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  1. Hi Grum, Thank you for all the knowledge. I'm a complete novice at this stuff, and this forum is an invaluable resource. Here's a synopsis of my issue. Maybe more detail than necessary, but one of the details might be important: - Last fall, a week before I was going to put it away for winter, my bike died on me. It would crank, but no fuel pump prime. - Replaced fuel pump fuse, blew immediately (I've spent a small fortune on 20 amp fuses trying to find the short). - I had been blowing headlights during the summer, figured that it must be related. - Following advice on this site, checked the stator and R/R. Both looked to be shot, and the connector was black and burnt, so replaced both as well as the battery. But they wouldn't be causing my short circuit, although bad voltage out of them probably contributed. - Also replaced headlight wiring with Eastern Beaver H4 assembly, headlights work when key turned on. - I provided direct 12v power and ground to the fuel pump and it runs fine, but even when this is done it won't fire. - The problem seems to centre around the engine stop relay. With the key turned on, I get 12+ volts at three of the terminals: Black, Red/Orange and Black/Purple. I get 0.0 volts at the Black/White terminal. I also get 12+ volts at all three wires at the Engine Stop Sensor (BAS). - I've tried three different relays at the Engine Stop Relay location, but I still get nothing at the Black/White wire. So, Is that right? Any thoughts on why I'm not getting any voltage to the Black/White wire?
  2. Thank you! I’m glad that I waited for someone who knows their way around this! I’ll check through the bank angle and kill switch.
  3. Yeah, so when I test the output at the starter relay switch, I am getting 12+ volts at the red wire, but only 0.50 at both the Yellow/Red and the Green/Red. Perhaps the plug is fried, but I don't want to put put 12V to the ECU if it'll blow it out. So if anyone knows, I would really appreciate it.
  4. I'm getting no power from the ECU to my Fuel Cut Relay and my Engine Stop Relay via the Black/White wire. I tapped the Black/White wire out of the ECU and no power there. So I checked the voltage in and only getting 0.50 volts at the Green /Red wire, which seems to be the only power source for the ECU.
  5. What is voltage that I should be getting to the ECM? Coming out of the 30 Amp Main fuse A, I am getting 12+ volts at the red wire, but only 0.50 volts at both the Green/Red and Yellow/Red wires.
  6. Pulled the stator cover and found a very burnt brown stator behind it, so ordered a new stator as well. Will let you know how it all works out. And on St. Patrick's Day, this is as close to green beer as I'll get.
  7. Ok. So I've ordered the FH020AA from Roadster Cycle and the relay kit from Eastern Beaver. Should I order a stator as well, or is it probably ok? It seems like it will be a real pain to replace.
  8. Any suggestions on the best Stator and R/R to install? I'd rather do it once and do it right than have to do it again.
  9. I have a new battery, happy to replace the Stator and R/R, but how do I bypass the charging system?
  10. New to the group; bought a 1999 VFR 800 last year. Ran great all summer but I was going through headlights like crazy. In the fall I rode out my driveway and it just died. Basically, no power to the fuel pump. FI light on, but couldn't hear the fuel pump whirring, starter would engage but it wouldn't fire. I figured an FI problem. Put it away for winter, and started looking at it now. The large 30 amp fuse beside the fuse block was melted. Replaced it. Tried starting. Cooked the 20 amp FI fuse. Repeatedly. Checked orange earth block, all looked good. Checked three yellow wire connection downstream from the R/R and it was cooked. Absolutely black and destroyed inside. Cut out the connection and reconnected the wires. Fried another FI fuse. So I'm guessing that the R/R is shot. I've seen suggestions about replacing with an R1 R/R, but what about all the other wires? And any any thoughts on the headlight issue? Or is it likely related?
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