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  1. Bike located in Longmont CO, $3,500.00 Bike has less than 29,000 miles Reason for selling is I am moving into the Adventure/dual sport world. Just purchased a KTM 790 Adventure. This bike was serviced with the intent of keeping it as close to the original look and specification as possible with only a few modern upgrades (brakes, suspension). 2016 Completed at approximately 25,500 miles: New DID 530 chain and sprockets 17 tooth front, 47 tooth rear (increase of two teeth on rear sprocket) New clutch springs, plates and discs Clear clutch cover by Sebspeed BOS Performance High mount exhaust Pazzo brake and clutch levers NGK spark plugs New OEM air filter 2017 Completed at approximately 27,000 miles: Rear shock by Jamie Daugherty at DMr Motorsports Shock re-valved and re-sprung for 160-lb rider Front Fork rebuilt with Jamie Daugherty internals for 160-lb rider Exhaust header ceramic coated Front fork lowers powder coated Top triple clamp powder coated New OEM steering head bearings HEL stainless steel braided brake lines in black HEL stainless steel braided clutch line EBC HH brake pads front & rear and EBC wave rotors on front Brake calipers cleaned and rebuilt front & rear, including new seals Brake and clutch master cylinders rebuilt Clutch slave cylinder rebuilt New fuel filter ASC racing silicone coolant hose kit Coolant thermostat replaced Coolant thermal switch replaced New YUASA battery, FH02AA rectifier regulator from Roadster Cycle, New OEM Stator Brake and coolant fluids flushed Passenger pegs eliminated and replaced with custom powder coated pieces from Sebspeed Many new OEM Honda parts, pieces and hardware Original muffler in perfect condition, passenger pegs, clutch cover all included. Many spare parts go along with it, oil filters, air filter, numerous OEM Honda parts, etc. Original tool kit, owner's manual, Honda Service manual, Clymer service manual, two keys More pictures available on request. Certainly available to help with loading of bike onto shippers vehicle. All shipping costs responsibility of purchaser.
  2. Hi Mikey, Thank you for your donation of --. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  3. Yes! Another Intercepter owner in Colorado! Welcome back.
  4. Great bit of work adkfinn, kudo’s. Brings back a lot of memories.........
  5. Mikey

    Xmas 2017.jpg

    Taken on Trail Ridge Road in Rocky Mountain National Park, CO, late November. Elevation approximately 9-10K feet, just happened to nail it as far as snow amounts and temperature that day. It was around 34 degrees F where the picture was taken, the road was closed about 2 miles away due to increased snow/ice. Where I live it was around 65 degrees that day, elevation there is 5K feet.
  6. Joined the MBD club with the purchase of a fabulous 1986 VFR750 in RWB livery. It was restored/refurbished by VFRD forum member Blu Road, who found it in a barn, last registered in 1993. Fortunately for us, Blu Road, in his spare time, is focused on restoring/revitalizing 2nd gen VFR’s. His attention to detail, knowledge, and craftsmanship are second to none. You can follow his work at V4dreams where each build is documented. Check out his site, it’s has some great info and VFR history. This particular 86 was started around April of this year. It is one of those bikes that I couldn’t pass up, 10K miles and upgraded in all the right ways. Had to have it. My plans are to take extremely good care of it, I’m an anal type (it’s ablessing and it’s a curse) and bring to local shows, and occasionaly ride it around the Rocky Mountains. Have to include a Ghost Rider shot. If you haven’t read Ghost Rider by Neal Peart, what are you waiting for? You can thank me later. Mountain air running thru the carbs Next to the 99
  7. A coin flip decided my vote, both are great locations. I will never get tired of riding in CO and a trip to Deadwood is on my itinerary. Looking forward to either location.
  8. Awesome work bdouvill, learning a lot reading this rebuild thread!
  9. Mikey

    The Light

    Awesome pic! Please stay bored......and malted.....singly.
  10. Very nice helmet. How are you doing? Hope you are doing better !
  11. Hi Mikey, Thank you for your donation of $75.00. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  12. Good googly moogly that is insane!
  13. Great to hear you are alive :) . I enjoy reading the rebuild threads, great work so far!
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