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  1. Hi Anonymous, Thank you for your donation of --. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  2. Here are the pics I took yesterday afternoon and I just checked this morning after fully drying, and then some. They look the same now. The sealer/clear coat fills in all the sanding cloudiness and dries clear. The same thing happens with water or alcohol, but of course dries cloudy again, so I was skeptical. Of course you can tell it’s not brand new, but really you’d have to look closely. Considering where it started, I’m beyond thrilled!
  3. Job done! I'll reserve final judgement until the morning when it is completely dry, but it looks great at the moment! I did a combination of most of the above; Mainly polishing with light plastic polish, and some sanding with 1500 grit, finally finishing off with the 3M sealer/clear coat after the included 3000 grit pad. I guess the biggest thing I didn't understand was that I didn't need to finish it completely clear and polished before clear coating. The Chris Fix video from MaxSwell and also the 3M instructions both left it clouded over. So that was not my original intent. I'm leaving it alone until tomorrow, so I'll see what it looks like then.
  4. I could try sanding again, but I’d hesitate to go more coarse than 1500. I read an Amazon review on that 3M sealer that said on his car lights he started with 800, then 1000, then 1500, 2000 and finally the 3000 that came with the sealer. 800 seems harsh to me, but I don’t know much anyway😄 I tried some more pics today after More polishing. Don’t know if they turn out well enough. So much better than they were, but I’ curious to see how good I can get it. What’s better than someone else’s stuff to experiment?😆
  5. Thanks, I just ordered this. Sounds like it is 2 wipes designed for two car headlights. Maybe I'll hit my personal headlight with the 3000 grit and the second wipe. It's actually in really good shape, but maybe it will help it last even longer.
  6. How about Bon Ami? (Going with stuff on hand) Likely not as aggressive as the plastic polish, but was recommended a few years ago to get car windscreens smooth for quieter wiper operation...
  7. Getting there! Did the starboard side with polish only, and started on the port with 1500 wet. I got scared seeing it turn all swirled, so I switched to polish. Not sure if I should have sanded through that, then polish. You can see (I think) in the second pic some of the slightly still hazy areas.
  8. Thanks for the detail adkfinn! Here’s what we’ve got: Top left corner is where I tried the polish
  9. How about that 3M Paint Defender spray on clear protector? I found an old bottle of Novus plastic polish in the garage and on a small test area it looks better with about 2 minutes of effort.
  10. Have any of you tried any of the available headlight polishing kits on the market? Working on a friend's '00 and the headlight is extremely hazy and needs to get cleared up.
  11. My '99 has LED headlights and lately when I turn it on in the garage in cold weather the right side LED bulb is out, the blue High Beam indicator is lighted, and cycling the switch changes nothing. Indicator stays lighted, left beam does not change, right bulb remains dark. In warmer temperatures everything functions correctly. High beam relay on the way out?
  12. Not my bike, getting a Y2K back on the road after prolonged sitting. Found this on the left case, sprocket housing where the clutch pushrod goes through. No idea what could cause it, or if it is a cause for concern going forward. With the steel bracket-y thing in place it shouldn’t really be a factor. (?) Thoughts? Concerns?
  13. I lost my FH012 in 2017, but that was a used ebay special from an R1. Got an 020 brand new from Roadster to replace it.
  14. I have had a couple 5th Gen water pump weep hole leaks. On the most recent I actually believe that it was only the cover O-Ring leaking, not the main seal on the shaft. I'm nearly certain I could have got away with only replacing the cover O-Ring instead of the entire pump assembly. Of course I only saw that after I replaced it and took a close look at the previous one. Perhaps even the one before it was the same situation. Of course I have no idea what the 8the Gen pump looks like or if it's similar. I would drain it, and remove and inspect the pump closely before buying anything. My issue is I like to have exactly what I want to replace on hand before I start anything. But in my previous case I believe I would have been better off doing what I suggested.
  15. You have two bleeders on thecrear caliper. So whichever one releases the piston(s) is the culprit. I haven’t had linked brakes in a while, but the SMC operates the center piston? I can’t remember which bleeder. Could also have the rubber line delaminating inside and blocking return flow. I would also disassemble and clean thecrear caliper. If the O-rings are not torn I generally reuse them.
  16. I was always told if it hangs up on the way down the carbs need to be synced.
  17. Come to think of it, PM SebSpeed. He might have one off a project bike he’s doing.
  18. Look up 2001 part. I had that happen on another part for my ‘99. Wasn’t available on parts fishe for ‘99, but was on ‘01. I don’t think I kept my PCV valve when I changed my forks, but if I find it you can have it for shipping. It’s bound to be on eBay though. Those breakers generally take it down to every last nut and bolt.
  19. I would flush and bleed the hydraulic line first, followed by examining the rod to be sure it is straight and not got anything causing it to hang up.
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