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  1. Wtf Is A Fusar? Group Buy

    Looks like there's a new kid on the block. https://crosshelmet.com/
  2. Wtf Is A Fusar? Group Buy

    Dead as a f****g dodo i reckon. Keep getting updates on how fantastic the app is ie rides, photos and self congrats and all that social media shite. . But no news of the camera!!!
  3. Tires!

    Although not on my VFR i have Roadtec 01s on my Blackbird. Third set now. Rears last 6 - 7000 miles, fronts 8000. With Ohlins rear and Andreani fork cartridges i ride her hard and these tyres have never let me down, dry or wet. Brilliant tyre.
  4. Wtf Is A Fusar? Group Buy

    New update. Dear Loyal Supporters, WE HEAR YOU. We know the delay in production of the camera is frustrating, but we are not leaving you in the dark. Here is an update on what is happening with production. 1. The plastic housing has been finalized and all steel tools have been cut. It was critical that we get the design of the steel tools right so that we can confidently produce a high-quality product. 2. The electronics inside have been revised a number of times and are fully functional, but still need to pass FCC testing before we can begin production. When we built the handlebar remote this process took rounds of submissions before we gained the appropriate approval. Unfortunately, there is some red tape we need to work through in this process. We're confident that our experience with the remote will help us navigate the process more efficiently this time around. WE ARE GROWING. In the meantime, our digital team has been working on V2 of the Fusar app, which is now in beta testing. As you know, our user base is growing as is demand for our integrated system. At Fusar, our goal is to always remain at the forefront of technology, safely ahead of the competition. We are confident that this new version of our app will prove to be an enhanced experience for current users, with easy adoption for future users. The app will be available to everyone by Thanksgiving 2017. So, that's where we stand. We've been pushing hard on several fronts and we apologies for the delay in delivery. Rest assured that we are moving forward. As always, customer service is our biggest priority. You can contact us anytime and we'll happily answer more questions you may have. Please email support@fusar.com, find us on Facebook or Twitter (@fusartech), or call us at 1-844-443-8727 to chat with a FUSAR Customer Care team member anytime Monday through Friday from 9am-6pm EST. Thank you for riding with us,
  5. Wtf Is A Fusar? Group Buy

    Fusar are flogging helmets now! Going to get my order in, might get it in two years https://fusar.com/collections/helmets?mc_cid=1903e8788f&mc_eid=d2996655d3
  6. Wtf Is A Fusar? Group Buy

    Actually got a reply via their Facebook page. " Hi Ade - we do not have specific dates for delivery, however, we have been sending updates regarding our progress. Have you been receiving them?" My reply will be "Of course i been fricking receiving them, non bloody stop. That's all i get are updates! " But no camera.
  7. Wtf Is A Fusar? Group Buy

    Funnily enough i looked on the Fusar Facebook page last night. Nothing but self congratulatory crap about how awesome the app is etc etc. Yeah right, I've got other apps that do the same thing. It will be two years in November since i bought into this and so far a useless handlebar control that is gathering dust somewhere is all i have - oh and a pair of blue framed sunglasses and tee shirt that i had to pay $25 import fees on. Apparently "some" cameras have been shipped in the States?? Posted a comment on their page asking when we will get delivery but no answer yet. https://www.facebook.com/fusartech/
  8. Wtf Is A Fusar? Group Buy

    Been waiting 2? years now. Agree, probably be obsolete if and when it arrives. Ah well - like life - it's a gamble
  9. Wtf Is A Fusar? Group Buy

    Just posted up a ride route into Wales today - with the comment "when's the camera due?" Ryans always posting and commenting on his rides, lets see if he comments on this.
  10. Wtf Is A Fusar? Group Buy

    Zilch, Jack ***t.
  11. Wtf Is A Fusar? Group Buy

    Had this just land in my inbox. Hello previous rider of the week, Starting this week, we are awarding all new ROTW winners with a free F7 Bluetooth headset. We would like to include previous winners in this promotion as well and are reaching out to provide you with your custom checkout code, which can be used at Fusar.com to redeem your prize (note: shipping not included). Custom code: **** If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out. Best regards, Jade Wallace Customer Service & Logistics Manager Guess ill be reaching out to CornerCarver for delivery
  12. Vtec Shock Options

    I recognise that shock!
  13. Wtf Is A Fusar? Group Buy

    As this is an Indigo buy we all took a chance with inherent possible risks. This may be taking longer than we thought but hey ho, that's life. It will come eventually, im certainly not going to lose any sleep over it.
  14. Wtf Is A Fusar? Group Buy

    As skids said we all bought into this of our own free will. Please dont feel responsible in any way. It's not as if we are losing our life savings! I am sure it will arrive, only the time frame is frustrating. The offer of the postage forwarding would be most welcome, thank you. Bringing stuff in now from the States is getting expensive and the price difference on parts is obscene. For example just bought a FPR for my Bird, OEM. States price $42, UK price $88.
  15. Wtf Is A Fusar? Group Buy

    When i received the free t shirt and sunglasses i got stung for $30 import duty!! For a gift probably worth $15. Dread to think what (if) the camera will cost, unless there's any US members would take FREE delivery and post it on.

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