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  1. Where has everyone mounted their PC? I'm about to install a PCIII on my bike & might run into a problem finding a location to mount it because I already have a Speedo Healer & a Fuze Block mounted under the seat. So, I'm interested in knowing where you guys mounted yours. Any pics would be helpful.
  2. I got thinking about this when I ended up in neutral on 1-2 upshifts a couple times at the drag strip last month. For that much money, I'll just be more certain to get it in there!
  3. Damn expensive! $300 for the EVO Shift Star & the PRO Shift Kit !!
  4. Could someone please tell me if this is ok or not?
  5. I don't have another to compare it to but I believe it is the shape it is suppose to be. The 4 holes line up & it seems to hook onto the swingarm properly. But it does seem odd to me that it doesn't cover the full width of the tire. Anyone else have thoughts on this?
  6. CHUCK2

    The new Ride, Great choice

    Very nice-nice! I want that color!
  7. Mainly it keeps all the stuff the tire picks up from being thrown onto the rear shock. I like the looks of them on bikes. Basically it does the same thing as a fender extender. I'm considering getting one also. But it seems like they aren't long enough to provide complete protection.
  8. I mounted my hugger today & noticed that it does not cover the full width of the tire on the right side except close to the swingarm. Is that the way it's supposed to be? Here's a pic.
  9. Received my hugger yesterday. It looks good. I gave it & the bracket a bath & polish to give it that super smooth feeling. Also gave it a trial fit & it seems all nice-nice. Just have to get 2 bolts from the local hardware store & should be good to go. Are the nuts that are made onto the bracket threaded thru all the way like nuts typically are? When I thread a bolt into them, it stops as if the threads don't match but I'm pretty sure they do. It took my Buddy less then 5 minutes to take ownership of the box.
  10. That is some seriously funny stuff right there. I remember I was not a fan of how mine fit but had thought of possibly reinstalling it by some similar method to yours. But then I bought a CBR954rr (sold) which begat an Aprilia Tuono (sold) which begat my my current RC51 stable mate to my trusty 5th gen VFR. Also adding an FZ1 to the stable soon to give my 116,000 mile V4 some extra down time to be pampered a bit more. Here is the link to his modification. For some reason the photos are no longer linked to the thread. http://www.vfrdiscussion.com/forum/index.php/topic/57889-making-a-powerbr
  11. That would sure make things abit easier for me. This is the hugger it is. http://www.nicecycle.com/Honda-Sportbike-Parts-p/pb58.htm?vfsku=PB58&gpla=pla&Click=7183&gclid=CO7SzpWYi8QCFcWUfgodokMAxg
  12. Well I bought 10 of the DZUS fasteners with the black button head (the type a 4mm allen wrench is used with). Unfortunately, I'll be returning them. They're considerably smaller than the factory screws. A 4mm allen wrench is used with them. And with both being so small, they're difficult to use. I had to drill the holes they fit thru very slightly. They also seem slightly too short. The D-ring type is probably easier to use since you have more to grab onto. But I wanted abit cleaner look. This is really disappointing. I've been wanting these for years.
  13. I PM'd ya back. Was just looking to get more input here w/o buggin' with alot of questions. The reason for the glue would be for extra support...true?
  14. Thanks for the detailed description. I can picture it in my mind. Do you happen to know if I can expect to be able to still use the existing bolts on the bottom of the swing arm? Or might they be too short?
  15. I think I should have included these other pics...sorry about that.
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