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  1. RollinAgain

    IMG 1070

    Stunning! Great job with the restoration!
  2. Big Up to my main brotha man Seb (in Ali G voice)
  3. RollinAgain


    The only benefit to a left side exhaust is that you don't have to remove the exhaust when removing the rear wheel. The downside is that you will lose your centerstand due to the new routing of the new exhaust tubing.
  4. Very nice but I've never seen a 5 spoke rear wheel on the RC30 Is is a wheel swap or a conversion?
  5. RollinAgain


    Gorgeous photo!
  6. Not one damn Windmill in the video....what a waste of time.
  7. Now that is a good lookin' Veefer !!
  8. BTW.....This is very difficult to do considering that each side bag was full of ice and tall-boy cans of PBR.
  9. The VTEC transition on the 06 and newer is supposedly better than the older 6th Gens but I still found it very annoying and very noticeable on the 2007 that I previously owned. The mods you mention above should help assuming that you are willing to spend the extra money to have the fuel system remapped. I still to this day wonder why Honda ruined a perfectly good engine by adding the VTEC with such little overall benefit. Rollin
  10. What year is the 750 and where are you located? Rollin
  11. RollinAgain

    RC30 RHF 1024

    Definately one of the coolest and best looking bikes ever made!!
  12. Looks pretty sweet to me but too bad they didn't design it with an undertail exhaust to show off that pretty rear wheel.
  13. RollinAgain

    side view

    Beautiful bike! Is that a car wheel? Rollin
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