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    That nut on the K&N filters is is a well known failure point, the weld is a weak area and eventually cracks and then leaks oil ..... too many guys have gone down because of it. Stop using the K&N oil filters!!
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    So I’m not sure about you guys but the looks of the 8th and 6th gen vfr’s have always bugged me for some reason. Like I know they’re not supposed to be super sport bikes but I feel like Honda could have thrown in some more elegance into the fairing designs. So lately I’ve been thinking of making custom race fairings for these bikes. Would anyone be interested if I could make the fit and finish as good or better than oem? Inspiration will come directly from this photo. There will also be 1 headlight opening (cyclops) and the main slit in the photo will be for a daytime running light and ram air intake. I’m going to see if I can make some sketches for the front of the bike. Lastly this is not my photo but I wish the newest Cbr1000rr-r looked like this.
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    Just to give an update. We currently have a new list going and are at the minimum number we need, just waiting on confirmation of the deposits. Most likely we will be there to move forward within the next week or so. If you are thinking about getting a set, now would be the time to chime in. Send me (Duc2V4) and sfdownhill a PM and we can get you sorted out. Cheers, D I thought I'd add pricing here just to make it easy. Headers: $830.00 Passivation: $90.00 Gaskets: $20.00 (set of 4) PC Map: $50.00 Shipping: TBD (Based on your location) Prices range from $50-$90 within the lower 48.
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    The nut on those K&N filters damn near killed a 6th gen owner on here and came close to doing so to a friend of mine who owned a 5th gen. Both cracked at the nut and soaked the rear tire while they were going down the road at speed. I know that in at least the 2nd instance the nut was not used for installation. Both were very lucky. Maybe K&N has changed them since - I have no data on that. But having seen it twice I'm not willing to gamble my life on it.
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    There’s a performance header thread that’s very extensive on here. I’d strongly consider picking up one of those!!
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    Hi, TimC What I can immediately think of is SWMOTECH's ALU-RACK and its extension. https://sw-motech.com/en/products/luggage/luggage+racks/ALU-RACK/4052572004654.htm https://sw-motech.com/en/products/luggage/luggage+racks/ALU-RACK/4052572004500.htm This rack can coexist with OEM panniers and, there are multiple points that can be tied down, so I think it's a good fit for your use. However, there is a weakness where the front part is bended ..., but since it's aluminum, I think a hammer can solve it 👊
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    This one is for @Skids and his mates who go to Northern France for Remembrance....
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    Lest we forget.... @Skids
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    Did you tighten the K&N by the nut? It's only supposed to be used for filter removal. Just avoid the K&N Oil filters with the spot welded nut on top, they can fail even if the nut has not been used to tightened it. Stock filters (fortunately) do not have the nut. There are other ways of removing a tight filter if that is what you're concerned about. There are large adjustable gripping type pliers and filter end cap fittings that grip the flats of the filter which you connect to a .5inch drive socket wrench. Like these. Note - Pliers are for REMOVAL ONLY.
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    Oh yes they are all on order as well as AS3 hoses and clamps. Thanks for lookin out though!
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    Finally I have found the root cause, so the throttle disc to bore interface has some ‘molybdenum sealant’ on it, mine are quite badly chipped so air leak path passed the closed throttle discs - see photo ! I blocked off the main air intake stacks completely so that the idle bypass valve was the only route for intake air and sorted - idle of around 1200rpm ! Now I need to find an aftermarket service to refurb my throttle bodies - any UK riders know of such a company ?? Thanks all for suggestions, ideas along the way but chuffed I at least know the problem is caused by now !
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    I just watched this short video explaining the Triumph 900 "T-Plane" 3-cylinder engine. Near the end of the video there's an on-board-camera clip that gives you a good opportunity to hear the engine rev under hard acceleration. You're not going to believe how much this engine sounds like a VFR800 engine. If you don't want to watch the whole video just skip to 3:10 and listen to how Triumph stole the sound of our VFR800s. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Woh023WrZlQ The cylinder firing order of the "T-Plane" engine is almost exactly the same as our VFR800, just without cylinder #4 VFR800 = 1-0-1-0-0-1-0-1- Triumph = 1-0-1-0-0-1-0-0-
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    At switch on the ECM provides the Ground to energize the Fuel Cut Relay for 2 seconds. So on the 12v side of the relay (Black/White wires)Yes you will see 12v all the time because you probably have your black meter lead on frame. However, to energize the relay the ECM controls the Ground to the relay via the Brown/Black wire. Your comment: " It doesn’t make any sense to me that I have 12v at the end of the connection going into the fuel pump and I know the fuel pump is good because it kicks on when I hook it directly to the battery but it still won’t kick on under normal circumstances. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I’ve spent a week on it and still no luck. Thanks" This makes me think the Green wire of your Fuel Pump connector is NOT properly Grounded, make sure it has continuity (Zero Ohms) back to the Battery Negative terminal. Don't forget that at switch ON there will only be 12v for the Fuel Pump for approx 2 seconds. Check this first. Let's know how you get on.
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    I use a Powerbronze screen (I'm 6'). It works pretty good for airflow. I know they make a taller touring variant which would probably suit a man of your stature. I've never had good luck with add on lips, they're never quite right and always ugly.
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    A triple that doesn't sound like a coffee can full of ball bearings? Madness!
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    I don't know why "deer hunting" is called hunting, they're so common where I live. I call it deer shooting. They wonder around my backyard like they own the place but woe be to me if I shoot one. They've become pests AFAIC. A lot of people agree with that. Our govt. always knows what's best when it comes to "wildlife conservation" though. Don't know that I agree with the map either. It's from State Farm. An insurance company with nothing but increasing rates as their main concern. Ask me how I know.
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    I loved my CRX most fun I ever had on 4 wheels. Should have never sold it. A friends wife took it off my hands after the test ride there was wet spot on the driver's seat, I think she liked it. LOL
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    The funnest car I have ever owned was the first year Honda CRX. Red, of course. A true go-cart for adults (and for me also). Stock photo below but that is exactly what mine looked like. Check these specs: 1488cc inline four 1764 lbs (!!) 5 speed 2 seater 86 inch wheelbase With such light weight, extremely low to the ground, and normal rubber it could generate incredible g-force! Loved that car. Two years later I was offered a position which came with a company car, so we sold it. Aaaargh. But at least I did buy a VFR that same year...
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    There are two advantages I see in a sports car over a motorcycle in the twisties. Deer collision is the obvious one, the other is sand or debris in a corner. The only sports car I've owned was a 1980 Triumph TR8 (a TR7 with a 3.5L aluminum block V8). Fun to drive and motor with the top down but a pain in the rear to own and maintain - it spent as much time getting r/r as it did on the road. I was very well aquainted with the Prince Of Darkness. But it was nowhere near as fun or as exciting a my fifth gens are. (I do love to drive. And my eighth gen 2008 Honda Civic 5 speed is adequate for entertaining driving. But it is only transportation. Being a life-long devotee of "Small Is Beautiful" philosophy, a Mazda MX5 would be a top contending candidate for a sports car if I could afford one and live without the passenger and luggage space.) Likely because humans, whether with guns or vehicles, are their only main predator. What really pisses me off is when their only natural predator, wolves, is hunted. HooRay for wolves - boo for deer.
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    Manual with luggage, heated grips and in black too. Very nice [emoji1360] Sure, purchasing remotely without physical inspection has its risks (I’ve done it once before) but if it’s from a dealer you’ll have some protection in case you find horrors upon taking delivery (check as much as poss before you sign for it), and presumably some warranty support in the months that follow should it be needed. I bought my VFR12 from a stealer , sorry I mean dealer [emoji23]. Happy to pay a bit more and have the protection given the value of the bike. Alas, my VFR has been truly issue-free as I’m sure yours will be too. They are amazing well designed bikes and solidly constructed. Welcome to the club my friend [emoji1373] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    How about a combo of their names to keep it short and simple "The Larryl Header" I guess it sounded better in my head. LOL
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    I believe this patch was pioneered as a result of a customer of mine having his 99 tuned at a dyno shop in Seattle. We had installed an older model PC with ignition control so the header I built could be tuned properly. The shop he took it to insisted that they could not work with the older model PC2 and sold him a PC5. The bike didn't run properly with that one(as we suspected) and the shop worked with Dynojet to get it working properly.
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    Well thank goodness the flat happened in such a serene spot and not on a major highway!
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