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  1. Thanks JZH, very helpful! I'm not sure whether the offset makes the difference, I'll have to find out. Or maybe someone knows? Cheers! Verstuurd vanaf mijn HTC U11 met Tapatalk
  2. Thanks for the elaborate explanation JZH! The SP1 forks are about the same height as the rc36 if I'm not mistaking? I would like to lower the front a bit and the SP1 forks are hard to get... Verstuurd vanaf mijn HTC U11 met Tapatalk
  3. Hi guys! I have a '91 VFR750F RC36-I and I want to install a CBR front fork. Since I like the front to be a bit lower, my bet is to go with a CBR xxx RR. I know the forks of an SC44 CBR928RR and SC50 CBR954RR directly fit my bike, but I would like to install the one of an SC57 CBR1000RR, since it has the nice golden-look. Does anyone know whether that fits an RC36-I like the earlier CBR900RRs? Thanks! Jurjen
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