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  1. I have this problem in all gears, not only in 1st and 2nd gear. Did I understand correctly that you had the same problem with similar symptoms and valve adjustment fixed it? Thank you very much for sharing your experience.
  2. Hey guys, I am relatively inexperienced VFR1200 owner and i am concerned about how my VFR1200 engine works below 4-4.5k rpm. It feels like 125cc below 4-4.5k RPM and fully powered bike after 4.5krpm Acceleration which starts in range 2000-3000rpm using 10%-30% throttle is terrific until it hits 4-4.5k rpm. Cruising in 3-3.5k at 60mph with VERY slow throttle movements is nightmare - i should shift from 4th to 6th gear and back trying to avoid rough engine sounds on every slight climb. No problem at all with engine RPM above 4.5k. I own CB1000'12 and CBR1000RR '07 with absolutely smooth response in this RPM range. Also i compared my VFR cruising/acceleration with 03-04 ZX636, '03 Katana 750F - smooth and linear throttle response from idle to high RPM with every bike except my VFR. Some tech info This bike was bought with 36k km (22k miles) ODO with unknown service history. Bike configuration: European, full stock, OEM slipon, no EVAP system with no throttle body holes for EVAP hosing. Both lambda sensors on their places. Smooth idle (~1300 rpm), fast engine start, radiator fans works as expected, normal engine operation temperature. No suspicious engine sounds No DLC errors Replaced spark plugs, air filter, cleaned and checked fuel injectors Checked MAP and IAT sensors standalone - ok. Is it something wrong with my bike or this is whole VFR1200 '10 model problem? Has anyone encountered such a problem and fixed it?
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