important but all the lights on this bike have been swapped out for Led's .Kinda stumped on what to do next ,any suggestions ?
  9. Fred and Lisa are awesome people I wish everyone a great trip and safe riding .
  10. I alsao have a room booked but cannot attend this event so if anyone needs a room at the rocket please let me know otherwise I will cancel it .
  11. I will also need to bail out of this event as my mom is in hospital and I need to stay around this part of the world for the summer and longer i hope .I have a room booked and if someone needs it please send me a pm so I can change it to your name .
  12. Hi gmtech94, Thank you for your donation of 50.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  13. Booked as of now .Really looking to get out and ride !
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