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    I rode 1100 miles this weekend. Dodged a few thunderstorms then got caught in a whole lot of cold rain and wind. Had to reroute to avoid a late spring snow storm at high elevation.
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    I had never read this end-to-end but you inspired me, 3 or 4 hours later...was time well spent. SF and Duc, I don't think I realized the effort and time you had put in to this, thank you. I can't imagine how many hours you and all the other bike donors and contributors have put in the last couple of years. It's probably going to cost me more now that I'm considering a RB or PC with autotune, I currently have an older PC2. I don't have much to add that hasn't been covered already. There was a note from SF about centerstand bolts mounting from the center of the bike out on the RH side. I had done just that, to remove the c-stand if needed without dropping the header. I had a question on PC5 and the 5G patch but I see you've already got a whole thread addressing just that. Thanks again guys!
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    Worth checking into! There will be NO critique coming from me about struggling to find info on this thread - I’ve been trying for the past two weeks to find the prices Wade quoted for 5 gen midpipe mufflers - they’re here somewhere...I KNOW they are, because I flippin’ posted ‘em! NICE Flya! Worth the wait. It really shows how careful and thorough you’ve been. Let us know how the ride is! You da man, capn! I’ll ping you to learn more about center stand bolting from the middle outward. I’m sitting here right now with a set of headers to go onto my 5 gen and the angst is palpable whether to install center stand or opt out. I look forward to learning how to make it an option instead of a major commitment. capn, check in w Duc2V4 on RB w autotune - he’s loving it on both his 5 gen (w WiLD headers) and his 6 gen (w WiLD headers standing by, about to be installed)
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    Hello everyone, First post here so a bit of an introduction. I am Coxy, I like taking things to bits! I thought I would come on here to document my VFR1200 project build. I've built a few bikes in the past, the start was putting a TDM900 engine into a TRX850 chassis, I used this on the road and the track and it was great fun: Eventually I got to the point where I wanted a bit more power on track to keep pace with the big boys on the litre bikes, I ride at Croft and Cadwell mainly, so no massive long straights. I figured around 120bhp would be enough to limit the losses on the straights so I decided to fit an MT09 engine into the TRX. Power went up to 120bhp, and the weight of the bike was slashed (the mt09 engine is 13kg lighter than the TDM lump). I spend 2 years refining and tuning it on track and its now its this current condition as featured in Practical Sportsbikes: Fitting the MT09 engine turned out to be a lot more involved that I originally anticipated, and I ended up rebuilding the frame around the headstock and the top tube. Here's a video of the one of the last session from last year on it: So, after all this i started thinking that I wouldnt mind building a bike virtually from the ground up. and I always fancied a V4. I like the look of the shaft drive VFR1200 setup, and after about a year of searching I managed to locate one at the right price: The plan is to use the engine, swingarm and wheels, and build a bike around that. I'll put another post up to show where I have gotten to so far!
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    I've done the full braided stainless steel brake line conversion plus caliper refurbishment plus full system bleed on a 5th Gen VFR800 twice now, once bike with Spiegler lines and one with Galfer lines. And I've also done a full system bleed on a standard (unmodified) VFR800. And for good measure I've always done the bike's hydraulic clutch system at the same time. The best 5th Gen VFR800 linked brake system bleeding results I've had (quickest, less messy, less frustrating) has been when it was done as a 2-person team plus a vacuum bleeder (I use an el-cheapo MityVac purchased at Harbor Freight). The whole process is so much easier when you have somebody to squeeze-and-hold the various master cylinders (the front brake master cylinder lever, the rear brake master cylinder lever, the clutch master cylinder lever, and even having my helper hand-pump the Secondary Master Cylinder which is located on the backside of the bike's front left caliper). But even with the precision/efficiency that this method gives me I've always ended up having to go around all the bleeders twice to get good results. Just last month (May of 2020) I helped another member of this forum who lives here in Denver do a full braided stainless steel line conversion (Galfer lines) and complete refurbishment of the system (all new caliper seals and wiper rings, brake pads, and fluid) on his 2000 5th Gen VFR800. He brought the bike to my home's garage and we did the work over a Saturday and Sunday. I think he would tell you that except for all of the disassembly and reassembly (these two things account for the majority of the effort required) the actual mechanical difficulty just isn't that high.
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    not necessay. while the brake fluid (hydraulic fluid) is absolutely incompressible, air is very compressible and the volume of it under the reservoir cap is way more than needed in this case.
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    I had my Staintune expanded to fit. I had the header with me, so I could have the midpipe expanded just enough. The exhaust guy was super-careful (he repositioned it 5-6 times), so as to not split it at the notch. Worked out perfect.
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    Good morning fellow Viffer peeps, I want to apologize for the momentum kinda dying here for the last few weeks. I walked into work last week and was informed that I, along with the entire fabrication crew, would be laid off due to lack of work and vendor supply train interruption all caused by the lovely COVID 19 virus. Ive been scrambling to find viable ways to keep my family fed and housed but this has left little time to post or work on the VFR. I know Im remiss in my duties and I will strive to provided updates as they come up but the squeeky wheel gets the grease and my teenage kids are hella squeeky about food and having a house blah blah blah. One day they will realize dad was right, all you need is an uninsulated garage, in Florida, in the summer, a few motorbikes, and an unrelenting drive to ignore "grown up" responsibilities in lieu of testosterone fueled two wheeled adventures. On that note my Penske double clicker came in yesterday! what a beauty she is! My powdercoater seems to have dropped off the map so PCing the frame and swingarm may have to wait. Additionally still waiting on the T-stat, rando hoses, triple trees and some other bits to come in. Thats all for now
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    Love that carbon rear fender too. I have to admit that generation VFR looks more modern (it is) and more sleek with fewer unnecessary parts and pieces. That is one of the most beautiful bikes I've seen. Congrats on such a nice refresh!
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    They supply cheap bike and car tyres. I've used them for several years as they are really cheap and delivery is prompt but I am recommending that you avoid them.I bought a pair of bike tyres from them on 5 April. Upon delivery, the rear tyre was missing, having quite obviously been removed as the packaging was still attached to the front tyre. Unsure as to whether the front tyre had been interfered with (let's face it, a tyre is a big safety feature), I declined the delivery. Here we are 6 1/2 weeks later and I still haven't been reimbursed for the rear tyre. It even took them a month to reimburse for the returned front tyre. I've bought from these guys before and their prices are good with quick delivery, but it seems that the second things go wrong, they hang onto your money until the very end. They are effectively holding me financially responsible for a dispute between themselves and the delivery company and are refusing to reimburse me until the delivery company have settled. They are based in Andorra, which is not a part of the EU, despite them having the Euro as their currency, so neither the UK nor EU claims courts have any jurisdiction - I wonder if that is why they set up business there? Anyway, I am so incensed by their behaviour that I am writing this in the hope that others will not be caught out like I have been.
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    OK, I have been to the Classis inspectors, they will approve the bike whit the orginal heat cheeld and after changing a few rusty scruws and a few paint touch ups. But it can not be inspected until January 2021...unless bike is produced 1989, but that can not the importer in Finland tell whit out asking the Honda factory, as they have not imported the bike, and they charge 80€ for that, I think I wait half a year.. Well I more and more think the bike is a bike for the American market. One it has a milage odometer whit also small km´s readings for speed, other is it has fastners for side reflectors the European bike does not had As third, this label The Devil exhaust had a home made DB killer, actually more glogged the exhaust I also have a second muffler for the 4 to 1 system Even so I think I would like a orginal system, replicas are quit costy, this is for sale for 100€ A thing I really like on this bike is this, handy! A good thing whit 2 bikes is you can go for a ride whit a friend that has his bike in a other country stuck becorse of Corona Virus
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    Finally got the VFRD Header installed. Just finished full pair valve removal with plates, evap canister removal, DNA High Flow Air filter, Hel Performance SS brake lines with carbon fiber finish, VFRDiscussion Custom Header-ceramic coated, Dynojet with Autotuner and Attack Performance mapping, and center stand eliminator. 😉
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    got nothin' better to do... and it was interesting reading the evolution of the header build. Btw I wasn't the 1st member to ask that question and he didn't get as much flack as I did so I think it only fair for those who commented to my post go back through the thousand pages of posts to find the 1st post and retroactively give him some of what I got.
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    So help me understand, it sounds like you asking someone else to scroll back and find the page with the information your looking for then send you the thread page number?
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    It would be really cool if we can get WiLD or VFRD stamped into the headers from you guys. Gotta represent the forum squad that made this all possible! (yes I'd pay a few bucks to make it happen) Any thoughts? Is it feasible?
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    ThrottleStop - Elkhart Lake, WI - (the custom seat on the BMW is made by Bagster... might have to look into that brand.)
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    Finally got out to play on my new VFR, love it..... West coast of Scotland
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    In those situations, I like to us the tried and true "I not lost, I just seeking alternate routes." I've never had to contend with fallen trees across my "route finding" though.
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    The other day I went exploring, trying to find the route that the Butler map shows between two points. Edit: it appears I missed an important detail on the map and went the wrong way. We rode a paved mountain trail through tons of tree debris and over fallen trees until we simply ran out of pavement and had to go back. Oh well. At least we got to see this great view.
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    Just back from my mechanic, out and about for a shakedown.
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    📍Clear Lake, CA Before the stay home orders with my friends and all our red bikes.
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    Ready for flight!
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    It’s not about power runs. They rig up the PCV to the dynos computer & do progressive pulls whilst the O2 probe feeds data. The dyno adjusts the PC to correct AFR, then they finish with a power pull. They do an initial power pull so you see the difference between how it arrived & how it is post dyno tune. Have fun.
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    had a fairly productive afternoon yesterday. I managed to get a load of jobs ticked off my list. one of them being a bracing around the headstock -pics: I then realised I was nearly at the point where I could stand the bike on its wheels, so i quickly fitted the forks and built the thing back up: This has been a big motivational boost for me as its turning out exactly as I planned. really keen to get cracking with it now. I can see this 2 to 3 year project being roadworthy by August.
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    Washed all the bugs off finally. I'm guessing it'll be a week until I put more bugs on.
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    My bug covered and dirty 2014 out next to the allergy factories.
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    IWorking from home 3 days a week. its amazing how much you can get done at home compared to in the office. no commute either so i am ending up with a bit extra time on my hands. Managed to get a few more bits ticked off over the weekend: Rear tank mount https://i.imgur.com /em5N80F.jpg[/img] Needs the welding finishing and dressing up with some radius ends, but it does the job. its probably the heaviest duty tank mount that ever existed! Sticking with the tank I decided to make a start on the modifiations to the tank itself. I bought a fuel tank from a fazer 1000 thinking it might fit quite nicely - it didnt. So I decided to use the fazer tank to make some extensions to the vfr tank. With my bike not having any bodywork the front of the tank looks a little 'pointy and unfinished. So I have made a start on this: The inital effort was just too wide for my liking, so I slowly cut away until I had something that I think might work. The lines of the tank now follow the frame spars quite well. Thats as far as I got. its a slow process
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    Sidestand build: Thats in the same position as it is on the original bike. In the folded up position it does look a little lost now there is no big meaty aluminium frame back there but theres not much I can do about that at the moment. I was talked out of using 12mm steel plate to make this up and went for 6mm. I just shudder when I think of the amount of weight pressing on it, especially when you do that balance on the sidestand trick to spin the bike round. for my pease of mine I am going to fit some webbing on it to give it some lateral support. Radiator mounts next
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    update. back end is done and tacked in place:
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    Got out for a little fresh air during this very weird "shelter in place" time. Been out of commission with a broken rib shortly after installing the new headers, forgot how damn good they sound.
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    So I started the VFR project a couple of month back. going has been pretty slow to be honest. I wanted to make a poor mans ariel ace, and as I want this to be a bit special I went about sourcing an Ohlins TTX shock, a set of ohlins forks from an RSVR 1000R, and a pair of Brembo M40 monoblock calipers. I also sourced the back end from a 2015 speed triple as that will work with the look that I was going for. Honda use different spacings for brakes and things that the european manufacturers, so I ended up having to buy a front wheel from a Ducati multstrada to finish the front end: I made myself up a little mock up of what I wanted it to look like: The bike was stripped (I still have a few spares if anyone is look for something) apart completely, just leaving the engine and the swing arm sat on my ramp. I used the VFR frame to build a jig and copy the original bikes geometry Then I started bending pipes for the top tube: checking that the bends clearance the engine, and follow the right lines on the engine: Triangulation Next up was the rear shock mount: Mocking up the tank and seat unit: And this is pretty much where I am up to for now. Hopefully I will have the lower engine mount picked up and potentially the rear seat unit on the bike over the weekend. I am reluctant to make the framework for the seat unit before the bike is back on its wheels, in case I get the angle wrong.
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    The patch worked on my '99*. installation is easy and can be done with Windows computer. I called Dynojet and worked with Danny Boardman Powersports Technician You'll need: 1) PC5 to update connected to computer, motorbike off 2) The file (B16-005.02.ddat) downloaded on the computer you will use to update the PC5 3) Dynojet Power Core installed on the computer you will use to update the PC5 4) After install, start Dynojet Power Core 5) At "Power Core Application-Launcher" Select "WinPEP 8 Dyno Control" 6) At "WinPEP 8 Dyno Control" window, select the "Support" tab then "Send Data File" button 7) A pop up window will appear asking for location of "B16-005.02.ddat" '8) Select the .ddat file, press the "Open" button and start update 9) After the update, close all Power Core applications, important as you can not continue to next step if any Power Core applications are open 10) Open "Power Commander V Software" and load your PC5 with a zero map or any map of your choice 11) Go for a ride I suggest checking starter valves. I set mine a few weeks ago after "Wade Header" install and once home after update, I found 3 and 4 were significantly off while 1 and 2 were spot on. Idle increased from 1,200 rpm to 1,300 rpm * My '99 was originally a Calif bike with California ECU 38770-MBG-771 and California cams. In Oct '19 with 11.8k miles, converted to EU ECU 38770-MBG-003 and 49 state cams. I ran the '99 in this configuration with stock header and Staintune without issue. In Jan '20 I replaced the stock header with the "Wade Header", again no issue. In Feb '20 I installed PC5 (SKU 16-005) and had issues similar to SFDownhill's when he had his '01 initially Dyno'd with prototype headers at Attack. (see below) After the update, I loaded the PC5 with a zero map and went for a ride. A few hard pulls by the Richmond Shipyards convinced me all was well. I changed the zero map to the Attack map provided by sfdownhill and my VFR was transformed. New 5th/6th/8th gen performance header now in production in USA New 5th/6th/8th gen performance header now in production in USA
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