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  1. I have peg lowering blocks from BLS (Busy Little Shop) and it fixed my hips cramping. I'm very tall, but even the 1" drop helped a ton. My bike also came with ConvertiBars which also seems to help a bit, but not as much as the lowered pegs. BTW, very nice find on a <10k mile 5th gen!
  2. Welcome, better get that riding in before the rain comes here! You may also want to check if you have a stuck thermostat. Mine was stuck open, and as soon as the weather cooled off the bike couldn't stay up to temp when at speed.
  3. That is fairly normal considering how warm it must be in north Florida. Once it gets over 245 I'd consider shutting it off, but below that the bike is just fine. As someone said in another thread (or forum maybe): if the 5th and 6th gens had an analog temp gauge like the earlier VFRs, then none of us would even be aware of the "issue" anyway. We just get freaked out by the number.
  4. $80 sounds like a pretty decent price for a good condition factory seat. I've seen them for less, but not much more than that.
  5. If the two fuses are in parallel, then yes, you would want two 15A fuses. If they are actually in series, then you would want to have only one 30A fuse. The water analogy is correct (enough) for current flow, so if you had 3 different paths from the regulator to the positive terminal of the battery, you would want three 10A fuses. I'm confused about this multiple path thing though. Did you add another wire straight from the regulator to the positive terminal of the battery? So that you have your new wire in addition to the regular wire that goes to the fuse box (then to the battery)? If that is the case, then yes they are in parallel and you would want a 15A fuse on each path.
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