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  1. Bike has allegedly been remapped by a company called Hilltop here in the UK to smooth out throttle response in the lower Rev range, so will the eliminators be OK?
  2. Hi, has anyone experienced the MIL light indicating an O2 sensor issue? MIL gives two long and four short flashes when ignition is switched on with the side stand in the lowered position. I’ve tried clearing the fault using the diagnostic plug and shorting tool but it won’t clear. I’ve also tried the ecu reset by disconnecting and reconnecting the battery then starting the bike and letting it run until the radiator fan kicks in and switches off, all to no avail. Has anyone replaced an 02 sensor or installed an O2 sensor eliminator device?
  3. Hi, thanks for the welcome, I’m an immigrant from Manchester 😂 but much prefer Bolton, been here 30 years now, we’ve got some great roads on our ‘doorstep‘.
  4. Thanks, gave it a good clean and polish and it scrubs up really well, some bolts have rusted and furred on the discs and calipers and the abs rings also have some surface rust but nothing I can’t sort out 👍
  5. Picked up this on Thursday, swapped it for my 1200X as it wouldn’t fit in my VW Transporter, bloody hell its got some grunt!
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