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  1. The instructions give you joint information on fitting just the rack and the rak and pannier frames. When you offer the parts up into position the necessary spacers will be obvious by the gaps.
  2. Wintergreen oil. http://v4musclebike.com/forums/showthread.php?t=13477
  3. I do like what Americans have done with the english language but I do have to refer to one of your great language and cultural education programs before I go there. It is called The Simpsons, I don't know if you are familiar with it?
  4. I have never torqued a spark plug, being old school I wind it in until it seats and a quarter turn on a new plug.
  5. NGK state that you should not use anti seize, the plating on the threads perform this function.
  6. Egg on Leggs

    Egg on Leggs

    Quaintly English.
  7. OK, let me put it another way, if there was a system fault it would happen all the time. I can make my bike do it at will by being in the wrong gear.
  8. Whacking the throttle open in a high gear at relatively lower speeds will do this.
  9. I had a similar thing recently, but not with the battery part, turned out to be corrosion on the engine stop relay plug.
  10. I have just fitted the Oberon to my 6G and it is a thing of great wonderfulness, lighter than my CBF 125 and the pick up is over a longer period making moving off and slow riding a much more pleasant experience.
  11. All be it last week but no point posting without a test.I fitted an Oberon Clutch Slave Cylinder. The difference to stock is quite remarkable, now as light as my CBF 125 to operate but the engagement is over a longer span of lever movement. This makes it far more controllable, removing the need to over rev to stop it stalling in slow speed maneuvers. http://www.oberon-performance.co.uk/acatalog/Honda_Clutch_Slave_Cylinder.html
  12. ...and in two minutes and five seconds. 😉
  13. I did my front Cam Chain Tensioner today and took a few photos to show what I did. This is not the full sequence as that has already been done but simply my tips on achieving chain karma. Here I have split some of the harness connections and used a luggage strap to hold the rest of the harness out of the way. The luggage strap you see coming out of the frame to the rear is holding the famous coolant hose out of the way, you do not have to remove it. Here you see the problem with the coolant hose, it covers the lower CCT bolt and flange. Here you see the effect of the luggage strap pulling the hose out of the way. This give free access to the CCT. I used 1/4" drive sockets to access the bolts and forceps/pliers to manipulate the CCT key. Once the bolts are undone the CCT can be withdrawn and replaced quite easily. Being a bit lazy I did not remove the tank and was completed without any awkward nastiness.
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