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  1. Those look great! Nice work. :thumbsup:
  2. TimC


    That looks terrific! And not just the pipes, but the whole package. Looks a lot like a CBR, which is pretty cool. Nice work. :thumbsup:
  3. :pissed: I'm curious about doing a fork conversion, but at this point it's much more work than I can handle. I was excited to see what you had done...and then I saw that pic of your bike in pieces. I'm so sorry it's wrecked, but what's important is that you're in one piece and in good shape. Good luck with whatever bike you decide on. The BMW dual-sports are supposed to be great bikes. Hope you stick around VFRD, too!
  4. TimC


    I don't usually get warnings. Sometimes it's b/c I'm too far over to let it go, but I think it's because I have had a few tickets over the last several years. Once they see my driving record, which is clean except for speeding tix, they'll write me another one. I've been trying to learn my lesson, but going fast is just too much fun! Actually, I have slowed down in the car. Got popped by a very small town LEO on my bike a few months ago. Funny how it always takes 2 patrol cars to hand out a ticket now, isn't it? I know there is safety in numbers, yada yada yada, but it seems ridiculous to me.
  5. I was going to mention the "top speed" thing like VFRBee, but changed my mind. Looks like a great place to find out tho. But I'd worry about a rabbit or something running out onto the road in front of me while doing 150 mph!
  6. Great funny pic! Like Kansas but without the wheat and corn fields.
  7. There can be only one! Sorry, couldn't help myself. Nice pictures. Thanks for sharing them! I would love to tour the UK someday, mostly Ireland and Scotland. I will have to bring the golf clubs if I ever get to go!
  8. TimC

    vfr rear angle.JPG

    That looks great! Very unique, too. I like it. May I ask what it cost to powder coat both wheels? (Not including mounting new rubber, etc.)
  9. If Rossi does it exactly as that photo shows, it's allowing him to stretch a bit and to focus his attention solely on his bike, since that's about all he could see from that position. Good to clear his head (and field of vision) by letting the bike block out all other visual stimuli. Many athletes have 'pre-game rituals' that they go thru before every event. Most people use them everyday but may not realize it. For me, one routine I have is the feet: Right sock, right shoe, left sock, left shoe. Unless I'm wearing boots, then it's right sock, left sock, right boot, left boot, tie right boot, tie left boot. I'm not freakishly obsessive about it, but doing it differently feels strange. Gloves are the opposite, though. Always left glove 1st, then right.
  10. I like visiting dealerships, but just to look around. Unless I have a specific question I don't even bother with the salespeople. I just tell them I'm looking around. I like checking out new bikes even tho I have no intention of buying another bike anytime soon. It's just a twisted passion I'm sure I share with lots of other riders. Haven't dealt w/parts counter punks yet, but I know the type. What amazes me is how many kinds of jackets, gloves, helmets, or other general accessories some shops carry in stock, but they only have 2 freaking tank bags to choose from?!? That's ridiculous. No wonder most of us buy everything online. Esp. when the e-tailers offer free same-day shipping. No sales tax, no wasted time, no attitude...just can't beat it.
  11. Enjoyed your blog entry, HS. There aren't too many good twisty roads around where I live, and the ones we do have are too short, just a mile or two at most. I usually hit those roads at least once per week, and usually do 2 or 3 passes each day I ride those roads. Last night was a prime example: Have a new favorite road that goes a couple miles or so, smooth, no stop signs, few cages, no cops (so far). Sometimes double the "caution 20 mph curve" warning signs, and have hit 100 on the one long flat stretch (tho not at night). I did 5 passes on that road last night, bugs and all. Like you w/Bishops Castle, once I find a good fun road I'll keep going back to it.
  12. TimC

    2004 VFR

    Pics of my '04 VFR
  13. TimC

    VFR pic 4

    From the album: 2004 VFR

    Pic #4 of my red '04 VFR.

    © &copyvfdiscussion.com

  14. TimC

    VFR pic 3

    From the album: 2004 VFR

    Another pic of my red '04 VFR.

    © &copyvfdiscussion.com

  15. TimC

    VFR pic 2

    From the album: 2004 VFR

    Red '04 VFR.

    © &copyvfdiscussion.com

  16. TimC

    VFR pic 1

    From the album: 2004 VFR

    My new-to-me '04 red VFR.

    © &copyvfdiscussion.com

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