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  1. Update- Several thousand miles later, Bike runs great! Had to relocate one of the rear coils to the rear of the airbox after it rubbed one of the connectors and developed a short. Had to replace the clutch-miles were unknown on the 01 motor, and the plates were in pretty bad shape (started slipping after some practice drag race starts). Starting my next project- 02 also getting an 01 motor, this one will have a 929 swingarm and forks. If anyone is in need of a 50k mile 02 motor, ecm, coil packs etc., 02 forks and brakes, 04 ABS stuff, I got 'em!
  2. I can't seem to find the more detailed pics from the build, I'll take some more when I have things apart again. It will definitely outrun the 07 vtec bike that I have. So far no problems and everything works great. I'm already planning another lighter version with 929 swingarm and forks.
  3. Hi, I didn't support the back of the bike when the engine was out, I built a wooden box that fits around the oil pan and put it on a floor jack. Unbolted the swingarm and motor which was secure on the floor jack and lowered, then having reattached the subframe I removed the frame wheelbarrow style. It helps to have an extra body.
  4. Hi, new to this forum and I just wanted to add to this thread that I have viewed many times. I was a Honda dealership mechanic for 26+ years and always a v4 nut. I acquired an '01 vfr800 motor and chassis some years ago with the intent of swapping into a gen 6 frame or building a racebike. It sat on the back burner until last fall when I purchased a nice 04 with a blown motor in Seattle. and after reading various threads on the swap, I got started. There is NO modification needed to the engine or chassis, it bolts right in with no issues. I used the 01 wiring harness and ECM with the 04 fuel i
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