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  1. indianagenius

    IMG 1887

    Love the photo. Where was it taken?
  2. I like the choice of colors and absence of stickers.
  3. indianagenius

    IMG 5800

    Great to see a Gen 5 featured. This is the best of the VFR's.
  4. indianagenius

    Gotthard pass

    Excellent Y2K mirrors and stickers removal. Great looking 3rd Gen.
  5. Some smart@ss is gonna tell you that the seat looks uncomfortable and/or invisible. Yes, I like it alot.
  6. indianagenius

    VFR800 023

    From the album: 1999 VFR800FI by Indianagenius

    Brookville Lake Dam near Brookville, IN. April 26, 2012.
  7. indianagenius

    VFR800 033

    From the album: 1999 VFR800FI by Indianagenius

    Oldenburg, IN
  8. indianagenius

    VFR800 029

    From the album: 1999 VFR800FI by Indianagenius

    At the dam above Brookville, IN
  9. Great photo. So, it is a professional effort? That makes sense. Photography is one of my other hobbies.
  10. I like it alot. Makes me miss my Gen 4.
  11. indianagenius

    VFR800 009

    '99 VFR800FI with stickers gone and Y2K mirrors.
  12. indianagenius

    VFR800 005

    From the album: 1999 VFR800FI by Indianagenius

    Y2K Mirrors Installed
  13. Handsome bike. Get rid of condom mirrors and even better.
  14. indianagenius

    All done!

    That is beautiful! I want it.
  15. Full disclosure. I have ridden with some of the misguided Harley flock years ago. I learned that lesson. I politely dodge those invites now and just let the lemmings be what they are.
  16. Picture taken in Batesville, IN
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