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  1. All be it last week but no point posting without a test.I fitted an Oberon Clutch Slave Cylinder. The difference to stock is quite remarkable, now as light as my CBF 125 to operate but the engagement is over a longer span of lever movement. This makes it far more controllable, removing the need to over rev to stop it stalling in slow speed maneuvers. http://www.oberon-performance.co.uk/acatalog/Honda_Clutch_Slave_Cylinder.html
  2. They do stick, corrosion on the operating rods. I use ACF50 and push them in and out a few times to clear them. Air can also be trapped in the system so a rad burp could slso help.
  3. I don't know how anyone in their right mind can accuse the Chinese of copyright infringement. 🤣🤣
  4. I am sure I have read about this being tried before and the bike ran miserably. Wish I could remember where.
  5. Your worry was wasted, if you do not receive the ticket within 14 days of the "offence" you can tell them to spin.
  6. I have done mine from empty a good few times and by far the quickest way I have found is to suck through each bleed nipple with a large syringe to initially charge the system.
  7. Is it actually stamped Euro 4 or just E 4? I understand the frame plate is the place to look.
  8. The '17 onwards with the new muffler is euro 4 so pre that is euro 3.
  9. When this problem first raised its head I gave my connector a good drink of ACF50. Never had a problem with it in 15 years, 74,000 miles.
  10. You must have some business in Canada that will grind and re chrome forks.
  11. You do have to give them a bit of a beating to get them out, don't be delicate about it.
  12. I remember reading that the quality of Honda cylinder heads means there is virtually nothing to gain from cleaning it up and any noticably gains would require major work.
  13. My VTEC has been on charge for about 12 years without a problem.
  14. Egg on Leggs

    Egg on Leggs

    Quaintly English.
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