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  1. My first track day in about 10 years (won't wait that long again!) - 8/2/21, Palmer Motorsports Park outside of Boston, 02 VFR Tire is a Dunlop Q3+, highly recommended
  2. Thanks Phil, did you use a home made adaptor plate for the conversion? Its riding season here, trying to spend as little time as possible with the bike off the road.....
  3. This happens to me at times if I'm dehydrated. In hot weather I make sure to stop occasionally and drink a Gatorade or similar
  4. HIghSideNZ, can I ask what rear brake setup you're running? I have a Ducati hub in my 800 as well and suffer from a weak and wooden rear brake
  5. This probably doesn't apply but could be of use....... Back in the late 90s-early 00s I owned a few Honda autos with VTEC. iirc oil pressure and coolant temp must reach a certain level or it won't engage. Also vaguely remember an oil screen to keep any debris from reaching the solenoid but that might be a different car or bike. If the system did not engage it would throw a code Obviously these are different VTEC systems but checking the oil and confirming temp before reving into the zone are super easy to do.
  6. I don't know much about 8th gens but that pairing can work if the header tube length is changed so the exhaust pulses arrive at the merge points at the proper time. I think
  7. Thanks ducnut - I knew there was a good reason, just couldn't remember it
  8. Hi Anonymous, Thank you for your donation of --. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  9. Seacoast Cycle in Derry. Charles is the dyno-technician, very professional. And why haven't we seen some pics of the RVF?! 🙂
  10. Since this thread has become the all-things-custom-headers-thread I'm posting here....... I was in on the first batch of custom headers and after install it was immediately clear that the bike would benefit from a dyno tune. Surge at small, constant throttle openings, a general lack of crisp response to inputs, etc. This wasn't a surprise, I was actually pleased - the motor needing more fuel because its moving more air is a good thing Here's my experience - I wanted to try the Rapid Bike system based on my web research but ultimately went with a Power Commander. Not my decision really, any reputable shop within a reasonable distance was far more experienced with the PC. One was willing to try the RB but my bike would have been patient #1. My header has 3 O2 ports, one for each pair of cylinders and one downstream of the merge. Unfortunately, the header pairs the left & right cylinders (iow a front and rear). The technician highly preferred front-front & rear-rear cylinders for tuning purposes. As he said, the temp difference between front and rear cylinders is large enough to make a difference. We ended up using the single O2 port past the merge to tune We didn't go for ultimate power but rather smooth throttle response. Even so everyone wants to see the numbers so Max HP = 106.0 Max T = 55.2. Dynoplot down below Mods are WiLD headers, flow balanced injectors, Pipercross air filter, Micron exhaust cans Results - throttle response is much, much better now. Crisp, linear, no surging, no stumbling - puts a smile on my face each time I open it up. Sadly riding season is almost over around here 😞 Dyno Plot VFR800.pdf
  11. This thread takes so many twists and turns, never know where the conversation will be when I check back in 🙂 First of all thanks for the answers up thread. -As others have said, the modifications are part of the fun -Power/Weight ratio is important but its not the final word - does anyone want to ride a 1000hp/1000lb bike, I certainly don't. Lightness is its own reward, I wish all the resources manufacturers had thrown at increasing power outputs had been focused on reducing weight. A 50hp 275lb bike would be amazing fun -Speaking of big bore VFRs, the CBR-1000RR-R has a bore/stroke of 81mm by 48.5mm. Approx same stroke as the VFR so you could possibly utilize the lightweight conrods and associated hardware. I wonder if the 81mm bore would work. That would be quite a VFR1000
  12. Header installed a few months ago and now, finally, scheduled for a dyno tune. Will be installing a PC5 - bike is an 02 with custom header, Micron exhaust cans, hi-flo air filter, using two O2 sensors (front & rear cylinders). So a few questions for the group - Does anyone have a map for a similar setup? Can you provide any guidance? How were the results? Need to purchase O2 sensors - what size were the sensor ports - 18mm? Any recommendations for the sensors themselves? I am going try re-fitting the header, this installation isn't very pretty. Any recommendations for better fitment other than more brute force? Worthwhile to make a 2nd, race gas map for the occasional track day?
  13. Hi Lance, sent you a PM, easier than keeping up with the thread (for me anyway)......
  14. Perfect, thanks interceptor69, PayPal sent. Looking for that PC3 v PC5 now........
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