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  1. I rode to work today. 52 and sunny. Went on a short ride Sunday because it was about 50 and sunny as well. With how much grey overcast rainy weather we get here, you really need to take advantage of the nice winter days when they happen. I've never bothered to winterize my bike because usually I'm able to ride about once a week comfortably (i.e. no rain or freezing temps). I'm actually surprised I don't see more motorcycles out in the winter here because of how mild our "winter" is. I guess people just really really don't like riding in the rain. Personally, I think the VFR i
  2. Alright guys, I've been on the fence about this for 6+ months now, but I'm just going to do it. In February I bought a crashed 5th Gen from a salvage auction to rebuild and make as "sporty" as is reasonable for a VFR. If the performance gains are as noticeable as others have said, then I think this will up the "sport" factor quite a bit.
  3. Nope, staintune isn't selling 5th gen exhausts any more. They sell an 8th gen exhaust, but all I've heard is rumors that they also fit 5th gens. If the 8th gens do fit, then you have access to the Akrapovic and Two Brothers offerings. If you wait a really long time, you may be able to find a 5th gen Staintune on fleabay or the classifieds.
  4. Make sure the forks are the same height in the triples. I had a really hard time getting the axle all the way in and it turned out that one fork was 0.5mm higher than the other. The axle went in fairly easily after I fixed that.
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