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  1. Good info, thanks for the updates guys! Plastic seems to hold up nicely for the price.
  2. Fifth Gen bump stop is on the side pipe, so whatever people are using would likely already have it built in, unless it's super fancy race only or something. Just my guess on it...
  3. Thanks for the update! My main concern was not seeing it on the fiche, but then I found this thread and got the part#, so I know they are still available.
  4. So, what's the verdict on these? I was just thinking about seeing if @SEBSPEED would be able to machine some, but at $16.79 (2020 price) shipped from Hong Kong I'm wondering what kind of volume it would take to compete. I couldn't find it anywhere in the parts fiche, but the part# (44808-MR&-013) still calls up the correct plastic part for under $6 (US).
  5. I think he’s asking about the muffler gasket not exhaust port gaskets. Usually when I see multiple #s the bottom one is the only one that is orderable. My Staintune doesn’t need one, so I haven’t bothered with it for a while now. I just looked at Ron Ayers fiche and only see one listed; #7. Doesn’t the new header have a larger diameter outlet? I thought people were saying the Staintune would have to be stretched.
  6. If the 8th Gen number of orders is only 3 or 4, then I'm fairly certain they are all custom jobs. Seems like no 8th Gen riders are actually interested...? They seem like a group that is really satisfied with slip ons and their superior charging systems...😆
  7. I just test rode CornerCarver’s ‘98 with Wolf undertail mufflers, and Hooooly Smoookes! Wow! He’s running it with a PCII serial that hasn’t changed the map since he bought the bike. It’ll pull from 3k if you want it to, and run out all they way to redline without any dips or flat spots.
  8. I had a similar idea for a quick release CS. I was thinking of trying to find an appropriate size clevis pin to replace the bolt and secure it with a hitch pin or split pin. If you ever try to search ebay for a 6th Gen Rear Cushion (Thats the part that mounts the swingarm to the engine and what the CS is mounted to) they ALL have the right side bolt head broken off! LOL
  9. Hi Anonymous, Thank you for your donation of --. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  10. KevCarver

    Jenolan Caves

    This pic is great! If only it wasn’t a red VFR...😉
  11. Looks cool, love the gold bolts and lug nuts, and the tank wings!
  12. I used to call mine The Time Machine. It seemed to get me places faster than physics should allow! Ironically it topped out 1 mph slower than my VFR, but it sure got there a whole lot faster!
  13. Thanks! I've actually been practicing my soldering this evening and I could do it so much better then I did the other day.
  14. Got it fully finalized today. I bought some better soldering gear and heat gun for heat shrink tubing so I could permanently join the CBR plugs to the VFR harness. #3 wire was a tad short making it tighter than I wanted, so I added some length. I have most of a ZX636 wiring harness and found one wire to match. The other will have to be brown... I found some fancy high temp resistant tape used by auto manufacturers for under hood wiring.(Tesa 51036, btw) Figured it was worth a shot. More like a cloth than traditional stretch electrical tape. I still suck at wrapping, though... I didn't trust my jenky soldering to not eventually poke through the heat shrink, so I gave each one a wrap of tape. Starts on the button, as they say. Actually better than it had been recently. It was taking 2 pushes when cold, now it fires right up with the first push! I'll probably change the plugs at some point soon-ish. I don't remember how long they've been in there.
  15. Damn, that bike looks bad ass leaned over! All headers here, and headers there...
  16. Sorry mate, I wasn't even paying attention to that...
  17. I'm not an expert, but I think the 6th Gen has 3 wire COPs that do not directly match up to 5th Gen wire harness. Plus they bolt into the valve cover to keep them in place. I know a friend that has a 5G engine in a 6G frame and that's been a minor issue. Don't know what others who have similar hybrids have done. Also I don't know what 7th and 8th Gens have, but I'm sure there will be an answer in time... Honestly, the '08 CBR1000RR COPs and harness is darn near drop in, plug and play (Quick ebay search and I see some for about $34 total). Some minor soldering is all you need to do. I actually crimped some flat blade connectors to try it out first, and it works great! I'll get to soldering them in a little while. I've got a couple projects and no money at the moment (I need to update my crap soldering kit).
  18. When I last did mine, I found that I could swap the various OE sizes around and have a few left over that were all thicker than I needed. Then I wet sanded them on a flat surface with fine (I forget what grit) sandpaper to the desired thickness.
  19. I got my Gixxer COPs installed today with the CBR harness plugs. Short ride and it works fine, starts on the button! It had been taking a second stab at the starter for the past few years, so that's a result.
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