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  1. Normand

    7th Generation Quickshifter

    Exactly, Instruction are very well made, easy to follow
  2. Normand

    7th Generation Quickshifter

    Skids, if you are interested, i have a Bazzaz kit accumulating dust ! Z-Fi TC Traction Control System + QS + Fuel TC Adjust / Map Select
  3. Problem solved, the metal locking tab was not properly installed, i turned it around and voila ! Thanks Ohlias
  4. Will look at the locking hinge grabbing the case first !
  5. Hi, just installed the 45L top box, witch replace the smallish one. My problem is that the locking mechanism is not secure, Even when locked, i can open the case and even lift the handle, something is not right. Anyone have that issue ?
  6. Normand

    Volt meter

    Thanks guy's.
  7. Normand

    Volt meter

    Where is the best place to wire a volt meter ?
  8. Normand

    Tires again !!

    I got the original Dunlop, bought a 2013 DCT new last summer !
  9. Normand

    Tires again !!

    Will need tires soon, any thoughts on Michelin Road 5 (non GT, not available til 2019), Conti Road Attack 3 GT, Dunlop RoadSmart 3 GT and Bridgestone T31 GT. So far i'm thinking of the Conti Road Attack 3
  10. Got a response from Prez, simple, plug to oem connector and use the free connector for accessory quartet harness.
  11. I just uninstalled the ecc front a 2010 dct to install it on my brand new 2013 dct. Should have taken pictures as I don't remember where the black wire connects to ? Also, the 2 plugs from ecc harness in the picture ? One connects to the oem plug and the other one ???
  12. Normand


  13. Normand

    moto norm

  14. Normand

    Pro-oiler Install "how To", Vtec Vfr

    I have check all of my connections, re-read the manual, and found what i was looking for. It is stated that you can go from emergency to calibration mode by pressing the - for 5 seconds. Works great now. I tought i had a bad speedo sensor signal, but the manual states that if you have a dot that remains light up ex ( E7.) then you have a problem. On mine i had ( E7 ) notice that there is no dot so my signal is fine. Did the EMI check and it is perfect I press and hold the - button for 5 seconds and the display changed from E7 to 3, perfect. Thanks

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