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  1. hey Seb What kind of clamp is that on your custom exhaust for the shortie pipe. I have similar pipe and with centre stand hitting the pipe I ant get a good strong hold with the staintune clamp im using . Any suggestions on where to get a dual band? If this doesnt make any sense let me know lol

  2. dude

    Milky Way

    That is spectacular !! Not photochopped? Wow
  3. Cool !!!!!!!! Its actually my pc home page pic
  4. I've never seen this done before https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AJRzINZd93M
  5. dude

    IMG 4993

    Really nice !!!!!
  6. dude

    The Blue Meanie

    The best looking vfr street-fighter ever!!!
  7. Im using motul full synthetic and like you after years of red cap found shifting way smoother with the Motul
  8. Not much I would change there ... looks great.
  9. Congrats to you both!!!!!
  10. dude

    20140427 134218

    VFR you nailed the locale :-)
  11. dude

    My modified VFR

    What a great looking Bike. Nice job Peter!!!!!
  12. dude

    IMG 2287

    Fantastic job!!!! Not a street-fighter lover but this I like ALOT!!!!!!!!! Maybe its the color :-)
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