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  1. Sorry to hear you're in the 'wars' Muzz. Hope you heal quick and can get back to dreaming about your project. Good stuff those meds, after my knee replacements last year I woke up in the middle of night that I had sworn off them witnessing an argument raging in my brain of the opposing sides pushing their positions. I found the almost out of body experience amusing but it gave me an insight to what it must be like for those seriously addicted to get off them, and also how they can get under a strong willed self deniers guard. I was only taking a very small dosage. Take care. Cheers M
  2. swas

    All done?

    Looks just like a bought one :biggrin: Well done
  3. Well done Kaldek this post is almost as epic as the one a couple of years ago when a lawyer sucked us all in whilst he extracted a new VFR out of Honda. Congrats you are a persistent b-----d. I'm hoping for it all to come out well for you.
  4. Now how would that fan go keeping my 5th gen cool in Summer traffic?:biggrin:
  5. I believe the entire body of the R/R is a ground. I don't think it is important to have the RR body grounded, the units I bought thru Tightwad weren't internally connected to ground for instance. The mounting bolts will ground the RR body anyway. What is important is to connect the green wire from the Vfrness to a good grounding point and to have the RR body as snugged up to the metal of the frame as is possible even using heat transfer grease to eliminate air pockets. Some computer heat transfer compounds are full of metallic particles, I don't think that expense is warranted, we used
  6. swas

    first bike

  7. swas

    VF1000R 1

    Superb from all angles. Looks better than the modern transformer look-a-likes. :wink:
  8. Eli, Thanks for the work and the insight to the chain oilers. I have followed from the beginning and found the info enlightening. Mike
  9. swas


    Route from home on the East coast to Albany for Ulysses AGM event and a bit of touring on the way home. 11,700kms all up over 4 weeks.
  10. Round trip to the Ulysses Club AGM March 2010. 4 weeks and 2 days. Two blown low beams the only trouble I had.
  11. swas

    01 VFR800

  12. Monk

    Happy Birthday, got me about a couple of months..... Monk

  13. Very nice, now that's gotta be better than work!!!
  14. That is great 'local' scenery you have to ride through HS
  15. It's just the front page which indicates for 750 models, the contents are for 800's
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