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  1. Wanted to update everyone on my bike. I retraced my steps and refocused efforts on the fuse box area. I cleaned it up and addressed some confusion in the fuse box. I replaced fuse 4 again and now it’s works. Appreciate everyone’s advice on keeping things straight.
  2. I’ve checked every fuse and they have continuity. A also even replaced them with a know good fuse.
  3. Still stumped on my 2001. It cranks and runs but has ZERO electrical light function. No lights or instruments. The tach and speedometer are dead. All the safety overrides function properly, clutch And side stand. This is a new problem that developed after I accidentally grounded the instrument cluster to the frame checking a bad LCD. Dummy me didn’t have the instruments offs when I was checking the cluster with a probe. All fuses are good and I’ve checked the continuity on the grounds to the rear lights and they are they are good. Isabel no power to these lights either. I haven’t had a chance to check the grounds to every light nor relay. Of course every electrical wire is taped tight from the factory. I was thinking maybe the cluster got fried from the accidental grounding and maybe short out the entire system? I’m going to disconnect the 2 multi wire leads to the cluster amd see what happens. It’s as if the fuses are blown.
  4. Thanks for hour reply. I’m good with the meter and will work on it. I’ve checked all the easy and obvious things.
  5. I have a 2001 Honda VFR 800 that has a dead instrument cluster and all lights. This is a new issue and happened when I was checking the wiring and a accidentally grounded a hot lead. I thought it was just a fuse. All fuses are fine. The bike cranks right up but every light function is now dead. Head lights, turn signals and instruments totally dead. I’m thinking a relay as it’s not a fuse.
  6. Picked up a 2001 VFR and the LCD display not functional. Any quick ideas?
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