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  1. I bought a Z125 and haven't touched my VFR since... stupid mini bike is just too much fun to ride.
  2. I'm quite familiar with DCTC.. I wadded up my SV at the end of last season at the chicane just after that back straight. Did you ever find out what that other guy did to go down?
  3. Why not leave the reed valves in place and just put the block off plates over the gasket?
  4. The way I look at it is this: I've put 15k miles on my bike with this being a problem. I've toured across the country and even did a track day on the bike. The notice about the recall doesn't make the failure more likely to happen, so I'm going to keep riding it (or not with the snow on the ground) until I get it fixed... I'm going to let a few others be the Guinna Pig because the new parts don't necessarily equate to 'better' (ergo less driveshaft lash).
  5. So I'm reading through the service bulletin and I'm trying to figure out exactly what they are replacing. As they disassemble the rear end, they are replacing the caliper bolts, ring set and circlip on propeller shaft assembly. The dealer is also supposed to apply some moly grease when they re-assemble, but I'm not seeing any big parts they are replacing... they all seem like stuff you would replace anyways when doing a tare down.
  6. I have a set of torque wrenches... but as I'm putting stuff back together, I always have to turn it just a little more... then a little bit more for good measure. My dad is the same way and I will probably pass on that same nasty trait to my son (circle of life and all).
  7. So there is no chance of getting a 'free' differential fluid change out of it. I understand it's easy and straight forward... I'm just a chronic over-tightener and don't want to sheer off the bolt.
  8. crakerjac


    Must a difference between the 2010 and the 2012. When I pulled my headlight fuse, only the headlight went out... All the other functions seemed to work just fine... good to know.
  9. Is a shaft drive fluid change part of the work order? I know the fluid change is easy, but if it's one less thing I have to do come spring then GREAT!
  10. So I guess I'm going to have to find a dealer to get my bike fixed. Last place my dad took his Goldwing to kinked his Radiator return hose when reassembling the bike causing it to overheat... I just don't trust anyone to work on my bike (and that includes myself at times).
  11. crakerjac


    The 1200 has a headlight fuse you can pull to easily turn the headlight off. When I tracked mine, I also disconnected a plug in the back of the bike (clutch side) to disable the tail lights as well.
  12. If it's a big enough issue for Honda to do a recall, they must know something we either don't know, or haven't seen (yet). As with all recalls, I ask myself, is the manufacturer addressing the root cause or are they simply replacing the part(s) that are wearing out. I agree with you swimmer. I don't think it's been a real 'problem' on my 2010. There is a little more slop in the drive train than I would like, but otherwise it fits 80% of my needs (dedicated track bike and wife's cruiser fill that last 20%).
  13. Not seeing my 2010 listed as having a recall either... I wonder if the 'fix' addresses the real problem, or if it's just a band-aid for users to limp along until their next motorcycle purchase.
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