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  1. Dang! Those covers are cool! Howzabout one for a 7th gen?
  2. Leave it on. It is independent of the PCV. They do two different things. The PCV alters the fuel map (adds fuel according to it's own map). The Z-bomb tells it to use the 3rd gear map in 1st and 2nd. I have both and like them. Actually, I should change the map on PCV as I am running a LeoVince pipe now. The fueling stills seems good. I'm sure there is a better map for that configuration though. Ride safe.
  3. Our bike does have a slipper clutch as well. I tested it once (in the 1st 30 miles of ownership). Works good. Lasts long time. Mark
  4. Cost including shipping for a plug and play solution. Instalation takes 4 minutes. If I want it removed, it would takes 3 minutes. Your solution is cheaper, but reversal is a tad more time. Your work on this has been very helpful to all of us. Thank you Dutchgixxer. Mark
  5. Cool. Sell that to Bazazz. Perhaps they can incorporate it into the Z-Bomb. They have the connectors now. Maybe you could work together. Nice work DutchGixxer.
  6. My Z-Bomb arrived today! Cool. I have some time off next week. Z-Bomb and Pilot Road 3's will get installed then.
  7. No. I like the idea though. Anyone know how to do this online?
  8. I agree. It probably hurt sales as well as the sky high price. For that price, it should have had a centerstand, saddlebags, and cruise control. WIthout those items, it seems a couple grand cheaper would be a more appropriate price point. Again, I'm just sayin'................
  9. I posted it up under "ordered my.................." in the 7th gen forum. They are available now. Ride safe.
  10. It was a shicken chit, bullship solution. I like Honda's......a lot. Your suggestion is one of the reasons. There is currently 4 Honda's in the garage (3 bikes, 1 van) and I've owned over 8 others (cars and bikes). However, they effed this up on this bike. They need to fix it for the 2010-2011 owners. The bike is a great bike that is hamstrung by this solution. Perhaps they should have delayed release a year to get it right. That seems like a more "Honda" solution. I'm just sayin'................
  11. They have the connectors and are getting ready to start shipping! Call Tracey at Bazzaz (909-597-8300, ext. 111). She is exceptionally nice and knowledgeable (her husband is a Jordan Suzuki mech. for Roger Hayden and works at Bazzaz in the off season). There are several of you ahead of me, but she expected mine to ship within a couple of weeks. I will put it on when I swap out those ratty OEM Bridgestones for my PilotRoad 3's over the winter. It will show 3rd gear in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, but that is a small price to get rid of the nanny throttle. You know, Kawasaki and Suzuki sell their big GT's mostly unrestricted. I fail to understand why Honda would do this instead of just installing traction control (I know, the new blue VFR's having traction control). I love this bike, but as their technological flagship, it should have had traction control, cruise control, saddle bags, etc. as standard OEM equipment in 2010 (especially at that MSRP.....I paid less than 2/3 MSRP). Ride safe. Mark Z-Bomb Honda VFR1200F 10-12
  12. interceptorrider

    Grand Haven

    Great picture! I grew up in Grand Haven and most of my family still lives there. I have a lot of great memories on that beach and pier. Thanks for posting that.
  13. interceptorrider

    2000 VFR for sale

    2000 VFR for sale
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