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  1. JayRain

    RC36II exhaust on a RC36I?

    Thanks guys!
  2. JayRain

    RC36II exhaust on a RC36I?

    Hi all, I read somewhere that it is possible to fit the exhaust downpipes of an RC36II (>1994) model to an RC36I (1991) model. Is there anyone with that experience? And what's the use of the bulky part at the end of the downpipes towards the muffler (see pictures)? Thanks! Jurjen
  3. JayRain

    Left side exhaust muffler

    Hi all, I know it's been covered before, but I'm looking for a left side exit exhaust system for my VFR750 RC36 (1991). I'm located in Europe, so shipping overseas is a bit expensive. Does anyone know a good system or has one? Thanks! Jurjen
  4. JayRain

    RC30 conversion - Looking for mirror mounts

    Thanks Dutchy! I will contact Roel, thanks for the tip! My profile picture is my current 1991 RC36. I will keep track of the progress towards an RC30 and post it here!
  5. Hi guys, I'm going to modify my VFR750 RC36 (1991) into an RC30. I have been searching hours for different parts and found most of it. The one thing I cannot find is the mirror mounts for these mirrors: http://www.wemoto.be/bikes/honda/ns_125_rh_rk_rl/88-93/picture/mirrors_pattern_pair/ So they are for an NS125R, but are very similar to the cool RC30 mirrors. They should be fitted (I think) in the mirror mounts as circled in the image with the black mirrors. So I need these mounts with the 2 pins (as shown in the image with white mirrors). Does anyone have an idea as to where to get those? Thanks!

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