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  1. Thanks Everyone. My bike came with a Bazzaz Zfi fitted. But only had the Bazzaz standard map in it. I bought a Autotune module for it. Debating if i just sell off the Bazzaz system and go with Rapid Bike. I can buy it from the distributor in Australia. I've yet to get to a dyno tune place to have the bike tuned properly.. and no one it seems on the forum is using a bazzaz as i've had no replies regarding a map, in my other post. But thanks for clearing up my questions, as I was also considering a ECU re-flash.
  2. Not sure if anyone can answer this question or not, but I would be interested to know if anyone does know the answer. When connecting any sort of fuel computer to the VFR ECU, we remove the O2 sensors, which is meant to cause the Honda ECU to then recognise that the O2 sensors are there, but somehow make the Honda ECU stay with a constant fuel map that doesn't change or try to go into closed loop when cruising to get better fuel economy with a AFR of around 14.6 to 1. With a standard ECU and the O2 sensors connected etc. The bike then can go into closed loop, but also, from my unders
  3. Thanks. I've actually still have a complete second set of bodywork for the VFR. I figure that if I ever feel like a change, I'll respray the spare set of bodywork I have in Repsol colours. But can't see that happening any time soon. I like the Rothmans livery too much... The funny side of it is that I don't ride the bike around town much, but it seems that when I do, the local Honda dealership always knows. They have people coming into the shop wanting information and to buy that new Honda that they saw around town.. 🤣 Had a big laugh when it first happened..
  4. I had a similar problem with my VFR. But I have a Bazzaz Zfi installed. Whilst the Bazzaz was installed properly, according to the instructions, I really hate the use of scotchlocks. They might work for a while, but in the end - in my experience, they just result in bad connections. I traced it to the fact that the scotchlock that was connected to the switched power lead was dodgy. I removed it and soldered the wire instead. Then went around and removed the other scotchlocks that were used with the Bazzaz Zfi and haven't had any problems since then.
  5. Thanks. Just after a map from a Bazzaz Zfi for the VFR800. I figure then once I have a working map, the autotune I installed can then do its thing until I am able to get to a dyno tune place.
  6. Hi, Just wondering who else might be using a Bazzaz Zfi on their VFR, as opposed to a Power Commander. My VFR had the Bazzaz Zfi already installed when I purchased it, but had not been dyno tuned. Only had the map from the Bazzaz website loaded. I bought a autotune to go with it as I am about 4 hours away from the nearest workshop that can dyno tune with the Bazzaz Zfi. I'd be interested if anyone else has the Bazzaz Zfi and would be willing to share their fuel map. Thanks
  7. Hi Everyone, Long time lurking in this forum and decided to finally sign up. Had my VFR now for several years. Was originally a 2002 metallic blue, but now is a Rothmans Honda replica. Shows my age there I guess as I was a long time GP500 fan of Wayne Gardner and Mick Doohan. Bike has a Bazzaz ZFI and autotune. The Zfi was installed when I bought it, but only had the base map from Bazzaz, so I bought a autotune for it. Also came with Leo Vince system installed. I'd be interested to hear from other owners who have the Bazzaz Zfi installed. I'd be interested in looking a
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