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  3. 4 Lug Axle To 5 (Vfr1200 Wheel Conversion)

    Modifying the 4,5, 6th gen axle flange from 4 to 5 lug is a pretty simple machine shop procedure. Moser Engineering modifies axles from 4 to 5 lug (plus plugging the abandoned stud holes) for $90. The biggest issue in my mind is if the wheel offset; is the wheel offsets on the 7th and 8th gen is setup for the wheel mounting flange are proportionally the same as the earlier models. In other words, will it center up on the swingarm. If this is the case, this is very doable/easy mod. If we can get the offset measurement from a 7th or 8th gen rear wheel, we should have our answer. Any takers???
  4. Just wanted to throw this idea out here on the board for some feedback: Put a 6" VFR 1200 wheel on a 5th gen. Aesthetics is a personal thing, but I like the looks and it also give an addition 0.5" width to run a 190. The ability to mod the 4 lug wheel flange is pretty easy - plugging/welding the 4 holes and re-drilling for a 5 hole configuration is $90.00 through Moser Engineering . The questions are: Centering flange diameter on the 1200 wheel the same as the 800 axle? Offset between the 1200 vs 800 wheels (will the wheel center up) Axle center to lug distance (ensure that there is enough outer mounting flange material on the 4 lug axle) Thoughts? Anyone have a spare VFR1200 wheel laying around and a dial caliper? Scott L.

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