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  1. indianagenius

    IMG 5800

    Great to see a Gen 5 featured. This is the best of the VFR's.
  2. indianagenius

    Gotthard pass

    Excellent Y2K mirrors and stickers removal. Great looking 3rd Gen.
  3. Some smart@ss is gonna tell you that the seat looks uncomfortable and/or invisible. Yes, I like it alot.
  4. indianagenius

    VFR800 023

    From the album: 1999 VFR800FI by Indianagenius

    Brookville Lake Dam near Brookville, IN. April 26, 2012.
  5. indianagenius

    VFR800 033

    From the album: 1999 VFR800FI by Indianagenius

    Oldenburg, IN
  6. indianagenius

    VFR800 029

    From the album: 1999 VFR800FI by Indianagenius

    At the dam above Brookville, IN
  7. Great photo. So, it is a professional effort? That makes sense. Photography is one of my other hobbies.
  8. I like it alot. Makes me miss my Gen 4.
  9. indianagenius

    VFR800 009

    '99 VFR800FI with stickers gone and Y2K mirrors.
  10. indianagenius

    VFR800 005

    From the album: 1999 VFR800FI by Indianagenius

    Y2K Mirrors Installed
  11. Handsome bike. Get rid of condom mirrors and even better.
  12. indianagenius

    All done!

    That is beautiful! I want it.
  13. Full disclosure. I have ridden with some of the misguided Harley flock years ago. I learned that lesson. I politely dodge those invites now and just let the lemmings be what they are.
  14. Picture taken in Batesville, IN
  15. Photo was taken within sight of the Cincinnati, OH city limits.
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