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  1. Not sure how BLS does it but there are ways. Antique auto insurers let you specify the amount of coverage, many caveats apply of course - vehicle must meet certain age requirement, must be driven less than so many miles per year, etc, etc Would be crushing to lose the bike and all the hard work put into it but it doesn't have to be a financial hit as well
  2. Thanks for the info, seems like a much better solution than metal if cost is no object I'm surprised they're no longer available - $2400 for a set of discs is expensive(!!) but I'm sure there's a small group of wealthy riders who would be willing to pay
  3. BLS, please tell us about your carbon-ceramic rotors - -do they work on the street? -how do they compare to stock? -special pads required? -where are they available -i assume they're much lighter, but how much? -do they require other modifications?
  4. Despite the "Racing" sticker it is not a track wheel - its the street version. May see a track day and an occasional passenger. Will be keeping an eye on it - the anti-theft lock goes through the rear wheel so I'll get a look everytime I park
  5. Bringing this thread back because............I finally finished my conversion - Ducati, 848 rear hub, OZ 5.5" wheel, conversion kit from Extreme Creations in Oz, aftermarket cushdrive and sprocket kit, some Ti hardware as well. About 100mi so far, no issues
  6. Adds a little visual excitement to my 02 - everyone comments on it.
  7. As a 6th gen owner this is my vote as well.........
  8. Payment sent. Waiting on the header delivery like a 6 year old waits for Christmas 🙂
  9. x2, many thanks. People have been talking about headers for years - you made it happen!
  10. fyi - 42mm copper crush gaskets are available from the Delkovic website - https://delkevic.com/accessories/gaskets/copper-gaskets/
  11. Payment sent. Still hard to believe this is actually happening, might be able to get them on before riding season gets into full swing.......
  12. sfdownhill, that's amazing stuff, sending you a PM right now.......
  13. Hifibre, Extreme Creations in Australia makes a conversion kit - https://www.extremecreations.com.au/1098-ducati-hub-conversion-kit-for-vfr800 They supply a shim to fit the hub, a spacer to align the wheel and an adaptor to mount the brake caliper. You have to supply a Ducati wheel, hub and caliper
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