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  1. blackdot


    Great shot! We (wife and I) did that route in 2011 as well. We were doing a San Francisco to Phoenix trip in October 2011. Then complete the Phoenix to Nova Scotia leg in June of 2012.
  2. What size socket did you end up using? Looks like a 12 pointer...
  3. blackdot

    first bike trip 010

    I'm in New Glasgow NS, we'll have to get together for a ride at some point...
  4. No need to add a spacer; the white-colored plastic male nut cover (wish I knew what it is called - I cannot find it in the parts fiche) can slide on it's axle. If you move it too close to the engine it will back itself off. It moves easily on it's axle. Keep in mind I'm talking about a fifth gen. I understand that bit, what I was refering to was the path of the chain would be 1mm closer to the engine as it makes its way around the front sprocket. BTW, Partszilla calls that part a Speedometer Joint. ..blackdot/Tom
  5. I'm going to try +1 front on my 4th Gen 1997. The new 17T sprocket is 15mm thick and the original 16T sprocket is 17mm thick. Do I need to back space the new 17T sprocket with a 1mm spacer/washer to make the new front teeth run in the same line as the original sprocket? ..blackdot/Tom
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