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  1. Chilly New England spring day here, and I finally got my bike to the dyno for tuning. 60 miles to Gardner MA started at 48F and ended up dropping to 45 on the temp gauge. No matter, this was my slot and Rob's Dyno is booking out to mid-June now... I've had the headers and PCV on for a few weeks now and took a few shakedown rides with it to make sure there were no issues... -Stop at Cumbies to warm up. -Ready to rock! Here's the particulars: 2000 VFR800, 38k miles on the odo. Headers (of course!) Two Brothers Racing carbon
  2. Send a note to @sfdownhill and @Duc2V4. they can get you sorted.
  3. Who did the tuning for you? Rob's Dyno?? I'd like to have a chat and figure out a game plan for my 5th Gen.
  4. Thank you and appreciate the update. I was more worried that, given the state of things, that with COVID and whatever else there was a bigger issue. Relieved to hear there is not!! When you have a moment, a solid number on how many are left for the new minimum order would be great. Thanks again
  5. Any update here? Been a little over 10 weeks since we had the minimum for another run.
  6. Just checking in here... We ready to go on the latest set?? THANKS!! Can't wait to get these on my bike. Sean
  7. Go back to page 19. Honda Service Manual does not mention anything about seam. IMHO this guy is making a big deal about nothing. Again... the exhaust gasket, if properly installed, should be squished between the exhaust header and head opening. There should not be any part that is in the flow of the exhaust gasses.
  8. This has been discussed. If installed correctly, it should not interfere with the exhaust gas flow at all.
  9. F it. Quarantine brain and reading through all of this has finally broke me down. Deposit sent. Sorry Scottie, I can't steal your set... you need to hold onto them.
  10. Hi VFR Newbie, Thank you for your donation of $25.00. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
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