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  1. crakerjac

    Guhl reflash at 55k miles?

    ^^ This. Best money I spent on my 2010.
  2. If you meant battery cables, then that is probably your culprit. Blown fuse, burnt wires, fried ECU, list goes on. Or since it was put away for the winter, mice/squires/angry wife. Either way, it's probably electrical.
  3. crakerjac

    My new hooligan weapon...

    How do you like that rear fender? Does it seem to do the job without too much buzz/rattle?
  4. crakerjac

    2018 PRE-Ride to the Spring Memorial Ride

    Trying to figure out how I can make the Spring Ride work for me this year. Coming from Minnesota, I will likely trailer the bike most of the way so I'm not completely burnt out by the time I get down there. Are you starting and ending at the Microtel?
  5. crakerjac

    Tool for adjusting exhaust side valves

    Which set above? The one's HS posted from Wally World or the one you posted from Motion Pro?
  6. crakerjac

    Anybody do track days?

    Have fun! They are quite addicting. My 'track bike' has paid for itself.
  7. crakerjac

    1200F PGM-Fi Warning Light - help

    My 1200 has done the same thing a few times (minus the MIL light). It seems like the bike easily floods on a cold start. If I thumb the starter and wack the throttle, the bike will stall and be a bitch to start. I've also had that happen when I fired up the bike (warmish) reved the motor to show off my Damn exhaust and shut it down for the night. Next morning she did not want to start. I now, start it up and let it idle a couple minutes (while I gear up) before I even touch the gas. When I arrive at my destination, I just shut-er-down with no shenanigans. Haven't had an issue since I started doing that (actually about the same time I had the Guhl flash as well... not sure the two are related tho).
  8. crakerjac

    VFRD Spring Ride 2018 - INFO

    Is there anymore details on this? Is there a 2018 TMAC thread I should be looking for?
  9. crakerjac

    RideZars action at DCTC

    I'm quite familiar with DCTC.. I wadded up my SV at the end of last season at the chicane just after that back straight. Did you ever find out what that other guy did to go down?
  10. crakerjac

    I could not ride today because ...

    Yup. I actually had to warm up the stupid snow blower to get it to start so I could clean up after Sunday's storm.
  11. crakerjac

    Blank States Visited maps

    I think I got that here: https://visitedstatesmap.com/ And a quick example:
  12. crakerjac

    Blank States Visited maps

    Are you looking for something like the one in my signature?
  13. crakerjac

    Alternative Motorcycle Transportation

    But what fun is that?
  14. crakerjac

    Alternative Motorcycle Transportation

    I see your Mazda Miata and I raise you one Honda Civic...
  15. 08A30-MGE-800 I ordered mine though David Silver Spares in the UK. The only ones available in the US were the single ended ones.

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